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January is National Thank You Month

This group of "thank you" tips and ideas was written for Realtors and lenders but there may be ideas in here for other organizations as well. How do you let your clients know you appreciate them?
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January is national thank you month:

We recently surveyed several top producing agents and when we asked what they were doing to stay successful in one of the most challenging times our industry has ever seen, they responded that working a referral program and their sphere is a number one priority.    There is no better way to generate referrals than a.)  doing a good job and b.)  thanking your client in a meaningful way. 

One of the most important tricks to providing a meaningful thank you gift is to really listen to your client.  Everyone will be different and you should match the gift you give to the person and their needs.

January is National Thank You Month but saying thank you is something that should happen every month of the year.  We've compiled a short list of resources for client closing gifts.  There are a million ideas out there... which one will you put to work to build those relationships and referrals?

  •   Lowe's Realtor Benefits Program - get a discount on gift cards    Lowe's Realtor Benefits Program
  •  Economic Stimulus - network with your local area business to put a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift pack together loaded with coupons, samples and gift cards provided by local area merchants. 
  •  Find a local house cleaning company that you trust and provide a gift certificate for one free house cleaning.  Negotiate a deal with the house cleaning company because you are a great source of referrals for them. 
  •  Provide some nourishment during a stressful time...  Take a deli platter or pizza to moving day and lift a few boxes!  Or partner up with a local bakery and provide a tray of treats just after moving day.
  •  Give a gift that keeps giving (and reminding them of you) with's Dinner of the Month Club.  You can have $25 gift certificates delivered to your client's e-mail for 3 consecutive months for only $30.     Dinner of the Month Club
  •  Create customized change of address cards on VistaPrint for your client and hand deliver them.  Put a referral message on them to direct your client's sphere back to you!   VistaPrint
  •  My Davinci - convert your photo of the house into a hand drawn sketch on fine art paper for only $49.95.  Don't forget to put your business card on the back of the frame!   MyDavinci House Sketches
  •  Personalized door mat for only $19.95   Personalized Doormats
  •  Over a thousand gift ideas ranging from cheesy to elegant   Over a Thousand Housewarming Gift Ideas
  •  Lillian Vernon - Personalize just about anything, great pricing and service   Lillian Vernon
  •  Celebration Gift Baskets - Real Estate Specific   Celebration Gift Baskets
  •  My Gift Basket Ideas - Housewarming   My Gift Basket Ideas
  •  At a loss for words?  Try the "Thank you for your business" book.  A collection of stories, quotes, and encouragement to say thank you.  Find it on
  •   Miniature thank you "window cards" are a unique and inexpensive way to say thank you frequently.  Compendium also has a great collection of other inspiring gifts, books, & cards.    Compendium


To our loyal clients:

You have made a difference in our business. 

THANK YOU for your confidence in us. 

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