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New Year Resolution - Check In

How are your New Year Resolutions working for you? Are you reaching your goals? Here are some tips to help you along. Stay focused and reach your goals.
Written Jan 31, 2011, read 774 times since then.


Did you decide to organize as one of your New Year Resolutions?   How many items were on that list….several closets, your kitchen, bathroom or possibly a few dressers.  How much have you achieved so far?

January is the month Goals are set.  However, goals need to continue to be a part of our lives throughout the year.  Only 24% of those goals are typically reached and this is usually because of our mental clutter.  In order to cut through our physical clutter and reach our goals, our mental clutter needs to be in check.  The thoughts that we allow to float around in our head will stop us from making progress toward our goals.  There are some simple steps to remove these mental thoughts:

1.  Write your goals down and post them in several places throughout your home or office.  Putting them in places that you go to frequently will ensure that you see them often.  This could be your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, posted on the wall so that you see them as you leave each morning.

2.  Chunk out your goals.  Telling yourself that you need to lose 50 pounds this year isn’t realistic.  I’ve never known anyone that just dropped 50 pounds within a week or two…at least if they did, it wasn’t healthy!   Break your big goal into smaller goals that you are can  work on daily to reach bigger goal.   In order to lose the weight, will it require you to exercise 30 minutes, 3 times a week?  Put this on your schedule and hold yourself accountable to getting it done.   Week after week…don’t disappoint yourself by allowing excuses to get in your way.   

3.  Motivate yourself to keep on track.   Allow your mind to notice how the exercise makes you feel.  Does it give you more energy?  Does it allow you to think clearer?   Hearing and reinforcing your mind with positive thoughts will allow you to stay on track with your smaller goals.  Tell yourself things like…”I’m so proud of me! “  “I knew that I could to it”. 

4.  Have someone else hold you accountable.  Find a relative, friend, co-worker, neighbor who supports your goal.  It has to be someone who knows how important your goals is to you and won’t allow you to make excuses.  Set up a time each day that you spend on the phone or email telling each other what you have done and how it made you feel.  Make sure that they are motivating to you and supportive of your desires and goals.  No egos are allowed!

5.  Remember that anything worth having or doing will take time.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  You have to be patient, persistent and dedicated to reaching your goals.   Allow your goal to be a gift to yourself.  After all, don’t you deserve it?

Even if you haven’t met your goals for January, don’t give up!  Have faith in yourself.   Think about what you are telling yourself that is keeping you from reaching your goals.  Stay update, encouraged and motivated knowing that you are in charge of your own destiny.  The choices that you make are ultimately your own.

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Linda Clevenger

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