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25 Creative Ways to gain NEW clients

How people build their business with little money and a lot of tenacity.
Written Nov 12, 2008, read 34774 times since then.



1. Look in your address book for who you know in areas where your product or service could make a powerful impact. Give them something for free and brainstorm how you could impact people's lives. Ask for referrals...

2. What organizations/charities do you donate money to? Donate your product or service to the director, board members, clients, members etc. instead.

3. Have a wine, cheese party. Invite people you'd like to know better. Taste wine and cheese and demo your product. Claim clients.

4. What companies are you considering buying stock in, but you're not convinced it's a good investment? Reach out to HR, management, the big cheese, etc... Your sell being that you wouldn't invest in them until you knew they had a healthy organization with a strong culture. Create a proposal using your service as to how to get there.

5. Go door to door offering sample samples of your product!

6. Send one - get one free. To current clients - Send me a client, you'll get something for free.

7. If people keep saying 'NO'... raise your rates!

8. Tape yourself asking for the business... listen up. Would YOU hire YOU? If not... make the changes needed and try again.

9. Go to trade shows. NOT as an exhibitor... but to connect with company owners. Find out about their companies, discover their need, and then ask for the business.

10. Visit high-end craft fairs. Find artists whose work you believe in and claim them. (While you're there, buy a nice piece of artwork!)

11. Step outside your Niche. Go for a client COMPLETELY out of your realm of interest and zone of comfort. Learn what's available by working with THIS person, then come up with 10 new ways to market.

12.  Bribery. Offer an incentive for anyone who connects you with someone who becomes a client.

13. Since the New Year is approaching, go to a New Years Eve party and ask everyone how they plan to support their resolution, with your service or product

14. Send out coupons or gift cards for a free product or service to everyone you know so that they can use them as gifts for friends (I Megan Anderson am giving a $100 gift card out now; I'll let you know how well it works.  Also send me mail if you would like me to send you one, for business and life coaching.)

15. Go to the largest shopping mall in your area and watch the people all scrambling around during their holiday shopping. Get curious about their experience and start a conversation with them.

16. Send out business cards with hand written sticky notes attached to there door to everyone in your neighborhood introducing yourself. Not only might you be just what a neighbor is looking for, but you get to build community as well.  (There is a way to do this so you don't have to hand write all the notes but it looks like you did.  You just hand write six notes on a plain piece of copy paper, put it in your copier, then attach six sticky notes to the sheet of paper and put it in the feeder going down, and print.  Presto you have six hand written notes.) Coaching your destiny has recommended may of it's clients to do this and it WORKS. 

17. Create a competition with your friends and family. Whoever gets you the most referrals, you will donate to their favorite charity in their name. (This way everybody wins)

18. Make a goal to pass out 100 cards this month to anyone you meet. Tell them about a special gift you're offering for the holidays or New Years, or Arbor Day. Whatever the season, there's a reason.

19. Be certain that family and friends are aware of your offerings and encourage them to spread the word

20. The next time a telemarketer calls, ask them how satisfied they are with their job, or what is hard about it, or how do they feel when you turn them down. Take it from there.

21. Be interested in what others do: hopefully they'll return the favor.

22. Show your joy in your daily work.  People want to purchase from someone who loves what they do.

23. Donate your services to an auction/ raffle/ contest/ drawing in exchange for advertizing.

24. Every time you buy something, thank the salesperson with a card or a coupon. They can either use it or give it away to someone that would be your ideal client.

25. Get on as many online networking sites as humanly possible.  This really pays off and pushes potential clients to your web site. 

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  • Undress the Stress Coach 
Surrey, British Columbia Canada 
Marianna  Paulson
    Posted by Marianna Paulson, Surrey, British Columbia Canada | Nov 15, 2008

    Wow! You had quite a brainstorming session when you developed this list.

    Number 7, 9 & 16 made me sit up and take note!


  • Senior Move Specialist 
Yakima, Washington 
Naomi Whitmore
    Posted by Naomi Whitmore, Yakima, Washington | Nov 15, 2008

    Excellent tips! I really enjoyed this article and will be putting many of these suggestions into action.

  • Director of Business Development 
Seattle, Washington 
Julie Conner
    Posted by Julie Conner, Seattle, Washington | Nov 15, 2008

    Clearly when you give, you don't just give a give it your all! That is very clear by this article. Great tips, thanks for sharing - #16 is my favorite.

