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How To Merge Two Twitter Accounts

I found that I had no need for two Twitter accounts. However, I didn't want to simply delete one of them and forfeit the assets I had earned. This is how I went about merging those two accounts into one.
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How To Merge Two Twitter Accounts


What Happens When You Change Your Twitter Username?

Twitter allows you to change your username. Do this under account settings. Twitter allows you to keep all of your Twitter assets like direct messages, lists, list where you are listed, followers, etc. Keep in mind that your url will change to reflect the new username.

How Do I Use The Change Of A Username To Merge Twitter Accounts?

I recently found that I wanted to combine two twitter accounts. One account was more active due to the recent path of my business activities. The other account had over a 1000 followers and was on 45 lists. One account catered to my freelance work and the other to my action sport production. The goal was to make one account that served both goals and contained all the compiled lists I’d created, had the followers I had amassed, and maintain placement on other Tweeter’s lists. (I call these my Twitter assets.)

In order to understand what I accomplished, you have to know a little about how Twitter accounts are set up:

There are three ways a Twitter account is referenced or listed with Twitter.
1) There is your email. You can only have one account per email.
2) Your username. This is the name behind the @ sign. This can be your name, or some unique identifier. Remember, there can only be one account per username on Twitter. Your URL is determined by your username.
3) Your real name. Or, how you want people to know you on Twitter. Say you can’t get a username that represents your real name. You’ll have to do one of those strange combinations for your username. The real name option allows you to put your name on your profile, so people are sure it is you with whom they are engaging.

Now let’s merge those accounts.

The account I was abandoning had the Username I wanted to keep @MarkBrent. The account I was migrating all my Twitter assets to (lists, follows, listed, etc.) was @AwesomeLand. It is important here to remember Twitter attaches your lists and other assets to your account not the username alone. So when you change your username you keep these assets. I wanted @AwesomeLand to be @MarkBrent. I did the following in this order:
1) I changed the original @MarkBrent to @Markbrent2. This freed up @MarkBrent in the Twitter databases.
2) I changed the contact email for the original @MarkBrent to something available.
3) I changed @AwesomeLand to @MarkBrent. Remember I had just freed this username up. I then changed this account’s contact email to what I wanted it to be.
4) Now I was free to make the new @MarkBrent reflect both of my production efforts. I started with making my new real name Awesome Land. So, my Twitter account now reads Awesome Land @MarkBrent
5) I kept the follower page, the lists, etc for the old @MarkBrent now @MarkBrent2 open and while logged into the new @MarkBrent I simply followed or added each person to the appropriate list on the new @MarkBrent. This completed the merge.
6) Finally, I changed my profile bio to reflect the combined focus of this merged Twitter account.

NOTE FROM TWITTER: Changing your user name will not affect your existing followers, direct messages, or @replies. They will simply see a new user name next to your picture when you update. It is advisable to send out an update to your followers before you change your user name, because any replies or messages sent to your old user name will not be associated with your account once you’ve changed to your new user name. Reference page

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