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Marketing is NOT a Dirty Word, Part 2

Looking for ways to expand your exposure and get more business? These simple tips can increase your reach and result in more clients and more money.
Written May 13, 2009, read 511 times since then.


In the first part of this series, I talked about some no-cost and low-cost tactics medical communicators--or anyone, for that matter--can use to establish and grow their businesses. I'd like to continue that discussion and offer a few more simple strategies to consider that could bring you more work.

  • Email Signature:  If you're like me, you probably send a dozen or more emails daily. Why not make your email signature work for you? Automate your email software to include not just your name and credentials, but URLs to your website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, and other sites where you can funnel prospective clients to show them your skills and experience.

    To personalize your email signature in Microsoft© Outlook©, click on Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures, Email Signature. Now you have an opportunity to design an automated signature that will appear in your outgoing email.
  • Article Syndication:  This strategy is another way to engage prospective clients by highlighting your areas of expertise through 500-word to 2000-word articles that are distributed to ezine or newsletter publishers, bloggers, and anyone looking for free online or offline content. Write about something new and exciting you think prospective clients will find interesting, or recycle content from your blog or website.

    Here's an example: Did you just work on a scientific project that included a discussion of the rising incidence of multidrug-resistant bacteria? Take what you learned and turn it into a piece for consumers. This could be particularly helpful if you want to demonstrate your skills at writing for a patient and consumer audience. Several sites allow writers to submit articles for free, or for a minimal charge. Check out,, and, to name a few. By setting up an account at these sites, you allow them to distribute your articles freely to other sites. You receive no remuneration, but your byline and website URL could appear on hundreds of sites where future clients can learn more about you.
  • Facebook:  If you think the social network Facebook is just for college students and their connections, you may want to reconsider. According to Nielsen Online data, during 2008 the biggest growth in visitors to "Member Community" web sites around the world was among those in the 35- to 49-year-old age group, with Facebook being the most popular. Facebook allows users to create "Pages" or "Profiles." Pages are designed to promote businesses, whereas Profiles are where you put more personal information, if you're so inclined. You can also link your Facebook page or profile with Twitter so that selective Tweets appear on your Facebook page. Visit this site for more information about the growing popularity of Facebook among more mature users:
  • Biznik:  Another social networking site for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Biznik's tagline is "Business networking that doesn't suck." Biznik seems to be wildly popular on the West Coast, and its popularity continues to grow. Between January and March 2009, Biznik added new members at more than twice the rate of 2008. Similar to LinkedIn in that you create a profile, then connect and have online discussions with other members, Biznik offers the added capability of publishing articles and adding a video component within your profile. You can also increase your visibility by hosting a virtual or face-to-face networking or educational event. Basic membership is free; active membership costs $10 monthly; supporting membership runs $24 a month. Learn more about it at

These are just a few additional strategies to consider, along with traditional marketing tools such as business cards and portfolios, that can increase your reach and lead to more business.

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