  • Accountability, Marriage Coach - Washington 
Arlington, Washington 
Meg Anderson
    Posted by Meg Anderson, Arlington, Washington | Nov 15, 2008

    Thank you all, I appreciate your kindness.

  • Personal Trainer & Life Coach 
Seattle, Washington 
Padme Grace
    Posted by Padme Grace, Seattle, Washington | Nov 15, 2008

    21 & 22 are key ! Great list, thank you.

  • Business Networking California Specialist 
La Jolla, California 
Rick Itzkowich
    Posted by Rick Itzkowich, La Jolla, California | Nov 15, 2008

    Megan, I love #7! Very creative.

  • Sales Coach, Success Coach, Business Coach 
Portland, Oregon 
Tshombe Brown
    Posted by Tshombe Brown, Portland, Oregon | Nov 17, 2008


    These are GREAT tips!  I personally know of at least 3 different successful businesses (4?) that you have created in the last several years I have known you, so people can take your suggestions to the bank.

    Thank you for sharing these timeless gems.  It shows how a little creativity and stick-with-it-ness goes a long way.

    They also remind me of Arun Tibrewal's blog post last spring on marketing on a small budget.  Your 25 options exceed his suggestions.

    Thanks, Meg.


  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Nov 17, 2008

    Great tips Megan! Including a few I had not heard of or thought of. I love #16 and 17. Thanks!!! Kate

  • Ghost Writer/Blogger 
Los Angeles, California 
Terra  Paley
    Posted by Terra Paley, Los Angeles, California | Nov 17, 2008

    I love 16 and 17 as well. Great article and I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Thanks, Terra

  • Chiropractor, Corporate Wellness Fairs, Health Awareness Institute 
Renton, Washington 
Melinda  Maxwell, DC
    Posted by Melinda Maxwell, DC, Renton, Washington | Nov 17, 2008

    Number 5! Door to door. This is the forth time this month that door to door has come up! So, do you have any tips on this tried and true method of increasing your market share? Thank you so much for this great collection of ideas....back to the basics. ~M

  • Accountability, Marriage Coach - Washington 
Arlington, Washington 
Meg Anderson
    Posted by Meg Anderson, Arlington, Washington | Nov 17, 2008

    This is a very valuable tool because people buy from people they know. When you put yourself out there it makes a impression that you are driven for success. Someone who will not take no for a answer, and that is attractive. :-) Meg

  • Marketing Manager of MC Electric Vehicles 
Seattle, Washington 
Jenifer Needham
    Posted by Jenifer Needham, Seattle, Washington | Nov 18, 2008

    This article was awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it on here! I'm in the car business (not just cars, electric cars), so business is pretty slow right now. I'm looking for any ideas possible to try to find new customers, so thanks!

  • Virtual Assistant, Blogger 
Port Hadlock, Washington 
Sharon Trombly
    Posted by Sharon Trombly, Port Hadlock, Washington | Nov 20, 2008

    Talk about word-of-mouth advertising, #14 hits it head-on. Your client can speak highly about you, and also hand out a gift certificate - how cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • Marketing Designer & Copywriter 
St Petersburg, Florida 
James Hance
    Posted by James Hance, St Petersburg, Florida | Nov 20, 2008

    An inspirational list. Thanks for posting!

  • Designer / Innovator 
Seattle, Washington 
Hoby Van Hoose
    Posted by Hoby Van Hoose, Seattle, Washington | Nov 21, 2008

    Hm.. this is one of the better lists I've seen - good for putting yourself in the heads of people you'd be interacting with.

  • Marketing Director 
North Charleston, South Carolina 
Dean Cowart
    Posted by Dean Cowart, North Charleston, South Carolina | Nov 21, 2008

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  • Owner - Fashion Consulting Firm 
Santa Clara, California 
Corinne Phipps
    Posted by Corinne Phipps, Santa Clara, California | Nov 21, 2008

    I am practicing #7.

  • Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author 
North Canton, Ohio 
Dennis Kelley
    Posted by Dennis Kelley, North Canton, Ohio | Nov 21, 2008

    Thanks for the article Megan. I love the creativity -- thanks for sharing.

  • Home Stager, Re-Design, Project Management 
Mount Vernon, Washington 
Mary Riley
    Posted by Mary Riley, Mount Vernon, Washington | Nov 22, 2008

    Megan, your list is one to print and look at again and again. In the marketplace right now we all may find a little extra time on our hands and your tips could help, not only make that time productive, but help boost our customer base. You always know what to say ;-) Thank you!

