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Design Predictions 2011 vs Reality

Design Trend predictions for 2011 vs reality midyear! Part One
Written Jul 24, 2011, read 1553 times since then.


Design Predictions vs

Reality 2011,

Part 1


Every year our designers like to predict what the following years designers and interior designers are going to do.. They predict colors, trends with furniture, interior designs, exterior items, household decor, as well as other smaller items. Lets analyze some of last year's predictions by a group of designers that made several predictions with regards to this years design trends and ideas and see how they are holding up mid-year


1. Design Predictions for Colors: Pantone Color of the Year 2011

Pantone is the yearly and seasonal color planner for all kinds of designers from graphic to architectural, fashion, and even make-up.  And Pantone is fabulous at its job, traveling all over the world to find new colors, subtleties, and textures that can change tones just enough to give things a whole new feeling. 

For 2011, Pantone has chosen 'Honeysuckle' as its color of the year - that's Pantone 18-2120, for those of you with the 2011 Pantone 'bible.' The color is bright without being bold; reflecting a brighter outlook on the future, but not an ebulient one.


Pantone and other forecasters see a contrast of pale cool pastels with the deeper colors of iron and brick on the interior.  Architecturally, stone colors and darker irons will be emphasized.







Pantone Color of the Year, 2011 - Honeysuckle: © Pantone


This prediction in my opinion has held true. 2011 has seen a lot of dark bronze, brick, browns in style. I mean look at my own website, its full of reds, browns, and the backround image is of course a sharp white with red accents. Its precisely what was predicted by the esperts. The pantone of the year has shown up many times in the interior of homes and the color which is very pink like has shown up in all areas of fashion.. How many times have you herd the phrase "Pink is in" or "Pink is cool" It seem that color is everywhere and using it to accent your house by having it on an accent wall looks absolutely fantastic. The cool pastels prediction is absolutely true.. The summer blues, light lime greens, light yellows, are all trendy and colors at the forefront of today's designs. 


This prediction was accurate and true


2. Design Predictions for Architecture:  Living and Working Spaces, 2011

Euromaxx predicts that home space will continue to assimilate work activity, satisfying family and work associates, architecturally, as a 'hub.'  Also individual offices, either within the home or in modular form just outside the home, will be common.  We will see continuity in the creation of large multi-purpose rooms, rather than divided ones.  Kitchens will combine eating and meeting spaces - bring dining, cooking, meeting, and recreation all together in one large space - kind of like a home rendition of Google's office environment.

The kitchen is the place to be in 2011.  No longer does the chef remain isolated from his guests while he prepares the meal.  Family, guests, and business associates can feel right at home while they visit or brainstorm!


Integrated & multi-purpose living spaces are 'in' for 2011: image via 

Integrated & multi-purpose living spaces are 'in' for 2011: image via




Integrated & multi-purpose living spaces are 'in' for 2011; looks like this one is in 'honeysuckle!': image via
A Kitchen using Honeysuckle


This prediction is also accurate. More and more our homes are becoming places from which we do everything, meet, eat, work, host, and do just about everything we can. Our homes are becoming more and more open with large open spaces stretching from the kitchen to the living and sitting areas as they have become one large room sort of like what Lofts use to have as an exclusive style has now become Universal. These large open spaces have become standard and the new hip and trendy style in the design world. Large open Kitchens that open into a large conglomerate of rooms except for the bedrooms seem to be the style of the day.


This prediction is accurate


3. Design Predictions for Furniture: Minimalism for 2011

The recession has diminished our need for non-essentials and that will be seen in the simple, geometric design of furniture.  Flourishes will not be noticeable with the eyes, but with the comfort of a chair that looks austere in a geometric form, but is really quite comfortable.  A soft faux fur also serves as a contrast and provides greater comfort.

Here, Neutra, designed by Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen for signature Tribù, represents what I interpret as representing the coming period.


 Neutra, by Vincent van Duysen for Tribù: image via 

Neutra, by Vincent van Duysen 

I wont even talk to much about this point as everyone of my postings throughout the year on my blog has been about this style of furniture and trend.. This is definitely true and accurate. More and more less is better is the term and dictionary definition of designers throughout the world of today's modern, contemporary style of design. It seems to be the key word defining this style and the key element in its planning and execution by all designers. Minimal furniture, minimal decor, minimal everything. This ios one prediction that is easy to verify and is probably one of the ones all of us can agree on. 


This prediction is accurate


It seems all the predictions made at the end of last year were accurate for the most part. The modern and contemporary style seems to be growing and still going very strong. It has swallowed up previous designs and made them accent pieces within its own designs and has continued to dominate the design worldby proving it can change and remodel itself year after year. 


Hope all of you enjoyed the article and I would love to hear from you any comments and or opinions regarding this article.. 


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