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Crack The Code On Solving Tough Problems

Discover the secret to harnessing problems and turning them into golden opportunities. Problem solving will take on a whole new meaning after you read these tips.

Written Mar 30, 2008, read 2440 times since then.


"When faced with a tough problem
Take a step back
The best way to solve them
Is to attack the crack."

If you look closely you'll discover every problem has a crack. A crack is the weak spot you can take advantage of, and grow stronger from.

Problems are like mental and emotional bar bells life hands us to make us stronger. Yes, problems help to keep us from growing fat emotionally or fat-headed mentally.

Remember every problem has a weak spot. No matter how big it seems at first glance.. Your job in solving it is to always look for the weak spot first, and attack it.

Trust me the best prescription to reduce stress isn't in a pill, taking a luxury cruise or spending a weekend in Vegas. It's in your ability to find the crack in each problem you face.

From this day forward every time you face a problem look for the crack - and then attack the crack like a hungry lion attacking a bloody steak.

When you're faced with a problem say this out loud now ... "I will attack the crack." Say it like you mean it, "I will attack the crack." Repeat this phrase to yourself each time you face a problem and watch your confidence soar to new heights.

It's a good idea to write, type or post this message and hang it where can see it each day. As you commit the above phrase to memory and say it each day, you'll soon find yourself moving from problems to solutions as if by magic.

As you see the crack or weakness in each problem and attack it, you'll find the problem will be more solvable.

Solving a huge problem is like tearing down a huge skyscraper. You ever see those news films where they blow up a huge office tower, stadium or other large structure. It's always fascinating to see how they know how to do it without harming the buildings around it.

It's a highly skilled profession that only a small number of people in the world can do. You have to know exactly where to place the explosives to make the structure fall and make it fall where you want it to.

After you read the words in this article, quess what? You'll soon be able to know where to attack each problem to weaken it. You'll watch your problems fall, no matter how big or daunting they seem at first. And do it without harming others around you. Would you like to do that? Read on.

Here are 7 Tips to help you "Attack The Crack" in each problem you face.

1. First relax, take a deep breath and say " I will attack the crack!" The first action to take when faced with any problem is to prepare yourself mentally. If you can do this one step, you've solved your problem 50% already. By saying those five magical words "I will attack the crack", you prepare yourself mentally to face and overcome almost any problem.

2. Ask a quick question. The best way to get your thinking off the problem and on to the solutions is to ask a quick question like the following:

3. What do I know now that can help me? Think of something now that you can do to deal with the problem, however small. Even a small plan is better than none at all. Just think of your first step and the others will usually follow.

4. Who do I know that can help me? Usually there is someone who has knowledge of the problem even if you don't. They have experience or they may know someone who has experience. This is the two heads are better than one philosophy.

5. What can I do now that can help me? Get yourself moving with some physical action to start your momentum toward a solution. Talk to someone, call someone, read something (like the publication you're reading now) concerning the problem, start brainstorming.

6. How can I stop the problem from getting bigger? One of the first actions you must take is to stop the bleeding. Find a way to plug the hole. Many times this will be one of your top priorities. Then you can start looking for ways to fix the problem.

7. How can I keep this problem from repeating itself? This is often one of the final areas to think about after you solve the problem. Answering this question gives you a sense of security and confidence the problem won't return.

As you follow the 7 steps you'll find yourself getting past, over and through problems quicker and with less stress. Remember every problem has a solution if you just remember to face it head on and "Attack the Crack!

Learn more about the author, Roy Primm.

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