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Social Bookmarking: How it can help you raise your visibility

social bookmarking is similar to social networking: Another tool for networking and marketing your business.
Written Nov 23, 2008, read 1776 times since then.


Over the last couple of weeks I've been learning about social bookmarking, which is another internet technology used to share information with other people. Social bookmarking operates on a similar principle to search engines, but it makes searches easier by allowing people to tag and book mark articles and websites. Additionally the quality of a tagged site can be rated, similar to how articles on Biznik are rated.

Is Social Bookmarking important for raising visibility?

Social bookmarking is increasingly more important especially for bloggers. Bloggers use social bookmarking to draw more readers to them, by creatively using tags and notes to tell people about articles they've written. Also readers will sometimes tag articles they've come across when they really like the article. Additionally readers can, and will, rate the articles which can improve traffic to the blog, if its rated high enough.

Social bookmarking can also be applied to regular websites and it's useful to utilize it as a way of drawing more traffic to your site. By tagging your site, you are informing people about what it is, what it offers, and at the same time drawing more traffic to it. Social bookmarking will become more important for businesses because it provides another way for people to find those businesses and even rate them.

How do I get started with social bookmarking?

There are a number of different sites that do social bookmarking. Some of those sites are focused on bookmarking specific types of information. Bibliomancy for instance focuses on scholarly sites and blogs, while newsvine tends to focus news articles and blogs. Obviously not just any social bookmarking site will work. So which ones should you look into and what should you use them for?

Google: You can bookmark sites on google. Enter some tags, and notes about the website.

Delicious: this is an excellent social bookmarking site, which adds some buttons to your browser, which makes it easier to tag sites or articles you find.

Digg It: Another useful site for social bookmarking. It does seem to be more focused on blog articles, but I've used it to tage all of my business websites. Unfortunately you have to go to the digg it site to actually tag a relevent site.

Stumbleupon: This is probably the most popular social bookmarking tool. Not only can you tag a site but you can also indicate if you like it or not and even email the site to friends.

Furl: This is another social bookmarking site, which adds a button to your browser. Simply enter in tags and a description and it will bookmark the site.

All of these social bookmarking sites are useful for bookmarking your blogs. In fact, they are incredibly useful for me, since my life coaching blog actually doubles as my newsletter. Everytime I post a blog entry I can bookmark it and provide another way for people to find my blog/newsletter.

When you tag an article or website, include relevant phrases, names, and other information that will help people learn more about the article or site, as well as of course be searchable for people looking for something specific.

The notes section allows you to add relevant notes about what you are bookmarking. Enter a short description about the article or about the websites and services/products offered on it.

Why do I want to use social bookmarking?

It allows you to bookmark relevant pages, rate them, and draw more traffic to your articles and/or websites. It's also a useful way of categorizing interesting sites or articles you find and sharing them with other people. It can help you raise your visibility and grab people's attention in regards to your products and services. Since using social bookmarking, I've noticed a slow but steady increase in traffic to my blogs. When I check the google anlaytics for my websites, I believe I will see a similar trend. While more traffic doesn't automatically guarantee more business, social bookmarking does provide another way for you to reach out and connect with people interested in your services and products.


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  • E-Biz Owner and Consultant 
Lake Oswego, Oregon 
Marc Schilling
    Posted by Marc Schilling, Lake Oswego, Oregon | Nov 27, 2008

    Nice breakdown of information Taylor. As a bit of a veteran in the social networking arena I wanted to add a few words of caution, a resource and a few additional hints.

    When social bookmarking your own blogs or works, be very careful as to not over do it and never all at once. What I mean is don't post a blog on your own site and then run to 5 or 6 or 10 bookmarking sites to bookmark. If your bookmarking becomes too spammy and or only for your own sites, accounts get suspended or your content refused.

    If you want a list of many of the bookmarking sites, you can visit I don't recommend using their tool for the above mentioned reasons, but it lists and links most of the worthwhile sites.

    Add buttons or script at the bottom of your articles that will allow your users to easily Digg, Stumble, Furl, Propeller, Fark, Tweet ect. There are a number of clever html scripts that can be added to the blogs and they feature multiple services.

    In your postings, encourage the readership to socially bookmark for you. Such as "If you enjoyed this article, I would really dig it if you would Digg (insert html) submit my article."

    Final tip would be to have a small network of friends who will socially bookmark your work. I utilize a few close online friends that at times do this for me. I send a link to the article and ask them to Digg, or Fark, Furl Spurl ect. It works out and gets the ball rolling for you.

  • Business Person 
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 
Braiden Harvey
    Posted by Braiden Harvey, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada | Nov 28, 2008


    Braiden Harvey

  • Coach and Team Development 
Jacksonville, Florida 
Tony Aponte
    Posted by Tony Aponte, Jacksonville, Florida | Jan 23, 2010

    This was really helpful. I have been lately thinking about getting started on bookmarking but really didn't understand the whole concept which held me back. So this was timely. Thanks alot.

  • Holistic Business Coach 
Portland, Oregon 
Taylor Ellwood
    Posted by Taylor Ellwood, Portland, Oregon | Jan 23, 2010

    Hi Tony,

    Glad this article was helpful. Feel free to contact me, if you have any other questions.