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Definition of Marketing in Today’s Social Media World

Using old marketing tactics in this new media can fail without clarity on the reasons for their failure.
Written Jul 09, 2009, read 2243 times since then.


The founders of a major public broadcasting network were recently asked to explain the success of their programming. Their response was that because they were operating in a non-commercial environment, they were free to experiment and be creative without the risk of commercial failure. The same opportunity exists for any application of marketing principles to the world of social media: Marketing = experimentation.

Using old marketing tactics in this new media can fail without clarity on the reasons for their failure. It is much more likely to find new approaches to communication that are meaningful in a contextual and appropriate way.

Just as testing has always been a critical part of developing marketing strategies, experimentation will be the lifeblood of successful results when expanded to reflect the new opportunities and venues created by the proliferation of social media.

Businesses need to take initial proactive approaches to social media, using it for branding the way they use sponsorships. They cannot let fear or embarrassment over mistaken initial steps stop them from attempting other approaches.

It is a mistake to presume that businesses need to have a resident expert to enter the fray, just as it is a mistake to presume that they need a young intern to handle this newest of media. The principles of trial and error, moderated by a good marketing instinct are the critical skill sets for success.

A utility like Twitter helps to build a brand organically. It is supposed to illustrate your brand's relevance and keep it top-of-mind among our followers. It's also a valuable way to support and grow the brand, and an invaluable way to maintain a dialogue with our consumers. There's no better feeling than to get an excited response via Twitter from a customer or fan about one of our services and/or products or to search your brand within Twitter and discover the chatter taking place.

But beware... social media isn't a box to be checked, or department to be manned or even campaign to be launched. It is about thinking differently about marketing, customer service, and the entire business.

Consumers are now running the biggest recommendation service in the world, those concumere will define your brand... get on board now or find yourself playing catch-up later!

In fact, companies can be active in social media without even writing a blog, tweeting - or even using a computer. The challenge is to effectively get others to blog or tweet about you. Developing the right strategic relationships can go further than the largest marketing budget in extending a company’s reach into social media. In essence, by definition social media requires creating a campaign that is viral in nature.

Social media is still in it's infancy. Growth, evolution, and adaptation will lead to explosive growth and make it the marketing place to be for years to come in whatever form it happens to take. Be a part of it and contribute.


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  • Owner 
Olympia, Washington 
Don Stark
    Posted by Don Stark, Olympia, Washington | Jul 09, 2009

    Ted, Well written and thought out. It is amazing to me how many are trying to apply "old" methodologies to the new technologies.
    Can you imagine trying to sell a 1/4 page ad in color on the internet for $2000 per month? No, we all accept that things have changed,(except the yellow pages.... lol) Yet we don't seem to understand the premise of adding value to our market driven campaign. this value added can be informational, like these great articles. Monetary, like coupons or special time framed offers. Or more and more cause related campaigns where we have an aligment of interested individuals and business that hitherto did not recognize the value of marketing with the convictions for change that they hold valuable. Social media is so exciting to me, as we see how it allows us to be social, connected and valuable to each other.

  • Chief Marketing Officer 
New York, New York 
Ted Rubin
    Posted by Ted Rubin, New York, New York | Jul 09, 2009

    Two more things that are so important for many to grasp...

    Social Marketing takes time to deliver meaningful results. Build your presence, extend your footprnt and gain traction. Don't be impatient and rush.


    Why is social media/marketing the future of marketing? Teens today are intense about sharing and colaboratng, the very princpals of social media's foundation, and this will extend into their future, and the future of marketing.