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How-to Create More Qualified Leads While Saving Money

Remember the smell of money? Well, with the challenges in the economy, new pressure to generate hyper-qualified leads is giving business owners, like you and I, added cause to rethink our marketing initiatives…
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You probably know any number of ways or tactics to generate leads and no doubt many of which would produce high-value opportunities. Yet for most of us entrepreneurs, reaching our ideal client likely remains a crucial challenge.

And if we want to be around for, say the next couple of years, we need to use proven strategies that hit the mark in a big way.

A clear multimodal strategy that uses repetition and measurement is the answer. I know this might sound like a bunch of lead-generation jargon, (it is ;) but let's break it down so we can integrate it and create more qualified leads AND save cash while we’re at it.

Now I would like to help you experience why a multimodal strategy using repetition and measurement is important.  You know when you have a genius marketing idea and after implementing it you don't get the results you were expecting? This will take care of that by increasing your response rate potential, meaning that even more people will respond to your marketing over time because you are staying present in the marketplace. Have you ever noticed how it is always quite a bit easier when prospects actually know you as the expert? Well, clarifying your strategy and implementing this approach will increase audience awareness, your brand recognition, and your expert credibility.

The first step is implementing a multimodal strategy. That is official business talk for, "Use as many different marketing tactics as you can afford!"

Once you have identified your Most Energetically Aligned Ideal Client, the easiest way to make sure you are able to find and build relationships with them is to use marketing tactics OR channels that complement each other.

In a moment I will share with you a master list of tactics or marketing channels, and you will begin to notice the overwhelming amount of possibilities available. Information is only good if you can integrate it. So here are some really great questions you can ask yourself about your lead generation.

  • What am I already using?
  • What is already working?
  • What can I add that will work too?
  • How will I test these new channels?


List of Marketing Channels & Tactics:


  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Associations
  • Newsletters
  • Events

Phone Calls

  • Verify contacts
  • Develop relationships
  • Gain internal referrals
  • Uncover business needs
  • Newsletter signups
  • Invite to upcoming events
  • Re-engage past opportunities

Public Relations

  • Editorials
  • Public speaking
  • Press release
  • News Coverage
  • Article publishing
  • Book signing


  • One-to-one prospecting
  • Newsletter
  • New event notification
  • New blog post


  • Keyword optimization
  • Landing pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Podcasts
  • RSS Feeds

Online Marketing

  • Organic Search
  • Paid search
  • Newsletter sponsorships
  • Banners
  • Online directories


  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Networking
  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • Tradeshows
  • Direct Mail
  • Self mailer
  • Postcard
  • Personal letters


  • Venders
  • Clients
  • Consultants
  • Partners


The second step is to start measuring your results …OR just keep wasting your money

No game of any kind can exist without measuring results. Likewise, your marketing results must be measured against how many new opportunities to make sales they produce.

Allow yourself to imagine this hypothetical situation for a moment… It’s the end of the month, Quarter 1 and you are so overwhelmed, busy and behind so you don't even sit. You stand, pacing the floor evaluating your marketing results for the beginning of the year. You've got your bank statement in your hand; you see $2,500 going out, and $5,600 coming in. Because you are not measuring, and its how you have always done it, you take an educated guess once again. You say to yourself, "There's more money coming into the business than we lost, our marketing must be working!"

And this would be true if you were not doing ANY marketing to begin with OR if you only had one marketing initiative running that month.

In the words to follow I’m going to share another hypothetical situation… After checking in weekly to gather data from Google analytics, your various 800 numbers, and your pay-per-click campaign you sit down with a beverage of choice feeling great and relaxed for an afternoon of investing time into working on your business. You see clearly that your Pay-per-click campaign is performing the best, followed closely by your referral program. You also see as clear as day, the two channels that are costing you money; (you paid more than it brought you) your banner campaign and that direct mailer.

OF COURSE you see how operating from an aware and informed place just feels better. Not to mention if you were in this situation, you will be able to easily eliminate the two underperforming channels and increase your spend on the high performing channels. Simple right?

