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Google Profiles – Create Yours and Be Found On Google

A Google profile allows your information to be easily found by other Google account users. Check out WHY you need to fill out your profile and be found by millions of people across the globe!
Written Jul 21, 2009, read 1383 times since then.


Google is one of the leading search engines on the Internet. You’ve probably searched on Google and have a Gmail account, but have you added your Google profile yet? Maybe you forgot that you even HAVE a Google account!

This is an online marketing secret that most companies overlook – it’s simple and easy to fill out your Google profile (and YOU will be easily found on Google!)

It pays to fill out your Google profile – another way to easily spread the word about your services and products to other Google account users.

Why You Need a Google Profile
If you don’t have a blog or website, then you REALLY need a Google profile so people can find you! If you DO have a blog or website, it’s another great marketing tool to cross-promote your company’s blog and website links.

If you have other business profiles on other social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, you can add those as well to your Google profile. You can also add photos and can manage privacy settings (you allow what other people can see on your profile).

Another added bonus is that you can receive messages on your Google profile from other Google account users (without sharing your email address).

One of the MOST important reasons to have a Google profile is to “save face” with potential customers and clients. You control YOUR information that is floating around cyberspace. By filling out specific information on your profile, you can preserve your reputation in the future.

For example, if you have a common name and a client searches by your name and finds a “John Smith” with a shady past you may be accidentally associated with the wrong John Smith.  Also, by adding your photo, people can verify that YOU are THE John Smith that they know (and not the shady one!)

How to Create Google Profiles
•    Before you create a Google profile (if you don’t have a Google account), you need to set up an account. After you sign up for a Google account, you are ready to set up your Google profile.

•    Fill out information in the “About Me” section. You can also add photos and other links to your websites, blogs, social networking sites, etc. in this section. Make sure to fill out your business bio in “A Little Personality” section. The more information you share, the more people will learn about you and your company!

•    Make sure to click on “Allow People to Contact Me (without showing my email address)” if you want to remain anonymous.

•    Click on the “Photos” tab and add photos to your profile. You have the option to choose from Picasa, Flickr or your other photo site accounts.

•    Click on “Contact Information” and add more personalized information. This is NOT public information. You specify what you want or don’t want to share with your contacts. You can also your birthday and add instant messaging account information.

•    You can also search for other Google profiles. Click on “Google Profiles Search” and type in the name of the person.

•    You can also link your Google profile page to your website, blog, email signature, forums, etc. – another way to promote your profile!

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Hsuan-Hua Chang, PCC, LMBA
    Posted by Hsuan-Hua Chang, PCC, LMBA, Seattle, Washington | Jul 22, 2009

    Thank you for the reminder. I started to fill out my google profile a while ago and didn't finish it. After reading your article, I went back into my profile, finished it and published it.

  • Camps, fundraising, training and education 
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Iliane Lorenz
    Posted by Iliane Lorenz, Pflugerville, Texas | Jul 23, 2009

    Hi Zeke, thanks for the article. Hadn't done that yet either!!!

    Just filled it out. Really appreciate your article.

    Iliane –
    Connect with your local horse community.
    Horses for Sale - Stables - Trainers - Vacations

  • Internet Marketing Expert / Entrepreneur 
Portland, Oregon 
Zeke Camusio
    Posted by Zeke Camusio, Portland, Oregon | Jul 23, 2009

    You're welcome!