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Boost Your Bottom Line With Bonuses and Incentives

One of the best ways to entice buyers to grab one of your service packages is to add bonuses and/or incentives to make the offer compelling and irresistible.
Written Feb 21, 2011, read 762 times since then.


One of the best ways to entice buyers to grab one of your service packages is to add bonuses and/or incentives to make the offer compelling and irresistible. Bonuses and incentives can have little or no cost to you, but they definitely add value for your prospects. In your clients’ eyes, you are pushing your offer over the top and making it a “no brainer” to work with you.

Bonuses and incentives also have the added benefit of showing that you are concerned about your client's individual needs and are committed to offering comprehensive services, which can lower their resistance to purchasing.

So how can you create bonuses that help your clients but don’t represent a great deal of cost to you? There are many different options to choose from – and it pays to be creative! Here are a few ideas:

  • Books
  • Invitation only calls with guest experts
  • “Done for you”/implementation services
  • Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Assessments
  • Client only newsletters
  • Exclusive articles
  • A kick-off call
  • Laser coaching calls (keep these to 15 minutes of less)
  • Subscription to a popular (and relevant!) magazine
  • An online workspace
  • A featured spot in your blog, newsletter or other materials
  • Complimentary ticket to an event that you’re hosting (with a  guest included)
  • Client only discounts
  • Ebooks/special reports or other information products

Now that those ideas have got your wheels turning, you need to select which will be right for your audience and your business model. A complimentary ticket to an event that you’re hosting may work well for one service provider but not another.

When you’re selecting a bonus offer, be sure it makes sense and is relevant to what your client is investing in with you. Don’t just add a bonus to add a bonus – that will confuse your client. Make sure it makes sense in the context of your business and your client relationship.

Once you’ve decided on the bonus, let your clients know how much the bonus is worth in your program descriptions. By noting how much they would have to pay for the item, event or information in a regular situation, you’re showcasing the value. Give each bonus item an appropriate dollar amount and then display that on your offer page.

You can further motivate your audience to take action by creating some scarcity. around the offer. If the bonus is only available for a limited time, your prospects will make a decision quickly. You can also motivate them to buy by offering an incentive, like a special rate, if they pay in full or pay today.

Whichever option(s) you choose, make sure that your special incentive still feels comfortable for you. Remember – offering a bonus is not about sacrifice or discounting your fees. It’s about making the offer sweeter for your client while compensating you for your expertise. So plan your incentives strategically.

Once you put the power of incentives to work for you, you’ll see how great of a motivator they can be for increasing your sales and enrolling ideal prospects into your practice. Choose one of the bonuses above to work with and put it on your to do list for this week. You’ll be so glad you did when the payoffs begin rolling in.

Marketing Coach & Consultant 
Emeryville, California 
Sydni Craig-Hart

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  • Professional Voice Over Talent 
Smithtown, New York 
Susie Schwarz
    Posted by Susie Schwarz, Smithtown, New York | Feb 22, 2011


    I have read another one of your articles before and I find this one as good.

    I especially found value in the specific bonus examples you mentioned because one of them will work beautifully with my business.

    As a voice over talent, I often provide my clients the bonus of extra recording time or a second run with another script for a commericial or web video. So the added bonus for my clients that I picked up from your article would be to add their commercials to my site for additional exposure. Many of my clients would love that!

    Thank you!

    Susie Schwarz

  • Marketing Coach & Consultant 
Emeryville, California 
Sydni Craig-Hart
    Posted by Sydni Craig-Hart, Emeryville, California | Feb 22, 2011

    Thanks so much for the post Susie! What a great idea you have! I love how you applied the suggestions to you own business. And I absolutely agree that your clients would indeed find great value in having you publicize their commercials.

    Please keep me posted on how you make out with this!

    Warm regards, Sydni