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Mission Statement & Vision Statement Definition and Purpose

A Mission Statement captures the uniqueness of your company and guides your quality and service. A Vision Statement defines what your business will do and why it will exist tomorrow. Do you have time to define yours on your own?
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What is a Mission Statement definition and Marketing Value?

A Mission Statement is defined as an announcement of what your business does today and why it exists. Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting see company Mission Statements as strategic marketing and business development tools that add value because they define your products / services, goals and culture to your employees, suppliers, customers, vendors, and the media. A Mission Statement captures the uniqueness of your company and acts as a base line for quality, service and your marketing messages.

What business wouldn’t want that kind of barometer?

Many people ask “What is a Mission Statement vs. a "Vision Statement”? They are cousins but not the same. A Mission Statement is a snapshot of what your business is today – a vision statement is a snapshot of what you want your business to be tomorrow.

Do I need a Mission Statement? What’s the value of a Mission Statement?

Yes, Bruce Mayhew Consulting recommends all businesses should develop a Mission Statement.

Because your company objectives are clearly spelled out, a company Mission Statement will be a guide for you and your employees and help make critical decisions that effect the direction of your company. It will help bring focus and meaning to your organization. A Mission Statement will also help align your business activities to your company goals and values as well as provide a framework for your marketing messages.

Creating a Mission Statement is not easy work, but because it is so important it is recommended you have a coach or mentor work with you.

How do I write a Mission Statement?

Establish your expectations and timelines first.

Defining a company Mission Statement is a complex process. The process of defining a Mission Statement takes time, patience, guidance, research, a little sole searching and lots of honesty.

Whatever your expectations are with respect to your timelines, we suggest you double them. By providing yourself extra time, you and your team “permission and ability” to fully explore ideas and possibilities that present themselves. Ideas and possibilities you may never have considered will arise – we are sure of it, and best of all, they are likely to become what differentiates your business in your market.

Now, What is the definition of a Vision Statement?

A Vision Statement defines what your business will do and why it will exist tomorrow and it has defined goals to be accomplished by a set date. A Vision Statement takes into account the current status of the organization, and serves to point the direction of where the organization wishes to go.

Your Vision Statement is a marketing tool and a business development tool because it announces your company’s goals and purpose to your employees, suppliers, customers, vendors, and the media.

Do I need a Vision Statement? What’s the value of a Vision Statement?

Yes, all businesses need a Vision Statement.

In concert with your Mission Statement, your Vision Statement will help you define the future success for your business and what your business hopes to become.

Your goals will be identified by measuring the gap between where you are today (your Mission Statement), and where you want to be tomorrow (your Vision Statement), and then defining strategies (goals) to close that gap. When you’ve achieved your goal, it’s time to revisit your Vision Statement and begin setting new goals.

Your Vision Statement must inspire and motivate staff, instill confidence, and represent your business by articulating a common vision of the future.

For these reasons, a vision statement is essential for any small business.

How do I write a Vision Statement?

If you have already created your Mission Statement, then creating your Vision Statement will not be as much work; it is likely that many elements of your Vision Statement will have been uncovered. That said your Vision Statement will still require time, patience, guidance, research, a little sole searching and lots of honesty – just like your Mission Statement required.

Because it is so important it is recommended you have a coach or mentor work with you.

Vision Statements and Mission Statements should clearly and concisely convey the direction of the organization.


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