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What does the word Biznik mean?

Where your peers are.

Biznik is a community specifically designed for independent business people.

Your customer's aren't here. Your friends aren't here. Your mom's not here. And they're not supposed to be! (Unless they're indie businesses too.)

Biznik is the only network created for independent business people by two independent business people who are on a mission to support business networking that doesn't suck.

Your mom thinks everything you do is great, and your friends will buy a drink when you've had a hard day, but your business peers -- the ones who know the challenge & rewards of running your own show -- are the best people to offer support, resources, referrals and advice. That's networking that doesn't suck.

You're not alone.

Running a business by yourself can be hard, lonely work. Step away from the isolation. Boost your visibility. Come meet others who get it.

Biznik is a movement. It's a revolutionary way of business networking. Every revolution needs a Manifesto. Here's ours.

Join us! Let's go at this together.


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