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Finding The Right Help

This article is about being able to find help from others that have the ability to help you in the success of your business.
Written Mar 20, 2009, read 858 times since then.


When I say finding the right help I am not talking about employees. I am talking about finding the right people to help you start and grow your business.

Would you ask a Construction worker to help you peak and tweak your business plan, would you? No, absolutely not! You would ask for help from some one that has experience and a firm knowledge in the area that your asking for help in.

With that said no one can do it all, all by themselves. So when your stuck on the executive summary for your business plan or having a hard time getting the taxes done for your payroll, ask for help, the right help.

There is a real difference between asking just any one for help and asking the right person.

When you ar looking for help be sure to look at the credentials of those you are seeking help from.

One example of peoples willingness to help one another is an experience I have encountered recently. I sent an email to some one who is world renoun in the area I am looking for help in. He is worth millions and has done very well for himself in the business world.

Within 15 minutes after I sent him an email he had replied and informed me that he would see what he could do for me, but that he wouldnt make any promises.

Now I know that I could end up not getting any help but the fact that he said he would see what he could do says alot about people and their willingness to help.

You will find that most of the time as long as there is not a conflict of interest most of the time people are willing to help entrepreneurs in some way.

The fact is that in this economy people are more willing to help small businesses then ever because deep down we all know that its the only way we will get out of this economic crises.

There are alos a huge number of government agencies: local, state and federal as well as private orginazations that are out there specifically to help you as an entrepreneur.

Some of those include the SBA, SBDC, SCORE,, and many many more. And best of all is all the places I just mentioned offer their services for free. Now there are some that will have fees both large and small but wheather you use them or not is up to you.

With all of this in mind be sure to soak up as much knowedge as you can. Look for information pertnit to your business. Look for books, magazines, ezines, and a multitude of online information is available just to help you get your business up running smoothly.

It may not be the way you were looking for but you might just be surprised by how well thinking out side the box will work for you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully, Richard L. Bishop Jr.

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