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On Biznik, members earn badges recognizing their active participation in the following ways:


Biznik Ambassadors are energetic cultivators of the Biznik community in areas where Biznik has not yet established a presence. They have demonstrated a level of enthusiasm and commitment to the Biznik community that sets them apart.


To earn a Connector badge, 10 people you have invited to Biznik must have followed your invitation link and signed up.


To earn Expert status, a minimum of 4 of the business-related articles you author must be selected by Biznik for inclusion in our general Articles section of the site while maintaining a rating by the Biznik community of 8 or above. Write an article.

Event Host

Event hosts contribute to the community by hosting Biznik Events such as workshops and business networking socials. A "Biznik Event" is one that has been selected for publication to the main calendar. The badge displays the number of Biznik Events that were attended by 3 or more people. Host an event.


Instructors teach Biznik Business Essentials workshops. Instructor badges are awarded by invitation only.


Biznik staff moderate forums and events, and are always happy to answer your questions and help you out.


Biznik editors review articles, and will work with you to prepare your article for publication.

Welcome Posse

The Welcome Posse are Biznik members who know the ropes and who can help you get a leg up on making the most out of your Biznik experience. They are volunteers and choose to welcome new members because they value this community. If you have questions about how Biznik works, this is a good person to ask!

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