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Beating Your Competition By Giving Better Personalized Service

The days of the one-size fits all, cookie cutter product is slowly fading away. Today's savvy customer yearns for products and services that meet personal needs. This article gives you tips to providing it  ... before your competition does.

Written Mar 30, 2008, read 9208 times since then.


Personalize benefits for me
No one wants to be a faceless number,
Sell to me personally
Mass marketing is a bummer,
If you want to succeed
Personalize it ...that's the key,
Fill my specialized need. -  (Your Customer)

The days of the cookie cutter, one size fits all products and services are slowly fading away. The products and services of the future will enrich companies determined to cater to their customers individual needs. People are so used to being a number or seen as a group, the business who is able to cater to the personalized needs will stand out.

One of your goals as an entrepreneur should be to find ways to meet the personal needs of your customers more and more. Doing this makes people feel special, especially if your competitors are still in the mass market, one - size fits all mode of doing business.

Finding little ways to customize areas of your product or service is a quick, easy, and economical way to create a market niche.

If your competitors offer 1 color, you try offering an assortment of colors. If your competitors offer 2 or 3 sizes like small, medium, and large. What if you offered extra large, extra wide, or slim, etc.

Now you can build your own burger, design your own car, and even pick your price for airline tickets or home loans. The trend is more personal service and products that fill more personal needs.

Can you think of ways to customize your product or service for your customers? In this faceless age where every one's a number, you'll instantly stand out like Shaquille O'neal at a Jockey convention.

People are willing to pay for a product or service that meets their individual needs. In years gone by, customized products and services was something people expected to pay extra for. But as we move into the future, customized products and services is the key to increased sales, despite heavy competition.

Yes, before today's savvy and educated consumers will part with their hard earned money - they'll expect customized products and services in the future.

Shame on the business or person who ignore individual needs of customers. They'll have to step aside and make room for the business, product, or service that fill more personal needs the market will demand.

The bar is raising daily. Whatever business, product, and service can best meet the personal needs of the people they serve will win. If you're a small business your instant advantage over your larger competitors is your ability to customize your product or service more.

You should be taking full advantage the opportunity to customize your product or service quicker, before your larger competitors can.

Examples Of The Principle Of Customization

1. Customized computer software.
2. Petite clothing.
3. Big and Tall Clothing and other products.
4. Customized learning tools.
5. Customized sporting equipment.
6. Customized products for the handicapped.
7. Customized beauty aids.
And More!

Can you think of more ways you can personalize your own product or service? Look how other businesses are customizing their product or service. Can you adapt any to your own business, product, or service.

Customization will be a service that will separate one similar product or service from another. It can literally mean success or failure to you. The better you can provide personalized individual service the more customers you will attract.

The more you can make your product or service less cookie-cutter and more personal the more it will stand out in customers minds.

With the glut of products and services flooding the marketplace each day, find ways to individualize your products and services. Otherwise you run the risk of losing your customers to the businesses who give more personal service.

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Krysta Gibson
    Posted by Krysta Gibson, Gold Bar, Washington | May 12, 2008

    Well done - good article and great advice.