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A Business Plan that Sticks

How about this for a business plan that sticks. Most people go into business to make a great deal of money then retire and enjoy the fruit of their labor. BS. Start today enjoying the fruit of your sweat.
Written Aug 19, 2010, read 1321 times since then.


I will never forget the day i met with Bill Belzberg a banking magnate. He bluntly said to me: "You have 10 minutes."  I answered: "I need 20." He gave me 15, but I was not prepared enough.

Anyhow most investors will never give you much time to pitch your fantastic business idea.

Remember this, when you see a movie you like to talk to your friends about it and if your friend is interested he will ask you a follow up question.  What's the movie about?
You cannot and don't want to tell him/her the whole movie script or your friend won't go to see the movie... You get it.

Now your fabulous project:  What is it about.  Like in the movies. Sumarize it in 2 lines or less.

But first things first.  You must enjoy the fruits of your labor from the get go.  So what is it that you love most?  That should be your field.  Ok  You are like me. You don't know what you love most or perhaps you love too many things.  Ok no problem. What is it that would excite you the most if you had 10 Million dollars right now?  What would you do? 

By the way you do not need a great deal of money to start any business.  All you need is to be inventive if you are not inventive, ask a friend.  I have begun many businesses on half a shoe string, in fact it was not even a shoe string it was just about a little piece of rope, not even enough to hang myself with and most times I got ahead.   At times I failed but I always believed that tomorrow is another day and while you're alive, you might as well keep trying particularly if you're having fun with it.

Okay, now to the STICK part.  Your incredible idea has to stick.  What makes an idea stick? Well, just think about the stuff you remember because they stuck in your mind.  Not because of advertising, just stuff you remember without any effort.  A saying, a slogan, a situation which made you cry or laugh, a kiss and thenm ask yourself Why?  why do I remember this so easily without effort?  Now you are in the right path.  All you have to do is to say to yourself.  What is it I could do or say or create about my business that would stick just like that first date or whatever.

Now that you';ve asked yourself all these simple questions take a piece of paper and a pen and write.  Write 1-2-3-4-5-6 etc.. One by one each of the stuff you have to do.  Don't make your steps so difficult to achieve that you sabotage yourself from the beginning.  tons of people do that.  You are afraid?  You know that you are shitting in your pants with panic and you doubt about your abilities.  That's good in fact very good. At least you're aware that you are human.  Now get to work.

Goal 1: Bla bla bla

Write down: A)B)C)  each step to achieve goal one.  You'll be amazed how fast you can achieve what you want.  And while we're at it talking about speed.  How many hours do you work? 10? 12?  How about 15?  No you won't die.  Remember: You're doing something you love so in fact you're just having fun.

So go and enjoy, you've got a winner.

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