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Lynn Scheurell
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C Stands for Different

By Webster's Dictionary definition, a catalyst is something that provokes significant action. That's what I do – I provoke my clients to think and act differently in their lives for greater fulfillment.
Written Apr 27, 2009, read 895 times since then.


By Webster's Dictionary definition, a catalyst is something that provokes significant action. That's what I do – I provoke my clients to think and act differently in their lives for greater fulfillment. After all, we have to do different to get different.

It is my intention that you find something thought provoking enough to do something different in your own life.

Connection happens on two levels. First is connection with the self in an essential sense of center that unshakable by external events. The second is connection with others for community.

When creativity is open, it’s delicious to explore the unseen - what’s around your next corner. By being curious, receptive and initiating questions or actions, you can play with infinite possibilities.

By reducing the "noise" in your head, your being, thinking and doing becomes crystallized. Decisions are easier, right action is smoother, communications and relationships are cleaner - and your calendar becomes focused.

Life is full of considerations, some of which are necessary. However, it is important to recognize which are real. It is important to not tolerate the unnecessary – compromise only when it’s meaningful.

There are times when situations require us to confront things that make us uncomfortable or even afraid. Until we pass through it, we do not learn our lessons. Having the courage to face it gives us the ability to move forward.


When you are comfortable in who you are, you naturally make choices that support your knowingness and demonstrates trust in who/where you are. It’s a powerful magnet to attracting more of what you want.

It is in giving that we grow, by sharing what we have that we increase our own capacities. Giving back where we can creates good karma.

Building by partnership/teamwork creates a synergy that otherwise wouldn't exist. When two or more are gathered in focus, great things are created and achieved.

Honoring what has happened in celebration feels good. It is a timeless ritual to acknowledge hard work and mark a milestone or an ending. Without celebration, we may not know that we are moving into a new beginning.

Circle Back
Review the lessons learned to see if you’ve missed anything, or if you can use something previously discarded in a new way. Circling back allows you to express appreciation for both the people who have been touched by your learning journey and your progress.

Through compassion for others, we acknowledge our oneness. While we are all at different places on our respective journeys, the destination is the same.

As long as you are in alignment with your higher self, believing in what you know to be true for you is the backbone to good decisions, personal leadership, accountability, and good health.


Speak your truth clearly, concisely and honestly. You can avoid about 80% of problems with other people by having good communication skills. You can resolve 100% of your personal challenges by being honest with yourself.

Control means doing what you can and releasing whatever you just did – it has to go do / be whatever you have given it life to do. Control is a superficial illusion, attempting to force situations, people, or things to fit – it’s like trying to push a river. Being in flow means recognizing that there is no control.

Common Sense
Maybe this should be "un"-common sense... common sense comes from every day living. If something makes sense to you, do it. However, just because somebody else does it a certain way doesn’t mean that it makes the best sense for you. 

If any one of these resonated with you on some level, that's an indicator of where you can start in doing something different. If more than one hit a nerve, start with the first one.

You will notice that people and situations around you will change - be alert. Watch for synchronicities and pay attention to how you feel – that’s the best measure of your success in being different.

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