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How many consumers are searching for you product or service each month?

This article shows how to find out how many people are searching for your services and what key words they are using in your industry.
Written Jul 18, 2009, read 2983 times since then.


This article shows you how to find out how many consumers are searching for your products or services and what key words they are using to do so.  You may be very surprised.  This service is provided by Google.  I feel the google Adwords Keyword tool is a fun and exciting way to find what consumers are really doing when they are searching online.  This knowledge can generate a massive amount of additional sales for your company each month.  Here's a few examples:


"Seattle Bike" 49.000 Searches on average per month in google locally in Seattle.

"San Diego Plumber" 4,400 local searches on average per month in google.

"Cheap Car Insurance New York" 2,900 searches on average per month in google.

"Denver Wedding Photographers" 2,400 searches on average per month in google.

"Chicago Bail Bonds" 1,300 searches on average per month in google.

"Michigan Janitorial Services" 590 Searches per month

"Ohio carpet cleaning" 3,600 searches per month

Now...Think about your's how to find out how many people are searching for you and what search phrases they are really using.  You may think you know but using the words you're familiar with inside of your industry may not be the way outsiders talk about your business.

For instance, there's a lot of people who get in a car accident, and they don't realize they need a personal injury attorney...instead they look for a car accident attorney. 

Is your website capturing these searchers?

Here's a link to a rough video I made explaining the benefit of Google's key word resource tool. It's short and shows you the importance of this virtually free service provided by google, and how it works.  I suggest watching it first. It's not awesome but it's very informative, and again I kept it brief and to the point.

In order to use the google keyword tool you need to have an active Adwords account.  I've left some detailed instructions on how to sign up for one.

1.) First you need a gmail account. Click here to get one. (FREE)

2.) Next you need to access google adwords.

3.) Go to

4.) Click the sign in button at the top right.

5.) Once you sign in click "My Account" in the top right at the google home page.

6.) Then go down to the try something new area and select google adwords.

7.) Now Click Start Now.

8.) Now select the dot stating "you already have an account."

9.) Also select that you would like to use your existing account.

10.) Login using your gmail account.

11.) Choose your currency (probably U.S.)

12.) I suggest watching the informational video available to the right showing the benefit of Adwords advertising that will be featured on the right of the screen.

13.) Setup your first campaign.

14.) Target your website, and set a very small budget.

15.) I do about $5.00 a month at $.05 a click.

16.) I just have it to access the keyword tool that google has available.

17.) Once you have this set my introductory video again to learn how to use it.

18.) Have fun learning how people are actually searching for you business, and whether or not they are finding you.

Let me know if this is helpfull.  This is definitely a tool you want to consult with when developing content for your website so you can increase you organic search rankings and raise you web presence.  Having a beautiful website is great but you want to make sure you are marketing to the consumers in a way say they are finding you when they are searching for the key words associated to you industry, and your idea of what they are might not be what they actually are. 



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