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A Logo is Your Business’s ‘Suit’

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca Cola, and Apple all have one major asset in common, their logo. In a simple sense these companies have ingrained there business into your mind.  Have you though about creating a awe inspiring logo for your business?

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McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca Cola, and Apple all have one major asset in common, their logo. Every corner you turn the “Golden Arches” appear and every time someone make a coffee run they think of Starbucks. In a simple sense these companies have ingrained there business into your mind. They have created an image that sits on the pedestal, while everyone chases after them. Have you though about creating a awe inspiring logo for your business? If not then there are some things that may need to be adjusted to make a logo that better fits your image. Remember people judge on first impression and if your logo looks tacky then your company looks tacky. 

In the world today marketing is getting more competitive and if your not good at it then it is worth it for you to hire someone to do it for you. You are not doing your business any justice if your logo isn’t of high quality. Think of children looking at cereal boxes, they only pick the most colorful box with the best cartoon character. Now look at your company logo. Does it express what your company stands for? If you had a shirt on with just your logo in the middle would you wear it in a crowd? Does it draw a the eye of the everyday person? If not then why are you using this logo? 

How to create a logo is a job in itself. You can create your own logo, but if you spend more time on something your not to good at you may want to spend your time helping your business in other ways. This is why I recommend you have someone design the logo for you that has a feel for your business and your personality. Having a person knowledgeable about the trend or style in today’s logo design market is another key point to stress upon your designer. Once you have the designer make sure they know where this logo will be placed. Different items can cause distortion to your logo. A good logo may take a month or two to design, so patience maybe necessary.

Getting the right logo isn’t easy, but it is easy to test the quality. If you are having someone design your logo take the samples to a mall and ask people passing by what they think. Not only will you get your answer on which logo is the most well received you will also be grabbing an audience wondering what kind of business you do. This gives you the new logo and potential customers. WOW, networking and marketing at the same time! This is what your logo should do for you every time you take it in public. People should ask what do you do, or is that your business? 

Your logo once it is finished should be in a certain place, try everywhere for starters. Letterhead, envelopes, pens, polos, business cards, storefronts, and on and on......... If you wanna play with the big players you have to think like the big players. 

When you where a suit in public you gain respect. Your logo should gain the respect and grab the attention of anyone that may come across. Your logo needs to be stylish, well tailored to your business, and pressed for every major occasion.

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Seattle, Washington 
Joshua Lind
    Posted by Joshua Lind, Seattle, Washington | Mar 13, 2008

    First I think your logo must represent it's purpose as well as your company's. For market saturation or vast distribution go with iconic and easy to recognize; for a formal executive brand be concerned with looking the part on appropriate marketing materials; if you're doing guerrilla marketing campaign, not only does the tone have to be right but also the composition. Also one of the key elements of a logo is subtlety, squeeze some meaning in there. I always try for a least a double entendre if not the coveted triple (notice I didn't say pun though.)

    With ReadyDone we choose strong colors, then created a crisp, recognizable, 'done' reinforcing logo, and lastly underpinned it with a down-to-earth graphic theme with some spirit to maintain a tone.

    Lastly, I always like to encourage: don't be afraid to take risks. Make yourself stand out!

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Seattle, Washington 
Jeff Collins
    Posted by Jeff Collins, Seattle, Washington | Mar 14, 2008

    Interesting analogy, Bryan. I like it.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Scott Ringo
    Posted by Scott Ringo, Virginia Beach, Virginia | Apr 11, 2008

    The Dilemma It seems so easy to type your name out in a font for your logo, get a generic business card at the office supply store (or even print some out on your own printer) or even put together a tri-fold brochure in Microsoft publisher an print it yourself. Everybody is doing it and it seems like you are saving so much money, right? The problem is everyone knows when the design is not professional and the printing came off of an ink jet or color laser printer. Instantly the image of your business or nonprofit is reduced to a home business with little capital.

    Professional Design and Print Professional Design and Print has a look, feel, and quality on a whole different scale. The design of the logo is limitless, the letterhead is professional, the brochures have a punch to them, even your web site says wow. Graphics leap off printed literature and business cards when they are professionally printed. Your image says you care about quality, you take pride in your company, and supporter and clients can count on you to do things right the first time. It really does matter how your image is communicated and we at Ocean Grand can help you make that difference for not much more than doing it yourself.

    The Deception You maybe still saying to yourself that you can do it less expensive yourself and have more control over how you use it. After you count up the hours of figuring out how to design your business suite of literature, buy the print cartridges, paper, folding, and have a less desirable look you have spent the money to have a professionally designed look and print. Many tell themselves for years that they will get around to it eventually but never do, the whole time struggling with a less desirable company image.

    At Ocean Grand we work with clients everyday who have decided that their image needs to have the professional touch. Once they make that move they are delighted to find out how much control over our design process they have. They are also amazed at the effect print and web materials that are closely branded.

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Seattle, Washington 
Joshua Lind
    Posted by Joshua Lind, Seattle, Washington | Apr 14, 2008

    Wholeheartedly agree.

    Taking the step to give yourself the legitimacy of using professional help is part of manifesting your idea into a business, an organization, an entity.

    Treat your venture with respect. Decide what level you'd like to play at. Cheap signs are fine if you're a used car outlet.