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8 Secrets to Fill Your Business in 60 Days

Filling your business with prospects eager to buy is a daunting task for any online business owner. However, there is an easy-to-replicate system that, when followed exactly, will help you fill your business in 60 days.
Written Nov 12, 2009, read 841 times since then.


Recently I was asked in an interview to imagine  that I was starting all over again, and as a  newbie, how I would fill my business in 60  days.  Things have changed tremendously since I  began my online business in 1999, mostly for  the better.  Most of the steps, however remain  the same.  Best of all, the strategies I  recommend to fill your business are the same  ones that can be applied to any business, and  then applied again and again to other online  ventures.  Here are 8 secrets to filling the  prospect funnel in your business in 60 days:

1.  Success mind set.  Don't gloss over this  strategy -- it may be the most important of  all. If you truly want to succeed in your  business and are passionate about what you do,  nothing will hold you back.  This often means  that you have to step out in faith that you'll  succeed, and most importantly, believe in  yourself as a success.  Sure, you may stumble,  or even fall, but you must be willing to pick  yourself back up and persevere -- even without  a safety net hanging under you.

2.  Target market.  The biggest mistake that  business owners make is wanting to sell to  everyone.  If you've tried this, you have no  doubt discovered that casting your net around  everyone is a very difficult task.  Narrowing  that group to a more manageable number will  actually serve you much better, believe it or  not. If you can identify a smaller group of  hungry prospects who are willing to pay for the  solutions to the problems that keep them awake  at night (or those who are willing to pay for  more information about a hobby or interest that  occupies much of their free time) AND who are  reachable in groups (associations, membership  sites, magazines, newsletters, discussion  forums or lists, social networking groups,  etc.), then you have made a key discovery that  will catapult your business forward.

3.  Client Attraction Device.  You've heard it  said time and time again that "the money is in  the list."  This still holds true today, as  well.  Without a list of interested prospects  to whom you can market, you don't have a  business.  The quickest way to begin to develop  a list is to give something away. Yes, you  heard me correctly.  If you have content you  have already created, dig through that to see  if you have something appropriate for your  chosen target market.

If not, identify a problem of your target  market, and create some content that answers  one of those problems.  Perhaps it's a  checklist, a Top 10 list, an ebook or special  report, an audio interview, a pod cast, a video  -- do whatever is easiest for you.  Just ensure  that it is in a plug and play format , i.e.  don't make your prospect download some weird  software that's not commonplace to read and  view this material.

Make sure that your Client Attraction Device  has some valuable content in it.  Nothing is  more frustrating to me than to read a free  giveway that only serves to remind me that I  have a problem and offers no solution unless I  pay for it.  Don't be afraid to demonstrate  your expertise by giving "how to" information  away.  Trust me, if you are truly good at what  you do, there's no way that you can share  everything you know on a topic in one short  information product. Your Client Attraction  Device starts your prospects on the like, know,  and trust road that is imperative for them to  travel before they will decide to buy something  from you.

4.  Email marketing system.  You must have some  way to collect your prospect's information and  a system by which you can stay in contact with  them.  The best way to do this is by purchasing  email marketing services. I use   Do not use a free service for this, nor try to  send emails out of your Outlook program.  If  you want to be a serous online business owner,  invest in the most important asset in your  business -- your email marketing system.

5.  Blogsite.  A blogsite, which is a  web site/blog hybrid, is the quickest way to  build an online presence.  The two most popular  blogging platforms, the fee-based Typepad  and open source  software Wordpress  can be used to  create a blogsite very quickly.  If you want  either of them customized with a particular  look or feel, that may take a bit longer and  require a greater investment.  However, either  will work well to get you started, and both will permit you to enter your email marketing  system's signup code onto a page so that you  can immediately begin to collect contact information from prospects who have requested your Client Attraction Device.

6. Stay in touch. Whether you do this by  submitting regular blog posts or publishing an  email newsletter (or both), you need to reach  out and touch your prospects at least weekly (or  several times a week if you are blogging).   Give them some insights about what's happening  with you personally as well as sharing some  aspect of your expertise with them by creating  a content-rich article or answering their  questions.  And, don't forget to sell -- offer  some product or service in each email  newsletter, or submit regular blog posts that  remind your readers about what you are selling.

7.  Social networking.  Never before have we  had the opportunity to connect with others  online easily and inexpensively as we do now  with social networking.  Create profiles on the  social networks) used by your target market,  do research to add friends/followers in your  target market, and use the status updates to be  useful to your followers, i.e. by sharing  resources, asking questions, and updating them  about how you help clients/customers.

8.  Drive traffic to your site.  There are a  number of ways to accomplish this, but my  favorite starts with writing an article.  Once  it's written, I publish it in my ezine, my  blog, and to my web site and syndicate it on  article directories all over the Web through  Then I  have the option of making a pod cast with the  content; creating a screencast video or  "talking head" video from it; writing and  submitting a press release; creating a  teleclass; create a Q&A radio show interview  opportunity; breaking up the points as separate  Twitter posts, or Tweets, and tweeting them to  my followers; or sharing it on my Squidoo lens  or other information-sharing portals.  The  point here is to work once and profit, profit,  profit.  Repurpose one article as many ways as  you can to drive traffic back to your blogsite  and thus get more and more prospects to sign up  on your list and ultimately convert them to  customers.

The advent of the Internet makes it easier than  every to create and promote a business online  with very little startup capital.  And, if done  correctly, the strategies will results in you  filling your business in 60 days with eager and  willing prospects ready to buy what you are  offering.

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Christine Uomini
    Posted by Christine Uomini, San Francisco, California | Nov 13, 2009

    I agree, having a heartfelt conversation and understand your future client and having something to give, something of value, helps to build business.

    What kinds of offers do other people give?