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My First Year in Biznik: How Do You Measure a Year?

A look at "before Biznik" and "after Biznik" - the difference a year of intensive involvement in a networking community can make.
Written Sep 11, 2009, read 4042 times since then.


In his song immortalized in the musical Rent, Jonathan Larsen asks, “How do you measure a year?”

”In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.
In 525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life?"

(Seasons of Love, Jonathan Larsen - click song title for video of movie version)

I watched a film of the final Broadway performance of Rent last week, and the cast sings this song immediately following the intermission. Facing the audience side by side, there’s no movement, dancing, or drama accompanying the song.  The action breaks while the cast ponders in song the meaning and value of a year.

Perhaps not coincidentally, I noticed last week that I had completed my first year in Biznik. So I took my own intermission; a short break in the action to step back and ponder how I might "measure" my first year in Biznik.


Measured in people, 220 people joined my personal network. Of these people, over 80% were brand new contacts, and most of them I “know” on some level, at least through a conversation at an event or through Biztalk.  (I.e., they’re not like random Twitter followers.) Many, I met at one of the 54 events I attended.

This year I also created three “Groups,” which now have 441 members (with overlap).  Although under-utilized, I’m starting to see some great connections there, too. 

Seattle music producer Loren Weisman met me through Biznik and now holds events linking those in the Seattle Musicians and Performers group with others in the music community at large.  A woman posted an opportunity for “Seattle Cold Readers,” (actors reading scripts for an audience) in the same group, I messaged it out, and the next week another group member (who didn’t even know the first gal) was inspired to audition – and was cast!


The week I joined Biznik, I read dozens of articles full of helpful ideas and useful strategies. In the past months, many inspiring and insightful entrepreneurs have taught me through their events, articles, and mentoring. They’ve made a difference through their wisdom and by being role models.  A few I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Others I’ve been able to refer and recommend.


Measured in clients, over half of my new clients this year came from my Biznik community, either directly or indirectly!  Some were members, some were introduced to me by members.  Some discovered me through an article or other Biznik link.  Some met me at events I hosted or attended.  One found me in a group.  Another I had known years ago, but Biznik provided our reconnection.


Measured in articles, I've written nine of them (this one included), and have outlines or drafts for more. Measured in views, those articles have been seen a combined total of over 10,650 times! Measured in comments, the articles have received about 300 comments total, with "Why Entrepreneurs Rule the World" receiving over 100 comments alone.

What has been immeasurable to me is the value of the personal comments, feedback, visibility, and the kick in the pants to write articles worthy of people’s time. Simply put, I've become a better writer. And like little ambassadors, my articles have gone out into the world and brought back inquiries, appointments, and best of all, friends.

Blog Traffic.

Thirteen months ago, only my mother and two best friends were reading my new blog. As I tracked my blog traffic over the next months, I couldn’t help but notice that on most days, Biznik had become my main source of traffic.  If I had a featured article, I could get many dozens of new “hits” to my blog in one day.  (That clickable link at the bottom of a VIP profile is magic… but only if you are participating!)

Online Visibility and Press.

Thanks to Biznik, Google can’t miss me now.  I discovered one article alone had aquired over 30 URL’s through Tweets and blog mentions. And my Biznik profile gets 50 -100 or more "hits" every week!

With the increased web presence, I’ve had press opportunities sometimes dropping from the sky. Reporters don’t seem to know how they found me (“my boss saw you online and asked me to check you out”). Newsweek called to get a quote for an article (“THE Newsweek!?” I asked). Daily Candy ran a feature online, which then led to an interview on KIRO/KONG news (NBC affiliate).

Other opportunities are directly traceable to Biznik. Tara Joyce from Toronto featured me in her Rise of the Innerpreneur blog. Biznik articles have been reprinted online by Mark Combs in Florida and a publisher in India, and I've received invitations to write articles for other websites.

All that buzz (and more) from a computer keyboard, a website on free software, and my $24 a month Biznik membership! 


From invitations to sing (I’m a musician as well as a coach) to collaborations with event co-hosts and new business partners, the folks I meet on Biznik present an abundance of opportunities, to the point where I honestly can’t say yes to everything!

I’ve belonged to “business networking organizations” before, but Biznik is more of a business playground! And now that I know my way around the playground, so to speak, I’ve been able to coach others how to play strategically.


