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Seasonal Marketing: The Summer Sizzle

Summer is just around the corner. Do you know where your customers are?
Written May 19, 2011, read 1905 times since then.


Summertime represents a big shift in marketing opportunities. People stay home more in the winter, and it’s easy to hit a stationary target with websites, direct mail, television and radio. But when the weather turns bright and sunny, people start moving around. Are you adjusting your plan to match consumer habits? Here are a few things you can do to capitalize on the summer months.

1. Notice change.
As seasons change needs change. Clothing is different; the food people eat is different, people vacation more, are more likely to have weddings, birth rates are up, tourism increases almost everywhere. Where can you tie in your business and create a new opportunity?

One of the big advantages of this change is that it tends to reset the brain. Priorities shift and there is a period of time where people are more likely to try new things, spend a little extra, take a leap of faith. A new campaign – or an old campaign in new places – can sometimes yield a better payoff in late Spring and early Summer.

2. Get out.
Assuming you know who your demographic is, set aside time to behave like your customers and see what they’re doing and where they’re going. Get to know the hangouts and pay attention to what draws them there, even if it is your competition.

3. Be the Main Event.
It doesn’t take much to host an ice cream social (and who doesn’t love ice cream?), and it can be a great casual mixer, especially for local businesses. Or how about a cookout? If being the event isn't a solid option for you, what about sponsoring one?

It doesn’t have to be fancy; one of our clients sponsored children’s lemonade stands in the month of June. For $25 worth of supplies at each stand and a simple yard sign, they received free streetside advertising, a whole lot of community goodwill, and a great “family friendly” reputation.

4. Give suff away
A person on the move makes an outstanding billboard if you can get them to carry your brand around. Promote your company on water bottles, personal fans, tank tops, beach balls, sunglasses, flip flops, cup cozies and even boogie boards.

Something that makes an easy connection with your business is ideal, but be creative in making those connections. A beach towel might have nothing to do with Financial Management but linked to a “Leisure Time” campaign it becomes a living ad.

5. Follow Up
As I mentioned above, Summer is a season of change. Contact old leads who seemed interested at the time but never followed through. You might be surprised how many of those dead ends can be converted into real sales.

This is just a short list of opportunities that the summer months can offer just about any business. There are hundreds if you look for them. Pour yourself a glass of iced tea and get brainstorming with your team. With a little effort you can create momentum that will benefit your business the whole year ‘round.

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