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How to safely hire new employees

Hiring the wrong personnel is expensive and wasteful to a business's resources-read on for the secret.
Written Apr 23, 2009, read 1122 times since then.


After one has et up the business physical plant with all the attendant furniture and other items needed to produce and of course has all the legal obligations fulfilled, one needs employees-workers and execs.

There are a lot of advices out there on how to do this including a myriad of tests that one could administer in conjunction with the usual interview.

Determining the qualifications based on looks or their communication skills is only valid where those criteria are part and parcel to the job you are hiring for ie a receptionist. Otherwise do not use them. Further ones personality may not be a factor either for I have known some truly objectionable ones who were very competent indeed at6 what they were hired to do-I just never made social friends with them. The rule is if they can produce and do not cause more damage than they produce, keep them.

After you have screened down the prospects to those few that you believe are the best fit and are ready to choose-use this criteria: (make sure that you have firstly had them fill out an employment application that has a sufficient number of legal questions that you can ask them) what you want in an employee, what it all boils down to is an honest one. You want to be able to trust the person to follow company policy and to routinely do what he will be trained to do and not steal or disrupt the company through any dishonesties right? Right. So, all you have to do is verify the data they have given you on that application. ANY falseness found would immediately out that person-thats the simplicity of it-works like a hot bomb.

Of course there are no absolutes in the world so you may miss on this a time or two, but you should be way more successful that you have in the past before using this little trick

The only mistake you can make is to be reasonable about something the applicant "lied" about on the application-because that is what they have done despite signing at the bottom of that application that they have not done so.

A few other tips: Schedule applicants to call in for an appointment on an off production time so as not to disrupt the organization too much. Just get applications filled out on their first visit. That will also give you an idea of what they are about when you first see them and talk to them. That will also occur when they call in and be valuable to you if you take the call. If you do not hire them, be courteous and let them know that you have hired another and would they want you to keep their application on file.

Although some jobs require skills that cannot be taught within the business as a hygienist, most non-technical jobs can be taught within the organization and are the best way to do it. In this case you can make the employee the way you them to be. Just make sure your manuals are up to date and broken down into easily assimilated sections that require apprenticeship. If you don't know how to do this email me.

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