I hosted 22 workshops or events my first year and learned a lot in the trenches about what works and what doesn’t. What moves people, bores them, inspires them to want more or to leave early. I gained invaluable skills and experience speaking and facilitating, thanks to Bizniks who have participated and given thoughtful feedback. Biznik has made me a better trainer, speaker and presenter.

I've also honed curriculum for new classes and have found the "testing ground" of Biznik members a valuable tool. Best yet, while I'm practicing, I'm also connecting, contributing, and - as a side benefit - marketing!

A Chance to Shine.

When I joined Biznik in August of 2008, it was a scary time in my business.  I had transitioned from real estate to full-time coaching, and my resources were shrinking with the market while my business was still getting off the runway. I was losing speed just when I needed to build it.

I belonged to a weekly networking group that I loved, but it wasn’t monetizing.  And aside from that hour each week, I felt isolated, discouraged, maybe even a bit depressed. I had gone so far as to send an email to friends saying that maybe it was time to (“gasp!”) get a job. Then, I joined Biznik and decided to "get busy."  

Eight months later, I had a chance to have coffee with Biznik co-founder Lara Feltin. Trying to describe what Biznik had done for me and my business, I found the word:


Biznik gave me and my business the momentum I needed.

It wasn't a magic bullet that changed my business overnight. Biznik simply gave me a toolset that, when used strategically, helped me leverage my efforts.

Through my profile, article and events, I expanded my online presence and traffic significantly. It gave me endless opportunities to meet potential collaborators, referral partners, even clients. And most significantly, Biznik gave me a place to grow and learn in the company of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Partners. Mentors. Friends.

Last but not least, Biznik gave me a community. A conversation to join. New friends who live in my tiny town. New friends who live across the country.

If I’m collaborating on a project or event with another entrepreneur, chances are, they’re a Biznik. If I’m brainstorming business ideas, chances are, it's with a Biznik. If I'm having a great time with people who "get" what it means to be self-employed, yep, I'm hanging out with Bizniks.

Now, this shocked me.  I just looked at my last page of sent emails in my Yahoo browser.  Half of the people I’ve emailed in the last two days are active Biznik members!  Half of those, I met through Biznik and would not otherwise have met. Of those I met elsewhere, our relationship is richer because of this network and the opportunities it has provided.

All of those people, I consider friends.  We joke with each other online, give each other encouragement, ideas and swift kicks when necessary. We follow each other on Facebook or Twitter.  However you measure it, Biznik has expanded the relationships in my life. Biznik has increased the support, the encouragement, and the love in my life.

"525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life?
How about love? How about love?
Measure in love."
(Seasons of Love, Jonathan Larsen)

I’m still on the journey called “building a business,” but I’m far, far past the point of no return. When asked if I ever “got that job” I was looking for, I laugh. Giving up is no longer an option that enters my mind. This is who I am, this is what I do, and my life is not for sale to the highest bidder with a benefits package.

I’m proud to be a self-employed entrepreneur. I’m glad to be “Going it alone… together.”

Learn more about the author, Kate Phillips.

Comment on this article

  • Socially Responsible Investing; Financial Planning 
Seattle, Washington 
Justin Harris AAMS
    Posted by Justin Harris AAMS, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    WOW! You appear to be very happy and grateful for your relationship with Biznik. And your eagerness and commitment to share your excitement with the Biznik community is impressive. I'm happy for you. It appears that you're extremely nourished by the opportunities and engagements that Biznik create for you.

    At the same time, I'd speculate that others who aren't as involved as you are with Biznik are just as happy with and from their degree of involvement. That's my experience.

  • Inspirationalist / Motivational Speaker / Aflac Acct Mgr 
Fernandina Beach, Florida 
Mark Combs
    Posted by Mark Combs, Fernandina Beach, Florida | Sep 12, 2009

    I love this line, "This is who I am, this is what I do, and my life is not for sale to the highest bidder with a benefits package."

    WoW in big scrolling all caps, large print, gawdy font! That speaks volumes.

    Kate, Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do. I haven't known you for anywhere close to a year, but you've impacted my life and I'm grateful to have met you. . . THRU BIZNIK!

    If only I can find a way to light a few more Biznik Candles in my corner of the world.

    Thanks again! Mark

  • Ghost Writer/Blogger 
Los Angeles, California 
Terra  Paley
    Posted by Terra Paley, Los Angeles, California | Sep 12, 2009

    Thanks, Kate. I will keep it short and simple because you said it all. I love the "gawdy font" and I love the song!

