We Believe in Collaboration, Not Competition.

Competition is an old myth made up by old men with old ideas and no imagination.There’s work out there–big gobs of it–plenty to make all of us fat and happy and (if we eat too much) probably a little tired. Bizniks work together. Bizniks form groups. Bizniks will stage a completely collaborative coup of the greater business world.

We Believe in People Not Professions.

We care more about who you are and how you do it, than what you do. We’ve always got room for another writer, another programmer, another massage therapist, another marketing wonk, another DJ, another coach, another songstress and another unidentifiable ball of potential just waiting for the chance to take the business world by storm. We’ll never turn anyone away because “we’ve already filled your spot.” If you’ve got the passion and the drive, we want to meet you.

We Believe in Community.

Business is a social game. Let’s play together. Biznik isn’t something you go to, show up for, log into or whisper about. Biznik is something you are. Becoming a Biznik is just like joining a family. But without the death benefits, crying bouts and awkward family dinners.

We Believe in Events, Not Status Updates.

Whether you’re in Seattle or Swaziland, we’re all Bizniks and part of the same big tribe. Biznik doesn’t have chapters and we’re not another place to post your updates. Face-to-face events are the lifeblood of this crazy body and the more of them you go to (or better yet, create and host) the more you’ll get out of being here.

We Believe in Technology.

Yes, we’ve seen Terminator. Yes, we know that artificial intelligence is going to enslave all of mankind and thrust our planet into a dark age of warfare. But we still love technology and think that cool tools combined with in-person meetings is the best way to network for your business. If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t worry, we’ll teach you. But you have to be willing to learn.

We Believe Almost Free is Better Than Free.

Biznik may not be free, and that’s better. We think exuberant monthly dues, long term contracts and fines for not participating are bull$#!t. (And we believe in swearing to make a point.) We also think anyone who suggests we should sell them your personal data is not worth talking to. So we charge a nominal membership fee to keep the value high and the staff fed. Paying for Biznik gets you a really cool community free from spam and gamers, banner ads, bogus profiles, and whiners.

We Believe in Relationships More than Referrals.

Remember the part about being people first? That applies to referrals too. Can you expect referrals? You bet! But only from people who know you, like you and trust you. No one’s going to get paid (or fined) for passing (or not passing) leads and tips here. Which means if you want leads and tips, you need to take care of the relationships that send them.

We Believe in Participation.

Being a Biznik means showing up and adding something. You can’t buy your way to Biznik supremacy (well, maybe half-way there), but you can contribute your way to the top. Show up. Start a conversation. Teach a workshop. Publish an article. Take us all to Disneyland (OK, not that last one. Unless you really want to.)

We Believe in Giving To, Not Selling To.

Studies show that people living in cities see over 5,000 ads a day. We’re all being sold to enough as it is. Biznik is not a place to sell, it’s a place to give. Therefore, we believe in self-interested altruism. Show an interest in others. Give to the group without expectation of return. Karma will come and get you. Karma will hunt you down.

We Believe in Being Progressive.

And that you’re smart enough to define what that means for yourself. Bizniks work toward positive change. This isn’t politics, it’s attitude. We’re trying to make the world a better place. We are too.

We believe that building a business is hard, lonely work.

And that spending time with some other “indies” who get it can make it a little easier, a lot less lonely, and way more fun.
If you believe in these things too, then come join us. If not, well, why are you still here? There’s always something good on TV.

— • —

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