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How to use different media to make yourself more visible

One of the challenges that faces any business is how to raise its visibility enough to attract and keep client interest. One way to address this challenge is to creatively market yourself across multiple forms of media.
Written Sep 19, 2008, read 3136 times since then.


One of the challenges that faces any business is how to raise its visibility enough to attract and keep client interest. One way to address this challenge is to look at how you can creatively market yourself across multiple forms of media. As a writer and coach, I have found that by marketing my products and work across multiple forms of media I can raise my visibility and attract more potential clients, while also keeping my current clients informed about what I can offer them.

In an article posted earlier Christian Messer told us about how Twitter can be used to not only notify people who are following you of what you are doing, but also of other developments, including what you are doing with your business. Twitter is one approach you can use to raise your visibility, but there are also other approaches that can be just as useful.

Do a Radio Show

Blogtalk Radio lets you host a radio show from your own home without even having podcast equipment. All you need is a computer and a phone. You can even let listeners call in and participate in the call, which can be helpful if you're interviewing someone or if you want to generate some discussion. I've used my radio show so far to interview Laura Sherman, the Chess Coach and to speak about coaching and how it works. A radio show can be useful way to reach out and connect with other people, not only in the local area, but all over the world.

Even if you don't want to host a radio show, it's worth your time to find radio shows where you can be interviewed by someone for something you like doing. Every time I've been interviewed on the radio, I've always noticed that book sales jump up just a bit and that's likely because of the radio show. Another benefit of radio is that it provides listener's an additional point of contact with you, through your voice.

Write an Article

Writing articles can also be helpful for raising your visibility (which might explain why I'm writing this one). Don't limit your writing to one or two sites. Branch out as much as possible. Write an article with helpful tips, or information about a tool other people can use. If possible, include your email or web address so people can contact you. And if you are contacted, make the time to respond, even if it's just a simple thank you. That response email is another point of contact and another way to keep you visible to that person.

You can also write blog posts. The difference between writing a blog post and an article is that the article may reach more people initially than a blog post would. However blog posts can be handy because they let people learn a bit more about you and your interests as well as what you're offering to them. Make sure you use tags, and don't limit your tags to just one word. Use phrases from what you wrote. Also make sure you include your name in the tags. 

Teach Online Classes

Last week, I put together my first series of online classes for the American Learning Center. Online schools are increasingly becoming popular and it can be worth your time to write up a few lessons and get them uploaded to a site where you can teach online. Not only is teaching online a great way to connect with other people, beyond writing up the lesson it doesn't involve much participation from you, which can make it a passive form of marketing as well passive income. 

When you write up your lessons, don't forget to include contact information for yourself as well as your website. I usually do a footer and a header with my name, my email, and website. This way the student taking the lesson not only gets to take the lesson, but also knows who put the lesson together and can find out more about me, if interested.


These are just three different ways to reach out to your potential clients while also continuing to educate and retain your current clients. There are plenty of other ways you can also market yourself, but be selective about it. You do only have so much time, so make the time count and don't spread your efforts too thin. At the same time, remember to explore new methods for marketing yourself, because you never know how much they could help you. Just today I started up my twitter account, because of reading Christian Messer's article about Twitter and its uses.

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  • Energetic Speaking Coach for Entrepreneurs & NPOs 
Bellevue, Washington 
Pamela Ziemann
    Posted by Pamela Ziemann, Bellevue, Washington | Sep 19, 2008

    Thanks Taylor, I've found that they all end up supporting each other. What we learn from doing radio interviews gives us more information for the online classes, etc. Every time I teach a seminar I get more content for my book. Now... time to dive into Twitter!

    Thanks for your resources.


  • Realtor 
Portland, Oregon 
Lindsay Littlejohn
    Posted by Lindsay Littlejohn, Portland, Oregon | Sep 19, 2008

    Hi Taylor,

    Great article! I'll see you on Wednesday at our weekly networking group. Have a great weekend.


  • Holistic Business Coach 
Portland, Oregon 
Taylor Ellwood
    Posted by Taylor Ellwood, Portland, Oregon | Sep 19, 2008

    Hi Pamela,

    It is very true...all those activities fit together and support each other. I'm curious about your book...what is it you are writing about?

  • Owner/Designer 
Portland, Oregon 
Christian Messer
    Posted by Christian Messer, Portland, Oregon | Sep 19, 2008

    Thank you Taylor -the article's great! And thank you for the mention and reference!

    I would have never thought of radio - very interesting and exciting. I would add that there is a site called UStream that allows you to stream live video, if you have a camera. Thanks again - and now my marketing work load has begun to pile higher.

  • Low Cost High Quality TV Commercials and Video Production 
Kent, Washington 
Doug  Basler
    Posted by Doug Basler, Kent, Washington | Sep 19, 2008

    Good article and great ideas. Something I always like to say is"Everything counts!" No effort is ever wasted so what are you waiting for? get the word out!

    I also help small businesses get on TV and most folks are surprised to find out they can get on PRIMETIME for as little as $6 per spot. Checkout my website for details.

  • Holistic Business Coach 
Portland, Oregon 
Taylor Ellwood
    Posted by Taylor Ellwood, Portland, Oregon | Sep 20, 2008

    Hi Christian,

    Thank you! Your article inspired me.


    Yep TV is another way to reach out and connect with people.

  • Ecommerce, Marketing, Media 
Redmond, Washington Inc.
    Posted by Inc., Redmond, Washington | Jul 20, 2009

    Great article and ideas! Video is another groundbreaking strategy. It doesn't have to cost a bunch to do correctly, it's great visual marketing and helps with vertical search exposure and visibility. Look forward to reading more of your ideas in future articles. Thanks for sharing.

    Visible Marketing @