  • Intuitive Healer 
Seattle, Washington 
Karen Floyd
    Posted by Karen Floyd, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009


    Your article made me wish I had written one about my gratitude and statistics! I agree whole heartedly through my experiences on Biznik of the wealth of opportunity, connection, and fun that has entered my life through B. as well.

    I moved to Seattle just a little over 2 years ago and knew almost no one. It wasn't until I joined Biznik that I can say I began meeting and making new friends. The businesses I've built over the years all got off the ground because of the connections I was able to make with people. Sure knowledge, expertise, and skill were a big part of my success in business but no one would ever experience those things about me if we hadn't connected first.

    I would put connection at the top of my list for business success and that is what Biznik provides plenty of opportunities to do. I've attended 72 events, hosted 5 and have written only 2 articles since my introduction to Biznik in April of 2008. I can honestly say that Biznik has provided me with a voice and a place to express myself, learn more about myself, and meet others who are doing the same.

    If I wasn't opposed to putting bumper stickers on my car I'd have Biznik stickers all over it!

    Thanks for your article Kate and all that you've given to us while you were gaining so much!


  • Interior Decorator | Redesigner:  Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Mercer Island 
Seattle, Washington 
Amy Woidtke (woid-key)
    Posted by Amy Woidtke (woid-key), Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    As one of the original first year members of Biznik (2005), I have to say that it has been, and continues to be, THE BEST $24. I invest in my business every month and business community where I focus my energy.

    My business has been through various morphings since I began - I was still a student when I joined - and so much of what has brought me to where I am now is because of the tools, the people, the exposure, the opportunities and so forth.

    I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary as EcoKind Design - it took me some time to get a name that fit, and wasn't taken by others (haha). At the beginning of my 3rd year, I am in process of aligning with a national radio show and will be the sole designer for a makeover series. insert my own jaw dropping

    This venture will also be helping me craft chapters for my book, and the team at the show is fast becoming another part of my family, holding my hand through this tremendous growth phase, leaping into what I know is possible for myself and had no idea how it would happen.

    "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God! THIS is happening to ME!"

    They found me on the internet and you can bet that was because of Biznik's SEO ranking, and for what we learn by going to Biznik workshops, reading articles, talking and working with each other.

    It's great to see that people with all levels of involvement in Biznik are benefiting in ways pleasing to themselves.

    Thank you Kate for taking the time to research how Biznik has benefitted you in just one year, and for taking the time to share it with us all. Personally, I think it's a no-brainer - if you're indie, you need to be a Biznik!

    Blessings to all!
    Amy Woidtke
    interior decorator/space therapist
    EcoKind Design

  • Massage Therapist,  Energy Worker, Bio-Synergetix 
Seattle, Washington 
Patricia Taran
    Posted by Patricia Taran, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    Thankfully you do what you do and because of it others are inspired on many levels we and/or they are not aware of.

    You are a delightful presence and I am grateful to have you in a small part of my life. You have beautifully stated my feelings about Biznik and all the opportunities it brings to my life.

    I have made friendships and business contacts that I value and cherish. Love this article.


  • Biznik Co-founder/CEO 
Seattle, Washington 
Lara Feltin
    Posted by Lara Feltin, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    Thanks for sharing so eloquently, Kate.

  • Photographer 
Seattle, Washington 
Shannon Kringen
    Posted by Shannon Kringen, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    beautiful article kate!


  • Therapist 
Seattle, Washington 
Merilee Lovejoy Ph.D.
    Posted by Merilee Lovejoy Ph.D., Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    Great article, Kate! I love the featured video at the beginning, and the way you tie it into the article. It is very interesting for me to read about your "statistics" and the impact that your involvement in the Biznik community has had upon your life. It goes to show the many rich and diverse opportunities that are afforded to those who take advantage of all that Biznik has to offer. You are an inspiration, a joy, and a treasured friend!

  • Social Worker/Artist 
Ridgewood, New York 
Susan Anderson
    Posted by Susan Anderson, Ridgewood, New York | Sep 12, 2009

    This is an amazingly inspiring article! Thanks so much for sharing your analysis of your year on Biznik. I have to say that you'v really "worked it" on Biznik! Many of us haven't put nearly as much effort into it. But you're a great example of what can happen when you do go deeper into the Biznik experience. Good luck in your upcoming year on Biznik!

