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Removing Mental Blocks That Keep You Stuck

Mental blocks are blocks in the pipeline and confusion of energy. Here are five easy things to do to change your state of  mind.

Written Jan 24, 2008, read 27134 times since then.


I think of  mental blocks as confusion.  When your mind
is clear and open your creative  ideas percolate, bubble
up and turn into inspired actions.
You feel like you are in the flow. It is a great feeling
because you are moving forward, generating new ideas, 
taking risks and making positive changes.

Confusion causes a block in the pipeline.  You feel
unable to move forward and your energy begins to
drain. You had this great idea and then part way there you
begin feeling self-doubt, fear or insecurity and those
emotions are in conflict with your original
inspiration.  As a result you feel stuck.

This happens for me when I am writing. People call it
writers block in an attempt to make it normal and
okay.  But really it is only  a mind-set and confusion
somewhere in the process. It's flowing really well and
then suddenly wham, its not flowing.  I have learned
techniques to get past those blocks. I go for walks, listen to
baroque music or take my computer to a cafe.

Other situations are more challenging. Sometimes its
about changing  a habit. I had a client who was
stressed from working too many long hours in his
business. He hated how he felt but didn't trust his
employees enough to delegate. He felt stuck.  There is
always a way to get past the block. In his case I
asked him what he would need in order to feel more
trusting of his employees.  That new question opened
up the flow as he was not used to doing anything but
complain and be stressed.

The main thing to remember is that mental blocks are
not permanent or immoveable. They are only a state of mind.
It was your confusion that created them in the first place so it is within your own power to move past them as well.

Here are five easy things that can help  you to move
past your mental blocks.

1. Find someone impartial to talk to. Another person's
objectivity can help  you to see a little clearer.

2. Take an action even if you are not sure if it will
work.  Any movement will put you into a new frame of
mind which frees up the energy.

3. Ask yourself what you gain from staying blocked?
You may not like what you hear but it can help you to
see how your fears or insecurities are in the drivers

4. Change  your language.  If you say things like,
"It's too difficult, or too complicated"  this
negative self-talk  will keep you feeling stuck.  Say,
"I am  doing it, I am no longer blocked."  Notice how
that feels liberating.

5. Move your body and your mind will move too.

Remember to celebrate your mind. It is your greatest
gift. With your mind you have the opportunity and resources to move through any challenges and find solutions to any problems.  Keep the pipeline open and your creativity will flow and your business ideas will grow.


Learn more about the author, Kaya Singer.

Comment on this article

  • Mortgage Loan Officer 
Bend, Oregon 
RJ McHatton
    Posted by RJ McHatton, Bend, Oregon | Feb 05, 2008

    Good insight.


  • IT/Marketing/Real Estate 
Seattle, Washington 
Rita Harris
    Posted by Rita Harris, Seattle, Washington | Feb 05, 2008

    Excellent reminders for sure.

    Personally, I'd love to find a network of people who would like to brainstorm once or twice a month to help get past the block. Sometimes if you have to explain it to someone else, they break down the information differently and feed it back to you in a way that you hadn't thought of before.

    Maybe we could get our Fearless Leader to help organize a meet for a glass of wine & nibbles with a small round-table of folks (willing to be the sounding boards) while we're all working on business plans or marketing strategy, web development issue, creative writing or, or? This could be really influential in networking...

    Smiles from Cap Hill - Rita

  • Designer for print media 
Portland, Oregon 
Jane Gardner
    Posted by Jane Gardner, Portland, Oregon | Jun 23, 2009


    I learned about you from Barbara and Roberta at SECP. Their warm endorsement of you is certainly justified.

    I am a newly-minted solo entrepreneur, still finding my path. It's simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. I've just spent the past 40+ minutes reading your articles on various topics of interest, and all are full of useful information, but most importantly, full of wisdom and compassion for people just like me.

    Thank you - Jane