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How to Choose your Winning Community

 Whether you are a small company of one or a growing concern of many you want to attract a community of people that advocate your willingness to serve consistently, creatively and consciously. 

Written Jul 06, 2008, read 1297 times since then.


Whether you are a small company of one or a growing concern of many, you want to attract a community of people that advocate your willingness to serve consistently, creatively and consciously. Passion, confidence and grace will get you noticed and get the word spread about you and your business faster than the best spread rumor on the internet.

Every time I check my messages via the telephone or the internet I get excited to find out who might be knocking at my door. It is critical for me to consistently check in with my belief systems for every aspect of my business and decide who, when and what people are fitting in and how I can best serve them in the community that I am co-creating.

When you are passionate about what you do the doors will open to bring you the people who want to be in service to you. Your job is to stay present, consistent in your servitude and create an environment that evolves and promotes your best relationship.

When you are present your relationship will be one of trust and delight. You will attract the community of most diversity because you will have created an environment of trust. When you are consistent in your servitude you are providing a well known formula that always wins.

Imagine that every conversation or consultation you are in holds another pair of listening ears. Are you pleased with your ability to communicate? Be a better listener and find a way to communicate consistently. I have a series of acknowledgments and questions that I give to each new customer before my services begin. We agree on what our plan of action is before any action is taken. This way there is only room for excited anticipation and the agreed upon end result and satisfaction. I find that by building other people's confidence, I am a direct recipient of their grace, respect and admiration. My community expands with a positive and distinctive momentum and builds a legend of trust from within.

  • Identify what you can and cannot change for your customers
  • Communicate what you can change before you begin
  • Complete what you agreed upon 
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of serving

Defining your environment  on the inside and outside of your business will build your credibility and easily promote who you are and what you stand for. This is true with whom you decide you want to play with as your customers and with your business associates and vendors. The more you reinforce the perimeters and distinctions of your business the more you will attract the winning community that you are desiring. Push on the fabric of other people's businesses. What do you sense when doing so. Do you find there is a match in philosophy, communication and an important focus on creating a relationship of value? Have you heard the "word" about them the same way you are heard about with your customers? You want to hear the confirming message that they are the "one" to use and choose above and beyond anyone else.  We all know that relationships will change, businesses are bought and sold, and sometimes it is just time to move on. Reach for the courage to know the next opportunity will appear.

Like customers who are moving on, so can your choice of who you are doing business with. Don't stay in a relationship just because you have always been in it or because you allow fear to influence how you will replace that relationship. Remember that other set of pair of listening ears? Pretend there is a pair with you in your conversation with the company that you have been doing business with or about to do business with. If you sense something that doesn't sound right or leaves too much open air time chances are things may be about to change for better or worse. Do your homework and find out the answer. Remember everything changes in our lives but it is a lot more inspiring, enjoyable and profitable when you are playing with the community of winners!




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  • Executive Coach, Motivating Speaker, Leadership Team Specialist 
Olympia, Washington 
Tammy Redmon
    Posted by Tammy Redmon, Olympia, Washington | Jul 08, 2008

    Great article Jude!

    Your style of writing was captivating and the words you use were thought provoking. I absolutely agree with you that it is imperative to show up openly, expressing self and what is possible as you co-create with a new or existing client.

    I look at my network as an extension of me, I want evangelists on my side! Just the same I want people I can evangelize for! They are a part of your business, may as well attract and invite people to come play that you can align with your core and celebrate.

    I had a client experience where I learned this the rather hard way, it became increasingly difficult to work with them because of where they placed their value and mine. When it became absolutely clear what was going on, I knew I needed to make a change with them and invite myself out - the worst part was that I could no longer advocate and champion this client.

    That is sometime the hard truth about our network, people do come in and fall out. I just make it a point to show up authentic and true to my core values at every turn. That I can control as I attract my network around me.

  • real beauty expert 
Bellingham, Washington 
jude grimm
    Posted by jude grimm, Bellingham, Washington | Jul 15, 2008

    Thank you for your comments Tammy,

    I appreciate your insight and feedback. It is so important to review our intentions as they become direct attractions to our business.

    You are living proof of your own ideas!

  • Broker Associate/Realtor, residential real estate sales and puchasess 
Bellingham, Washington 
Reliable Robert Campbell
    Posted by Reliable Robert Campbell, Bellingham, Washington | Mar 01, 2009

    Straightforward and informative. A refresher on many points, but a worthwhile and interesting read, nonetheless. Looking forward to WOW on the 16th. But where?

  • real beauty expert 
Bellingham, Washington 
jude grimm
    Posted by jude grimm, Bellingham, Washington | Mar 01, 2009

    Thank you for your comments! The WOW event on the 16th is located at 1321 Railroad Ave. #200 Bellingham, Washington in our loft above Mallard Ice Cream. Looking forward to meeting you and other Bizniks!