  • Green Designated Realtor, Referrer 
Bellevue, Washington 
Helen Martin
    Posted by Helen Martin, Bellevue, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    What a creative article; I did watch the YouTube video and I just love that song. It is truly amazing how you were able to articulate on paper your year with Biznik. Congratulations on continuing to do what makes your "heart sing"! I'm glad to consider myself one of your Bizik friends and I do hope you check out for what we discussed at the VIP event.

  • Spiritual psychotherapist and healer 
Seattle, Washington 
Rachel Whalley, MA, MFA, LMHCA
    Posted by Rachel Whalley, MA, MFA, LMHCA, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    Kate, this is amazing!

    I believe I've gotta be in the first ten friends you've made from Biznik, because we met and had coffee for a couple hours last August, right?

    I bring this up because I can testify to where you were versus where you are now!

    I remember then that you had confidence and passion for what you do, but it wasn't nearly as directed or sure-footed. I remember feeling your energy being more hesitant.

    And now, just over a year later, you have become a freakin' POWERHOUSE! And I love that it's so much due to the tools and partnership that you've gotten from Biznik!

    Thank you for being such a stellar representative of what is possible for all of us.

    And congratulations on all the rewards of your hard work! You deserve it. :)

  • Blogging Coach and Copywriter 
Seattle, Washington 
Judy Dunn
    Posted by Judy Dunn, Seattle, Washington | Sep 12, 2009

    Congrats on your first year anniversary with Biznik, Kate. One year old. Man, Just think where you'll be next year this time, when you're a toddler! : )

    I love the way you've made this a "multi-sensory" article and particularly with your tie-in to "Rent."

    Bob and I have certainly experienced many of the same things you have. I think the most important thing you talked about was momentum. No single thing can account for the increase in opportunities, in clients, in revenues. But putting the hard work in, as you so obviously have, was key. It wouldn't have happened without that.

    You are brimming with self-confidence and have the right to be very proud. You are an inspiration, Kate.

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 13, 2009

    Justin, you are right, there are many for whom a lower level of involvement might be preferable, particularly if the kind of support they most need and also their "ideal clients" are likely to be found elsewhere. (And hey, I wanted to say hi to you the other night at an event but we were never face to face. Catch you next time.)

    Mark, I love that you love that line, especially as someone in the insurance industry! (Though I know that Aflac is used by many self-employed folks.) You are certainly someone who has "networked across the country," not so much with your business, but with your personality and personal support of others. Thank-you for your presence in my life.

    Terra, I love the song, too! Thanks for your friendship and support. And there is no one more welcoming and supportive on our community website than you - you amaze me.

    Karen, I have watched you use the Biznik community first to form relationships, and then to strategically launch business ventures through articles and events. You're not just talented, you have also created much "goodwill" and good vibes in this community, so it is no surprise to see you receiving tremendous support.

    Amy, WooHoo for you and your success! That is really exciting news! I'll be able to say "I knew her when..."

    Patricia, I agree - people can be a "delightful presence" even in a small part of our lives, and you certainly are that for me, too. I think Biznik helps us to "expand the bandwidth" for personal connections in our lives.

    Lara, thanks to you and Dan for being the catalyst. It must be fun and rewarding to see what happens with the seeds you plant.

    Shannon, thank-you! I love your creative presence and have enjoyed getting to know you.

    Merilee, Thank-you for your continued support and involvement in my life, you are one of the most encouraging people I have ever met! And it's fun to see you enjoying this community and having another place to connect.

    Susan, I know that you and Albert don't have the size of community that we do, but I have no doubt that the two of you will help lead the way to grow Biznik and attract more amazing people to the network in the New York area. You two have so much to offer!

    Helen, yes, isn't it a great song? Thanks for all you do in and out of Biznik to support musicians, realtors and others. And I swear, you won't have to re-introduce yourself the next time I see you in person!

    Rachel, You were my very first Biznik friend! I met you at my very first Biznik event (along with Howard Howell and Allen Cooper) and I so enjoyed our leisurely coffee in the sun. Thanks for the confirmation of the "progress" I've made and for being a loving, supportive, healing presence in this community.

    Judy, I have so enjoyed getting to know (and even watch from a distance) you and Bob. You are a model of success and of "doing the right things, taking the right steps." I'm glad to know you.

