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We won't sell or share your information to anyone outside Biznik, period. We hate spam as much as you do, so we won't publish your email address. We also won't reveal your street address (unless you choose to publish it - see below). If someone wants to contact you, they'll have to use the Biznik messaging system, which will allow you to correspond without revealing your email address.

What we will do

The whole point of being a member of a business network is to let the world know about your brilliance. For Biznik to promote you, you need to tell us about yourself, and we will spread the word. So, unlike some of the more corporate social networks, we have an amazingly uncomplicated set of permissions, which consist mainly of "on" or "off." By default, we'll publish most of the information you provide on the Biznik website, so you can get noticed. And you get to decide what that information is. If there is sensitive information in your educational background, for example, don't include it anywhere on your profile. Also, because Biznik is all about local community, by default we plot your location on a Google map to the center of your zipcode (this does NOT reveal your actual street address - if you wish to allow other members to know your actual street address, such as for an office location, you can override this default setting on your profile page).

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