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Michael Crosa
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Ocala, Florida

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Constantly putting out fires in your life and in your business seems to be a daily occurrence for a lot of us. Here's a novel idea to overcome this.
Written Jan 06, 2012, read 1023 times since then.


How many of us go through life reacting rather than trying to anticipate the conditions or situations that can affect us? How many of us are constantly running ourselves ragged putting out fires that seem to occur on an almost daily basis and that require our undivided attention to solve. The result is unfinished tasks, wasted time and lost opportunities. When you think about it, changing from a reacting attitude to one of anticipation is not difficult, if you have the proper tools and use them.

As entrepreneurs, our accounting and bookkeeping reports are our tools to start anticipating rather than reacting in our business. If your records have been kept up to date, and they should be, if you are using QuickBooks; you could look at last year's data for clues as to what might happen this year. For example, you have a healthy balance in the checking account and you have had your eye on a new SUV or the vacation you have been promising yourself. But before you make the commitment to buy that vacation or car, you remember your coach saying to anticipate rather than react, so you review last year's business statement for this period and you notice that there was a large outlay for insurance. This year it is coming up next month.' If you had reacted rather than anticipated you might have well used the extra money for that car down payment or vacation. The result? You would have had another fire to put out.

An incident occurred the other day that brought this home to me. I was at a gas station waiting to have some minor work done on my car and I noticed a man with his son changing a tire. The man was crouched in front of the tire with his tools laid out on the ground at his side. His son who must have been 12 years old was standing next to the tools with a blank look on his face. The father looked at the boy and then at the tools. The son at first ignored him but when the father looked at him again, the son in an exasperated manner said, "WHAT"! The father pointed at a tool and the son gave it to him. He removed the hubcap and once again looked at his son and then at the tools. This time the son threw up his arms and again said WHAT! What is it you want? The father rose up and I thought he was going to belt him. But he didn't. In a calm manner he put his arm around the boys shoulder and asked him, "How long have you been helping me"? The son answered him "Six months". The father then asked him, "Don't you think it is time you started to anticipate what I need rather than reacting"?

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Tina Tome
    Posted by Tina Tome, San Jose, California | Jun 14, 2013

    Nobody has the time to anticipate for what they want, instead of that everyone is running towards life and the goals that they need. The way the father behaved to his really touched my heart and I am sure only few people can behave like that. Free Money review