  • window cleaning, gutter cleaning 
Seattle, Washington 
Norman Husser
    Posted by Norman Husser, Seattle, Washington | Sep 13, 2009

    Excellent article Kate. It gave me much to think about, or rather pulled right to the forefront things that had been lurking like shadows in the back of my mind and brought them into focus. Thank you!

  • Business Networking California Specialist 
La Jolla, California 
Rick Itzkowich
    Posted by Rick Itzkowich, La Jolla, California | Sep 13, 2009


    I'm one of those people who has connected with you this past year and I'm delighted to have done so. You are a great networker and are always looking for opportunities to help others. I appreciate you taking the time and putting the effort to chronicle your journey. It helps me reflect on the value as well

  • Brand Consultant 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Ken Peters
    Posted by Ken Peters, Phoenix, Arizona | Sep 13, 2009


    I love this article. Like you, I joined Biznik last August and it's been a very positive experience. You're entire piece here is wonderful, but this snippet really jumped out at me personally...

    "What has been immeasurable to me is the value of the personal comments, feedback, visibility, and the kick in the pants to write articles worthy of people’s time. Simply put, I've become a better writer. And like little ambassadors, my articles have gone out into the world and brought back inquiries, appointments, and best of all, friends."

    Biznik has also made me a better writer. This writing has provided me with tremendous fulfillment both professionally and personally. Ironically, it was just earlier today, upon reflecting about the writing I've been doing in the past year that I realized how critical and meaningful it has become to me and how participating in Biznik got that ball rolling.

    Articles here turned into a blog that turned into a following that turned into offers to appear on radio shows and in books and magazines, etc. It's opening my career to incredible new possibilities.

    Being around so many like-minded people in Biznik has been inspiring. It's even been a source of comfort and encouragement during the economic turbulence of the last year. I'm glad to be here, glad to be a part of the community and hopeful that my participation has benefited others.

    Lastly, I'm glad that you and I met and connected, if even only through bits and bytes via computer :)

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 13, 2009

    Norman, glad I could provide the "focus." I think that's exactly what we do for each other here.

    Rick, YOU are a master networker, and I truly appreciate some of the tips and thoughts you've shared with me.

    Ken, glad to be "turning one" with you! You are one of my very favorite writers on Biznik, and wow, how incredibly cool that your articles have turned into such opportunities!

    Your articles have made Biznik a richer experience for me, I have re-read and/or passed along many of them. I believe it's the presence of "readers" that has made the difference for us. It's not nearly as rewarding to write in a vacuum...

  • Inspirationalist / Motivational Speaker / Aflac Acct Mgr 
Fernandina Beach, Florida 
Mark Combs
    Posted by Mark Combs, Fernandina Beach, Florida | Sep 13, 2009


    Thanks again for a very thought provoking article. Read it again this morning, along with "Why Entrepreneurs Rule the World"

    As someone who has set a goal to move from the Insurance industry to the Assurance industry, having references such as these two pieces are invaluable and forever timely.

  • Tax Professional and IRS Representation 
Blaine, Washington 
Bill Bradfield, EA
    Posted by Bill Bradfield, EA, Blaine, Washington | Sep 13, 2009

    Powerful Kate! What an inspriational story and what a testimony to Biznik and what it has to offer. You get out of it what you put into it, so congratulations showing us what can be done and on being that shinning light for the rest of us.

    I've been a member of Biznik for three months and can't wait to look back at the end of my first year to see where the journey has taken me.

    Thanks for doing this.


  • Career Counselor 
Seattle, Washington 
Laila Atallah
    Posted by Laila Atallah, Seattle, Washington | Sep 13, 2009

    Kate, you give new meaning to the term "power user." I am in awe of you and all you have accomplished! Thanks for giving us an in-depth view of what your personal experience has been. I hadn't quite realized the breadth and depth of what is possible.


  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 14, 2009

    Thanks again, Mark, I'm glad you're getting mileage out of my articles!

    Bill, thanks for your comment and your note. You are somebody who has already made a splash with your expertise and your great stories, and I predict that you will have a powerful success story as time goes on.

    Laila, it's great to "see" you again. I approached the Biznik "toolset" with gusto, and I think it helped that I had belonged to and attended other networking groups. I saw a high level of commitment in these other groups - people spending many hours a month forming relationships and strategic alliances, promoting their services, being willing to pay and utilize every chance they got.

    It's probably not dissimilar to how people approach job hunting - it takes work, personal investment, and an effective strategy to do it well.

