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Mileage Tracking on Android

While searching for a way to track mileage for my business, I found this app for my Android. It seems to meet all of my needs.
Written Aug 15, 2011, read 3335 times since then.


As an Entrepreneur, we are responsible to know what and how to track our business information for tax purposes.  And there is just a ton of things that need to be tracked throughout the year.  One of them that has always been a little bit of a struggle for me is mileage.  Sometimes I drive over 100 miles a day to work with clients and mileage is a tax write-off that I want to track accurately.  So, I decided to take action this weekend.

There are a lot of reasons that we need to track our daily mileage.  Whether you are a business owner, work for a company that requires you to travel or track mileage for medical reasons; having an accurate way to track mileage is necessary.

Keeping a log in the car - a great idea ( if you remember to enter in the information); pulling addresses works from mapquest works well - but requires a ton of time to maintain (printing out all that information just doesn't seem like a good use of my time and money in ink and paper).  I felt as if there had to be another answer.

I'm just a little behind the times, my Android phone is just a few months old.  But this weekend, I set aside some time from laying out this week's projects abd I decided to find out how I could track my mileage via my cell phone.  The habit of tracking my mileage needed to change.  I needed to use a system that was quick, easy and friendly - I didn't have a ton of time to sit and learn a new program, not right now.  So, I began my search and within a short period of time - about an hour - I found my answer. 

My mileage tracking system needed to be user friendly, and allow me to print out monthly spreadsheets that I can use to hand in to my accountant.  I decided on Mileage Tracker for only $1.99.  With this system I can easily enter in my odometer reading.

Some of the features that sold me on the product were:  it tracks the US IRA Standard Rates for mileage; I can enter in more than one vehicle information - if needed; I can email monthly reports to my computer; I can pull up a variety of reports and it will save my information without my phone being on.  While I'm not typically a "gadget" person, this seems to be a great answer to my mileage-tracking needs.

With the restrictions getting tighter and tighter for business owners, it is necessary for us to have a system that we can consistently track mileage accurately.  This is one of the areas that we typically under-estimate for our taxes..because you don't want to over-estimate, right! 

The mileage-tracker program seems to be the uncomplicated answer for those of us who are not "gadget" needy and for only $1.99 I figure what did I have to lose!  I'll keep you updated on how it is going and you can check it out for yourself @

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Linda Clevenger

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  • Author, Speaker and Business & Marketing Coach 
Cary, Illinois 
Victoria Cook
    Posted by Victoria Cook, Cary, Illinois | Aug 15, 2011

    Great article. Love the idea of a way to track mileage via my phone. I too track mileage via a spreadsheet and will check this app out!

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Seattle, Washington 
Keith  Gormezano
    Posted by Keith Gormezano, Seattle, Washington | Aug 16, 2011

    I recently had one of my clients that I helped set up their company in QuickBooks and train them how to use the software ask me about how they should track their mileage since they are on the road a lot.

    Since they use an Android phone, I will pass this information along. As for myself, I find using a spreadsheet works fine and I then have my S corporation reimburse me at the end of the month.

    There are also a few apps on the iPhone market. Does anyone who has one have any favorites?

  • Seattle area Memorial/Funeral Officiant  
Seattle, Washington 
Diane Dyer
    Posted by Diane Dyer, Seattle, Washington | Aug 17, 2011

    Wonderful info! Thank you (as I realize that once again I forgot to track my mileage in my little book for last night's business event).

  • Owner 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Linda Clevenger
    Posted by Linda Clevenger, Fredericksburg, Virginia | Aug 17, 2011

    Thank you for your comments. I have been travelling every day to meet clients this week and it has made mileage tracking SO easy. It literally takes seconds for me to do an update and it feels so good to have it documented with ease.

    Let me know how it is going for you all!

    Organization Direct - Don't Agonize - Organize

  • Website Design/Dev & SEO 
Tacoma, Washington 
Matthew Fleming
    Posted by Matthew Fleming, Tacoma, Washington | Aug 18, 2011

    Nice find!

  • Certified Bookkeeper, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Owner 
Stanwood, Washington 
Tina Gosnold, CB
    Posted by Tina Gosnold, CB, Stanwood, Washington | Aug 18, 2011

    Hi Linda,

    When I changed my cell from a Palm Pre to an Android, I searched for a new app to track mileage.

    I tried Mileage Tracker, but ended up keeping aCar, because it is a bit more robust. It also tracks fill-ups, expenses, and maintenance records.

    If that is over-kill for your needs, Mileage Tracker is simple and straight forward, but I do recommend trying aCar.

    Tina Set Free Bookkeeping, Stanwood, WA

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Bothell, Washington 
Steve Porter
    Posted by Steve Porter, Bothell, Washington | Aug 18, 2011


    All you iPhone users out there:

    Mileage Tracker is also available for iPhone through the App Store.

    There's also a more full-featured business expense version called Xpense Tracker if you need to keep track of more than just your mileage. It can sync with other devices, create backup files or reports to be imported into QuickBooks or whatever.

  • Owner 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Linda Clevenger
    Posted by Linda Clevenger, Fredericksburg, Virginia | Aug 20, 2011

    Thanks Steve! It's so important that we track! I like to use a system that is simple and easy and sometimes they are hard to find. I'm really enjoying the mileage tracker.