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Relationship Marketing Requires "CASH"!

Don't allow your relationship marketing efforts to suffer because you're short on "CASH".  Find out what CASH really is, and how to invest it in your relationship building efforts.

Written Apr 30, 2008, read 1137 times since then.


Whenever I talk to people I find that most of them are not marketing more effectively because of cashlimitations.  People are so focused on the cost of everything that they sometimes miss the value in doing the things that make sense.

The fact is that you always have enough "CASH" to invest in relationship marketing if you understand the long term benefits of doing it.  But, I'm not talking about cash money.  I'm talking about a different kind of CASH, a kind of CASH that may be even more scarce than cash money to some people.  But, for those who will invest the kind of CASH I'm talking about, I know it pays big dividends.

So, what do I mean when I talk about CASH?  CASH means:

C - Commitment
A - Activity
S - Sincerity
H - Humility

Commitment - We need to be committed to learning, understanding, and adopting a set of principles that make us more attractive as individuals to the people around us.  The principles I'm talking about are very simple, but they require a conscious effort to keep front of mind, indeed to make them part of who you are not just what you do.  It is the adoption of these principles as part of your lifestyle that makes them effective.

I have read a lot of books on the philosophies that drive personal development, but none has been more important on relationship building than The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  This book provides the perfect base from which to start your learning and understanding of what relationship building has to be about.  I recommend you start your journey there.

Activity - Once you have the right philosophies in place the next component of CASH is engaging in the right activities.  These include attending networking events, following up with people in a meaningful way, not just going through the motions.  And, finding a way to be of value in other people's lives without necessarily selling them immediately on your product or service.  Consistent application of your philosophies coupled with the right activities is your true launch pad to success.

Sincerity - Sometimes we do things because someone taught us to do them, but not because we are truly vested in philosophies behind the thing being done.  So, being sincere in your intentions when you reach out to people is as important as the act of reaching out.  People around you can pick up on when you're merely making small talk and when you're sincerely interested in them and what's important to them.  Adopt a mindset of committing yourself unconditionally to demonstrating your sincere interest in people and they will be respond.

Being transparent and open with people is one way to show your sincerity.  Being specific with them when you compliment them or thank them is another way to show sincerity, because it signals that you have given your compliment or expression of gratitude thought.  You will find many other ways to express your sincerity as long as you understand the importance of doing so.

Humility - Being willing to humble yourself is perhapsthe most important part of your CASH investment, because most people fail at this because of ego.  They either think they know all the answers already, or they perceive themselves as already doing these things at the highestlevel possible.  Anyone who thinks that way has alreadydoomed themselves to limited success, if any at all. 

We always have the opportunity to be better tomorrow thanwe were today, and the best way to do that is to beconstantly open to constructive feedback and honest self-evaluation.  When we are then willing to demonstrate humility we will receive teachings that will take us to our full potential.

So, if you don't have a lot of cash money to invest in your marketing right now, don't worry.  There's an evenbetter CASH subsitute if you're willing to invest in you and the people around you!

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Sherri Edwards
    Posted by Sherri Edwards, Seattle, Washington | May 06, 2008

    Thanks, Glenn! Great acronym!