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Getting your Name Out There

Want to be known in your field and your community? Want people to say"I have heard of you before!'
Written Mar 18, 2009, read 781 times since then.


From my experience and teachings, this is what I have learned about promoting yourself.

A "tag line" is very important to associate with your name. Such as "Your Life Time Realtor". Have a tag Line that sounds like it belongs to your name.

RIDERS, you need to have riders with your name on your properties you sell and list. Many agents in my area do not want the expense or are lazy about using them. its the cheapest advertising you can have! Use them to your advantage!

Have a WEBSITE. Its very important to have a updated website. Have all your listings, real estate tips, everything about you on your website. Don't have an "Ego Boosted Website". Short and to the point about you. Clients only think about themselves. They don't want to know about your first born! They want to know what you will do for them.

Join different SOCIAL NETWORKS on the web. The more the better. It tags you and brands you within the real estate buisness. Refferrals, potential sellers and buyers search for help on the networks. 89% of buyers and sellers search on the web. 13.3 hrs. a wk do their search at work. 85% do the searching at home.

BUISNESS CARDS. Brand yourself with your buisness card. Use your tag line under your name. Hand them out every where. Standing in a line, church, socialevents ect...

ADVERTISE in your community papers. paper advertisment is "old hat!" It doesn't have to be about a property you listed or a sale you had. Just put your face and name in the space. If people see your face every week in the paper. People will start to recognize you.

FARMING, a area is another good way to expose yourself. You have to do it 4 times a year , to get any results. Once will not do it. It doesn't have to be expensive. This is where your creativity comes in handy! Tips in the fall of the year, about storing your outside furniture, for example. Or even tips on getting ready for the winter season. Mortgage rates, how they are expected to be during the year. Anything you may think might interest a prospective home seller or buyer.

 MAILINGS. Send out a letter updating clients on the market in their area. Send out a post card that tells everyone you have sold or listed a property. When you write that letter or post card, to a past or current contact  write a sentence like this, "please send me an email and let me know how you are doing". this way you can capture email addresses too!

CALL your previous clients and ask for buisness. Everyone knows at least 3 people that are buying and selling. Thank them immediatly with a small gift. A gift card,flowers, anything that might be appropriate for that time of year. Again, be creative.

CREATIVITY, is a very interesting way to promote yourself. Look around at your fellow agents and see what you can do to stand out in the crowd!

Its hard work and motivation. The"Rich Don't Get Richer". They are motivated and focused......

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  • Home Inspector 
Buffalo, New York 
Keith Braun
    Posted by Keith Braun, Buffalo, New York | Mar 24, 2009

    Great tips Gail. It's important to note that these ideas are not specific to just the real estate field, but to a wide variety of business. I liked your thoughts on 'Mailing'. I send out post cards twice per year (at Daylight Savings Time) reminding folks to change the batteries in their smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. Thanks, Keith

  • Brand Consultant 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Ken Peters
    Posted by Ken Peters, Phoenix, Arizona | Mar 25, 2009


    You are correct... visibility equals vitality in business. You have to be branded and visible. And, you have to constantly nourish, and develop that brand.

    To your very last point (because it affects all of your points): creativity and imagination are the best means of gaining an unfair advantage over your competition.

    Hard work is important. But, your competition is working hard too. You have to be more creative than they are.

    Ken Peters | Nocturnal Graphic Design Studio