  • Certified Hypnotherapist/Life Coach 
Ridgewood, New York 
Albert Anderson
    Posted by Albert Anderson, Ridgewood, New York | Sep 14, 2009

    Kate, the only word that I feel adequately describes what you have shared about your biznik experience is BOOYAH!

    I've printed myself a copy of this article and I'm adding it to the XLR8R I have accumulated of articles, quotes, images, etc I refer to on a daily basis to supercharge myself. You are truly an inspiration.

    It has been an honor and privilege to share your energy and insight. And also let me thank you for taking the time to join us in the Transformation Guild. I'm going to put a link to this article in the "Future Zillionaires" group.

    Success without fear,


  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 14, 2009

    Albert, I'm SO glad to have "met" you and look forward to meeting you and Susan "the flesh"! We'll put together a joint event when you come out, I know you have much to share and you are someone I gain inspiration from and keep learning from.

    I'm listening right now to Enigma on Iona's Psychogenesis video on your ning site and am loving it! Thanks for posting the link.


  • Composer 
Seattle, Washington 
Jill Kremer
    Posted by Jill Kremer, Seattle, Washington | Sep 14, 2009

    Hi Kate, Great article. Jonathan Larsen is one of my favorite composers. That was a great idea to access your first year. I feel refreshed and ready to plunge into Biznik. Thanks for the renewed encouragement. Jill

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 14, 2009

    Thanks Jill. I think you are one of my favorite composers, at least as far as contemporary classical piano compositions!

  • Internet Sales Consultant 
Seattle, Washington 
Howard Howell
    Posted by Howard Howell, Seattle, Washington | Sep 14, 2009

    Kate... I am honored to have been one of your first friends on Biznik. It's good to see the results of your labors this past year put into the perspective of Biznik activity.

    I too, am very grateful for all the associations that have begun in this online community, especially those like yours that extend to local community and special interest groups also.

    As a token of my respect, may I re-publish your article ("Why Entrepreneurs Rule the World") as as guest post on my blog? That article is one of my favorites of all time.

    I'd like to be a part of increasing your 10,000+ views toward "the sky's the limit". Just linking back to your great article will be like when I received a signed book from Zig Ziglar back in the 1970's. I will then be able to say that I knew her when she only had 10,000 followers.

    Thanks for your friendship and here's to our future years of association. ...Howard

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 15, 2009

    Howard, you hosted my first Biznik event, and I know you have been instrumental in introducing many members to the biznik community and toolset.

    And of course you can re-print that article - thank-you for asking! (It's one of my favs, too.)

    I was just telling a fellow friend from Duvall about you two days ago. I'd like to introduce the two of you and see what help you can give each other in relation to the home building industry. (I recently noticed that you have a group called Home Pros...)

  • Internet Sales Consultant 
Seattle, Washington 
Howard Howell
    Posted by Howard Howell, Seattle, Washington | Sep 15, 2009

    Kate... Thank you. Watch for a ping-back to let you know when I post your article.

    Yes, I do admin a Biznik Group Home Pros which is a networking group of professionals that perform home and garden remodeling and construction projects.

    We meet every Tuesday morning for coffee in Bothell. (listed on our events page)

    We welcome all Bizniks for casual networking.

    Thanks. ...Howard

  • Dental Office Business Mgr 
Bellevue, Washington 
Gil Pauley
    Posted by Gil Pauley, Bellevue, Washington | Sep 16, 2009


    Fantastic reading! I think one reason you are doing so well is that you give of yourself so freely. I feel like I know you personally, even though our interaction is all through emails. I regret I was unable to attend the business meeting you recently co-hosted due to a last minute emergency. However, I hope to meet you in person at a future event.

    Sincerely, Gil Pauley

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 17, 2009

    Thanks Gil! I look forward to meeting ITF - in the flesh! Keep the smiles coming.

  • Professional Organizer 
Everett, Washington 
Jessie Wolfrum
    Posted by Jessie Wolfrum, Everett, Washington | Sep 17, 2009


    It's wonderful to hear about all of the progress you've made on Biznik! You are an inspiration in business networking and in creating a business that supports your passions. Many kudos to you and may your next year in Biznik be even more abundant and fulfilling!