  • thinkspace - Building a community of entrepreneurs. Thinkspace provides office space, virtual offices, & meeting rooms in the Seattle area. 
Redmond, Washington 
Peter Chee
    Posted by Peter Chee, Redmond, Washington | Nov 22, 2008

    Thanks for the tips. I'd like to hear how #7 is working for those of you that practice that one...

  • Real Estate Professional 
Seattle, Washington 
Stan Hartmann
    Posted by Stan Hartmann, Seattle, Washington | Nov 22, 2008

    Fabulous ideas. It is apparent that you have lived these suggestions as well. Thank you very much for sharing!

  • President of adaptive apparel company for home and nursing home care. 
Culver City, California 
Anne Cholakian
    Posted by Anne Cholakian, Culver City, California | Nov 24, 2008

    Thanks for taking the time to post these great ideas! I am going to try number 2. I manufacture boutique hospital gowns and I think I will donate some to a hospital where I sometimes volunteer. Check out my website, (

  • Certified Health Coach 
San Diego, California 
Gina Ruby-Puterbaugh
    Posted by Gina Ruby-Puterbaugh, San Diego, California | Nov 24, 2008

    Hi Megan, I gave you a TEN on this article! Thank you for making the list of the "common sense" ways we can be consistently connecting with prospective and current clients.

    It's always about giving.....our time, our ears, our abilities. As we build that credibility, clients will be drawn to us.

    I'm going to print the list and put it next to my desk!

    Have an awesome week, Gina Ruby-Puterbaugh

  • Accountability, Marriage Coach - Washington 
Arlington, Washington 
Meg Anderson
    Posted by Meg Anderson, Arlington, Washington | Nov 24, 2008

    Hello Gina

    I have just asked you to be added to my network. I see that you are like minded person and I appreciate your complements.
    Blessings to you

  • relationship coach for singles 
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 
Tatiana Antropova
    Posted by Tatiana Antropova, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada | Nov 25, 2008

    Thank you, Megan, a lot of excellent ideas!

  • Entrepreneur Success Coach 
Sacramento, California 
Rick Cooper
    Posted by Rick Cooper, Sacramento, California | Nov 25, 2008

    Thanks Megan. Great tips! I love #11. It's counter-intuitive, but makes a lot of sense! I always like #17. I may try a variation of that one. Thanks again!

  • EFT coach 
Houston, Texas 
Micheleq Price
    Posted by Micheleq Price, Houston, Texas | Nov 25, 2008

    Megan, I love your creativity. My favs are 7 and 11. I like to think big then tap it into being.

  • Event Planner, Event Designer 
Bellingham, Washington 
Renea Roberts
    Posted by Renea Roberts, Bellingham, Washington | Nov 26, 2008

    I love that a few of your tips suggest getting totally out of your comfort zone! They were so very helpful and timely for me. I would like to hear how some of these ideas worked for others.

  • Virtual Assistant 
Bowdoinham, Maine 
Marie Tucker
    Posted by Marie Tucker, Bowdoinham, Maine | Nov 26, 2008

    Megan, these are awesome. Glad to see I'm on the right page for some of these I already do, and extra excited to see some newer (out of my comfort zone) ones that have already been thought out for me :). I'm excited to try some of these others.

  • Accountability, Marriage Coach - Washington 
Arlington, Washington 
Meg Anderson
    Posted by Meg Anderson, Arlington, Washington | Dec 07, 2008

    I am so happy Marie, remember marketing is like a drip into a bucket. It might take some time, but it will fill up. ;-)

  • Blogger Website Owner 
Indianapolis, Indiana 
DLS gary
    Posted by DLS gary, Indianapolis, Indiana | Dec 09, 2008

    Great article very informative. Pretty bold for me on some of them. I hate when people go door to door so I know I won't do that. But I'm going to try about 4 of them! Thanks so much,barb My website: My new blog:

  • President of adaptive apparel company for home and nursing home care. 
Culver City, California 
Anne Cholakian
    Posted by Anne Cholakian, Culver City, California | Apr 06, 2009

    You have some great ideas in this article! I especially like the one about stepping out of your comfort zone to get new business. It is when we challenge ourselves to go to the next level and leave our comfort zone behind that we grow and achieve the most! Thanks, Annie Cholakian My