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7 Steps To Staying Stuck

Progress can be difficult when you are holding yourself back. Find out if you are doing the right things or the wrong things to lead you to success!
Written Feb 01, 2012, read 1284 times since then.


So you say you are ready to accomplish great things?  You think you are prepared for the dream you want to create?  Truth be told you probably are.  So the real question is: What is holding you back?

If you are like most business professionals your success is complex.  You can start with making sure that you are not doing any of these behaviors!  This is a surprisingly easy list of ways you can quickly shoot yourself in the foot without even realizing it!  Here are 7 simple steps for you to follow to accomplish absolutely nothing!

Step 1: Stay Scared

Most professionals struggle with fear at some point or another.  Actually, probably frequently.  You don’t need to be “fearless” to be successful though.  You just need to not stay that way!  Take the time to get really in touch with what your fears are.  Learn to identify their warning signs.  Now figure out how you can use these fears to your advantage!

Step 2: Be A Cynic

Negative thinking is one of the sure fire ways to failure!  Cynicism is simply looking for the negative.  So how do you change this?  Stop thinking negative.  Focus on the possibilities.  Focus and what is working well.  Analyze what is not working and figure out how to change it.  It really is that easy.

Step 3: Be A Pessimist But Claim You Are A Realist

Similar to the cynic the pessimist is looking to the negative.  In this case “realism” is defining a limit.  When you look for a limit and then aim at that you miss the room for growth.  Stop thinking about what is realistic and start thinking about what you crave!  The more you stretch to what is out of your reach the more you will unexpectedly accomplish it!  As the old saying goes: Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you’ll land among the stars!

Step 4: Believe You Are Wiser

You can think of this as the archetypal Fool.  The biggest and quickest way to failure is thinking you have a fool proof plan with all the answers and everything within your control!  Here is a more accurate way of considering this.  Think about the skills you possess, the control you have created and the knowledge you have harnessed.  Now ask yourself: What can’t I do yet?  What is out of my control?  What don’t I know yet?  When you have these answers you know that there is more for you to learn and you stop assuming yourself into failure.

Step 5: Feel Secretly Superior

Secretly or not secretly the process of feeling superior closes you off to learning, growing and discovering.  Could it be any more obvious that everyone needs to do these things to be successful?  Wherever you are in comparison to others there is likely more for you to discover and you never know who your teachers might be!

Step 6: Do Nothing To Change Your Life Then Bitch

This step has got to be the most precious.  How many times have you been told that if you don’t do anything then you can’t bitch about it?  Probably hundreds!  But how many times have you actually done exactly that?!  Maybe you can just stop doing it now rather than answering that question.  How do you fix this one?  Simple.  Do something.

Step 7: Use The Term “I Told You So”

If you really want to stay stuck this step will lock it in for you!  By saying “I told you so” you are confirming that you are right, someone else is wrong and there is nothing that can be done about it.  You encapsulate in 4 short words all the previous steps!  Congratulations….you are stuck!!

So you now that you know how to stay stuck and what to do about it to get unstuck…what’s next?

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