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How to create a Social Media Marketing Plan.

When I first started looking for how to create a marketing plan using social media, I couldn’t one. So I decided to develop my own and I’m happy to share it with you. It's as easy as 1234!
Written Mar 19, 2012, read 4740 times since then.


How to create a Social Media Marketing Plan.

When I first started looking for how to create a marketing plan using social media, I couldn’t find anything. So I decided to develop my own and I’m happy to share it with you. I used it often now and I hope you find it helpful!

I’m very much a “graphics” person, and though I wasn’t able to insert the image here, hopefully a link the graphic will be allowed, as it is much easier when you can SEE it. I’ll walk you through the FOUR EASY STEPS (or flow boxes) in this article.

1. Desired Outcome. A great place to start. What is the goal of your social media campaign? Do you wish to raise money? Increase your member database? Increase awareness? Build Branding?

2. Identify your audience. Who are you talking to? Businesses or Individuals? Men, women, teens, seniors, donors, volunteers, customers? Before we can decide how to talk to them, we need to know who “they” are.

3. Review Channels. 93% of marketers use social media, however, there are a lot of social networks out there and you do NOT need them all. This is the most important step, which ones are best for your message and your audience? You may not need the explanation for all of these, but I’ll add a line or two as a guide. This list is always growing, so feel free to add to them. 

  • Web site* - this one seems beyond mentioning today, but you must remember this is your strongest piece. All channels should be driving traffic here. A landing page for your campaign offers a finish line where you can collect email addresses, collect donations, spread your message, whatever your desired goal is.
  • Facebook* - with the population that of the third largest country in the world, Facebook has moved into the “must” category. It is much more than just an individual page, but business pages, nonprofit causes, ads and more. You’ll find the Facebook ads can target your ad viewers in ways few other ads can. Imagine placing an ad that will only show up to women, aged 30-40, who live in Ohio and have an interest in kayaking?
  • Twitter – an extremely powerful tool to drive people to your landing page through the use of trend words. Often preceded with a “#” mark. The nice thing about Twitter is your reach of not limited to your followers, but rather anyone following or searching for a word you used in your tweet. Example: #vegan
  • Pinterest – the new kid on the block. Boards of eye candy. You’ll notice it has grown SO fast you see if popping up as the third sharing button right after FB and Twitter… you now see “Pin It!” buttons. It combines the “following” fun of Facebook with the openness (anyone can follow you) of Twitter.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn groups may serve your campaign well. Talk to people interested in your business and industries.
  • You Tube – Still the best way to share video, video, video and the 2nd largest search engine in the world!
  • Blogs – Articles, like the ones on Biznik, can be a powerful way to educate, collaborate and market. 
  • Four Square – is your business asking people to “check in” and offering specials if they do?
  • My Space – this network is mostly catered to the music industry these days
  • Flikr/Picasa – Photo Galleries
  • Yelp – the leader in review networks. 90% of customers trust peer recommendations only 15% trust advertisements. Do you like what your customers are saying about you?
  • Apps – There’s an app for that. But do you really NEED one?
  • Texting SMS – text COLA to 1234 to get 50% off. And in return they’ve just captured your phone number.
  • GroupOn – taking coupons to a whole new level and they reached $1 billion in sales faster than any country in history.
  • Email Marketing* - make result of those emails you’ve been collecting and talk to your database with the stats to see what is opened, what is clicked and what’s working. 
  • QR Codes – those goofy codes that let you use your iPhone as an air travel boarding pass, and much more. 
  • Meet Ups – a great tool for grassroots organizing. 
  • Games – Did you know Facebook makes the most of its money off of Zynga games? Never estimate the power of fun.
    There are 1.5 million real farmers and 80 million Farmville Farmers.

*Almost always needed

4. Measuring Success. Think up front how you will measure your campaign success. Traffic stats? Money raised? New members gained? Feedback? Be sure you get clean data on your campaign with a landing page with its own stats, a donation or signup page just for these campaign etc. To learn and improve, we do need to see if things work!


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    If I could just interject before the discussion on the article begins... we do allow for media rich content like images and video, slide decks, and that sort of thing at the ProVIP level.