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3 Belief Changes To Stop Repelling Money

Are your money beliefs holding you back from success? Find out the 3 changes you could make right now to unblock your money flow!
Written Feb 06, 2012, read 1720 times since then.


It has been said that “Money is the root of all evil.”  While this is not entirely accurate it creates all sorts of both emotional and practical problems for people that inhibit their success. In a business professional context this can translate to being passed up for promotion, losing customers, missing big deals, fear of success or failure and many missed opportunities.  Money fears and hang-ups are perhaps one of the biggest obstacles many business professionals face to their success.

The root of the problem is really the beliefs, opinions and habits you have formed around money. These ideas and approaches change not only the way you relate to money but how it flows into your work in life.  If you want to change the way your money flow occurs then you need to change these patterns.

There are 3 basic beliefs that are blocking your money flow. With simple attention and different habits in these areas you can begin to welcome an increased money flow into your world.  Here is a snapshot into what your money beliefs are and how to change them.

Belief #1: Money Is A Scarcity

Scarcity thinking basically says there is a limited and finite quantity of the subject available. With that belief in place your habits begin to revolve around money as an objective to be conquered and horded. This is perhaps the origin of the “money is the root of all evil” belief.

This thought approach creates an internal dynamic that often leads to feelings of desperation, fear, anxiety and outright panic.  What is true is that money is a medium of exchange for goods, services and time.  It is nothing more than a tool for exchange and represents value given.  With this thought in mind you can literally invent money by creating value for someone willing to exchange for it!

So how do you change scarcity thinking?  The shift occurs easily when you recognize the ever abundant and overflowing possibility to create value.  All you need to do to change the belief is recognize and embody your ability to create value.  Once you do this you will recognize how to move yourself forward and open the money floodgates.

Belief #2: Too Much Money Makes Me Bad

In an age of the phrase “consumer driven greed” it is fairly easy to see how you might believe that having too much money makes you a bad person.  After all you have certainly heard some crazy stories about what lengths people will go do to acquire certain things.  However, holding this belief leaves you with the feeling that you are somehow corruptible and unworthy of wealth.

In most people it is in fact not the money that makes them “bad” but their underlying personality and core behaviors.  So what does this mean for you?  It means if you are concerned about it then it probably is not true.  All you need to do to shift this belief is hold to the values, openness and intentions to “do good” that you probably already have.  Simply maintain these beliefs and approaches and you will drop this belief like a stone!

Belief #3: My Money Earning Ability Is Limited

This is perhaps one of the most damaging beliefs to a truly open money flow.  Many business professionals hold this belief that they only have so much money earning potential.  It can also manifest as a belief about what is “reasonable” or “enough” money.  By holding this belief you are inherently telling yourself that above a certain amount is unacceptable.  This can block raises, business earning potential and even make you discount new money earning possibilities.

There are actually multiple beliefs build in behind this issue.  Supporting beliefs include the believing that money can only be traded for time, that value is inhere linear and equal and beliefs of worthiness.  To shift these beliefs all at once you just need to recognize that value is self-defined. What you see as low value others might see as high value.  Simply take off the value blinders and recognize where your ability can be limitless!

Ultimately unblocking your money flow is about unblocking yourself.  The beliefs you hold and the habits you have created around money are just that...beliefs and habits.  Both of these are changeable.  Are you ready to change these patterns to ones that attract rather than repel money?

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