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Savvy Author’s Book Marketing Quiz

Aspiring Authors: Do You Know the Cold Hard Facts About Your Book Sales? Find out whether you’re already a Savvy Author, or are in need of a little more marketing mojo . . .
Written Oct 15, 2009, read 1149 times since then.


Do You Know the Cold Hard Facts About Your Book Sales?

Find out whether you’re a Savvy Author, or are in need of some marketing savvy! 

1.  Marketing my book is:

(a) the publisher’s job

(b) the author’s job

(c) the book reviewers’ job

2. I must have a serious plan to create a buzz about my book in:

(a) one tightly focused target market

(b) 4 or 5 or 6 niche markets

(c) at least 10 different markets

3. I must never:

(a) mention my website URL. It might offend someone.

(b) be afraid to talk about myself and my website URL

(c) stop talking about myself


If you answered (b) to all of the above,
Congratulations! You’re a Savvy Author and a self-starter! You understand that the responsibility to get the word out about your book rests with you!

If you answered (b) to two of the above,
Good going! Make a small adjustment: It's not wrong to tell people about your passion for your message. When you believe in what you're offering, it's only natural to tell others about it.

If you answered (b) to only one of the above,
You’re catching on . . . Book marketing is necessary if your message is going to reach its audience!

If you DIDN'T answer (b) to any of the above, Adjust focus: It’s your book, and that means it’s your sale!

More Hot Tips for Savvy Authors:

1. Have a great-looking website that tells people quickly, with flair, what you and your book are about, and provide information that gives them reasons to come back again and again.

2. Get a Google Account and enter a free listing in the Local Business Center:

3. Register your online products with Google Product Search: 

4. Add your business/publisher profile to and invite comments from friends and readers who live in your area.         

5. Make sure there are good, descriptive captions on all images on your website (red hollyhocks, beach sunrise). You'd be surprised  how many people are searching for images. Why not help them stumble upon your book? Then register the images on



  • BLOG! This is essential. If your book is on Amazon and you've published two or more books, you can put up a blog there. If not, start your own! Best for your SEO if the blog is on your own domain name. Blog about your passions, especially about your book and events, and include a link to your URL in your byline.
  • Facebook  – Be sure you put up your page as an individual, not as a publishing co. or book title. Start creating relationships with folks interested in your book subject area, and help them find people, causes, or services they’re looking for. It’s about relationships, not getting the highest stack-o-friends. Join relevant groups and comment – be sure to add your URL under your signature.
  • Twitter – Publishers and savvy authors know this is the quickest way to create relationships and get fresh news about your subject area. Search other folks who are blogging about your topic, and find ways to help them find info they’re seeking. Tweet and Retweet about book news in your area – and about your book, of course.

There's much more, of course. Most important of all, have fun. You wrote the book to connect with folks -- so go out there and enjoy those connections! Happy book marketing!  



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