Face it, measurement requires willpower and know-how, and if you are lacking the knowledge of WHAT to do, OR If you are lacking in the personal power necessary to get the work done then you will not be creating the leads you want and you will be wasting cash.

You’ve probably heard that a lack of qualified business experience and poor personal performance (i.e. getting stuff done) are two of the top reasons why entrepreneurs fail at being profitable in their business ventures.

As time passes by and you realize you do not want to fail but you are having challenges getting the new clients and creating the income you desire AND your marketing is not built on a multimodal strategy. Then take the time to work ON your marketing strategy. Refer to the above list and figure out what other channels or tactics you can afford that will fit your style, and get you in front of your most ideal client.

As a result of what I’m telling you right now, you might want to know how to better measure your marketing results so that you can actually calculate your ROI for your marketing dollar. In order to find a lead generation specialist or consultant to help you, take a look at biznik or try a Google search. You owe it to yourself to work on your business.

As you think about your business you might have a rough idea of what you need to do, but in the past you have had trouble with implementation and getting things done. For example, you know that picking up the phone and calling all of your first time clients of the past month would bring you easily a handful of qualified referrals and some juicy testimonials, BUT you still don't make the time to do it... If this sounds familiar, then you are having productivity challenges and you will want to seek a productivity expert, preferably one with marketing and sales strategy know-how. Someone who can help save you time and rightfully save you money by holding you accountable and teaching you powerful strategies that the top performing and profitable entrepreneurs use every day to run their business powerfully. I can help, and many others can too. Look around, ask around, but don’t remain inactive. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your future clients.


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  • Biz Coach and Passionista Expert 
Ormond Beach, Florida 
Ali  Rodriguez
    Posted by Ali Rodriguez, Ormond Beach, Florida | Mar 02, 2011

    Three Thumbs UP!!!

  • Ignore the map, it doesn't work! 
Everett, Washington 
Dennis Dilday, D.C.
    Posted by Dennis Dilday, D.C., Everett, Washington | Mar 04, 2011

    Nice article Jason. Knowing about all of that is great; how to simultaneously measure all those variables in a simple and easy way would be nicer.

    It always seems to be about leveraging time for the really high ROI activities.... how to know?

    You have an effective way of writing.

  • QuickBooks And Xero Outsourced Contractors Bookkeeping Services 
Lynnwood, Washington 
Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA
    Posted by Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA, Lynnwood, Washington | Mar 04, 2011


    Your approach to marketing and measuring results is on target which makes your article a "10".

    Warm Regards,


  • Marketing and Sales Coach for Holistic Healers 
Los Angeles, California 
Jason Brett
    Posted by Jason Brett, Los Angeles, California | Mar 05, 2011

    I'm truly grateful for the positive feedback.

    @Ali- Thank you and blessings

    @Dennis- Thank you for the thought. You are right, the 'game' of marketing is really about choosing those activities that you KNOW will hit the mark, and so testing to know is the whole game. And thank you for your kind word regarding my writing style. Your ideas about how-to measure marketing channels is coming up soon in a new article. Would you be open to giving me some feedback and data so I can make it better?

    @Randal- Thanks for the request, I'm excited and grateful to get connected. And thanks for the 10!

    If anyone has any more thoughts or desires please feel free to post them here in a comment.


  • marketing coach & consultant 
Mountlake Terrace, Washington 
Barbara Breckenfeld
    Posted by Barbara Breckenfeld, Mountlake Terrace, Washington | Mar 24, 2011

    Jason - I appreciate your passion and generosity in sharing so much marketing theory and information. To be honest, it's too much to read, digest, and integrate all at once, and I'm a marketer too!

    My experience has been that when I talk about my profession (marketing) in plain English, it becomes more accessible to those who want to do their profession rather than get educated about marketing.

    That actually took me some time to figure out (very humbling) because I am always telling the professionals I work with that they have to talk to their prospective clients in ways that they'll understand and NOT to use professional jargon.

    But I was still using my professional jargon and not realizing it. Doesn't everybody want to know about marketing?? :)

    With appreciation for your energy and commitment to sharing what you know with the Biznik community.