    ~Jessie Wolfrum, LMP

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Denver, Colorado 
Elizabeth Ocean
    Posted by Elizabeth Ocean, Denver, Colorado | Sep 18, 2009

    To the very inspiring Kate, I am so happy to have you in my network. I very much look forward to working with you in the future, Elizabeth Ocean

  • Creative Entrepreneur Coach, Artist's Way Facilitator 
Seattle, Washington 
Victoria Dzenis
    Posted by Victoria Dzenis, Seattle, Washington | Sep 18, 2009


    YOU ROCK! In the short time I have known you, you have been an inspiration to me, simply through being your authentic self at every event where I encounter you.

    Also, you have been a leader among the coaches at Biznik by providing us with a group just for us.

    Thank you for this fabulous article. I'm in the midst of my first year as a Biznik member, and I have found it tremendously rewarding so far. AND, I'm sure there's even more in store for me and other Bizniks.

    Hope to see you at another event soon!

    Best, ~Victoria

  • Copywriter and Editor, Specializing in Website Content 
Seattle, Washington 
Russell Smith
    Posted by Russell Smith, Seattle, Washington | Sep 19, 2009

    Yes. Community and conversation with great new people—solopreneurs, big thinkers, small biz folks and people who were here in Raintown all along. And Biznik provides a way for our paths to cross, make connections, and share insights about what we’ve learned and where we’d headed.

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 21, 2009

    Jessie, Elizabeth, and Victoria, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, and for being part of my own network and experience.

    Russell, I like what you say about Biznik providing ways for fabulous people "who were here all along" to connect. Networking and dating have both changed dramatically in the past couple of decades due to the internet and also the proliferation of face-to-face groups that connect people. Whether you're getting married or signing a major business contract, there's got to be a way for people to meet other people.

  • Mediator 
Seattle, Washington 
Jeff Bean
    Posted by Jeff Bean, Seattle, Washington | Sep 24, 2009

    Stellar. Just stellar. Gonna turn your gorgeous prose into an action-item checklist. Rated it "9" -- and I never ever rate any article a 9. Yowzah.

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Mike  Holberg
    Posted by Mike Holberg, Issaquah, Washington | Sep 25, 2009

    Kate, Great article. It is always a good practice to look back to see how far we have come. So often progress happens at a slower speed and unless we look back, we don't see the progress we have made.

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Sep 25, 2009

    Jeff, thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

    Mike, yes, often we don't recognize our progress because it doesn't "feel" like we're moving very fast. I hear we generally can accomplish "less in a month but more in a year" than we think, so a year is a perfect time to look back, reflect, and see the progress we've made.

  • Office Consultant & Organizing Coach 
Marysville, Washington 
Nancy LaMont
    Posted by Nancy LaMont, Marysville, Washington | Oct 02, 2009

    Wow Kate, what an awesome first year and a wonderful way to tell us about it.

    I really like your description of Biznik as a "business playground" because that's what it is, especially compared to other "punishing parent" business networking groups.

    If you don't mind, I would love to quote you in my upcoming Toastmasters speech, which of course is comparing the "punishing parent" groups to Biznik.

    I can't wait to see what and how you write next year.


  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Oct 06, 2009

    Nancy, I just saw this! Yes, please go ahead. I wonder if you saw the post on the Biznik blog in which Colleen Wainright compares Biznik to Toastmasters?

    Thanks, Kate

  • CPA, Accountant 
Irvine, California 
Shaun Lawrence
    Posted by Shaun Lawrence, Irvine, California | Oct 29, 2009

    Very information for a new business owner trying to network. I havent participated as much as you and sounds like if I did I could have some success and meet people. Thanks for the report on your personal experience. Shaun Lawrence, Tax Prep, Los Angeles

  • Office Consultant & Organizing Coach 
Marysville, Washington 
Nancy LaMont
    Posted by Nancy LaMont, Marysville, Washington | Oct 29, 2009

    @Kate, I did not see the post by Colleen compared...I will have to check it out.

  • Independent Marketing & Promotional Consultant 
Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada 
Bill Frieday
    Posted by Bill Frieday, Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada | Nov 19, 2009


    Just read this again..I think the first time I started to look at the film from RENT and got lost.

    You are the best and my favourite.

    Bill Frieday Wasaga Beach, ON Canada

  • Life, Prosperity, and Small Business Coach. Author. Speaker. Trainer. Singer/Songwriter. 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | Jan 16, 2010

    Thanks Bill! So nice of you to say. Yeah, I get lost pretty easily when I start clicking links!