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Taking Control of Your Day

Daily productivity is important in our business. But, how do you plan out your day to make sure that you get things done?
Written Aug 22, 2011, read 1615 times since then.


Do you Manage Time or Does Time Manage You?

In the United States - and other parts of the world as well - we have gotten used to instant gratification.  We see something and go and buy it (whether we need it or not).  We send a text or email and if we don't get an answer (within what we feel is a reasonable amount of time) we begin to doubt ourselves or wonder what is wrong.  We ask ourselves, "Did I do something to upset them, is that why they aren't answering me?"  "Did I offend them somehow?"

I may think differently than other Professional Organizers about the concept of Time Management.  I believe that we are in charge of what we do with our time and how we choose to spend our time is a personal choice.  For instance, I think it is very important for us to take time each day to get in touch with ourselves, to regenerate and keep our focus on reality and out of the drama that can engulf our lives - if we allow it. 

I have had to learn to release control of those things that really don't matter - at least don't matter to anyone else but me!  Getting myself stressed out over things having to be done "my way" didn't serve a purpose, except to raise my blood pressure. 

This is one of the biggest reasons that I recommend that, as a business owner or a homeowner, you know what your week looks like, at least the big picture, at the very beginning of each week - either Sunday evening or early Monday morning.  What does your calendar look like?  Who has extra responsibilities for the week?  Is there room for "life" to happen? 

I laid out my week on Sunday afternoon and have set made a written note of the priorities.  This week there are a lot of items that are of a higher priority: blog, bi-weekly newsletter, Proposal deadlines, follow-up with several clients and registering for events in September.  Also several personal appointments for my "me time".

Managing your time effectively includes knowing what you have going on this week, what you have coming up for the next week and what you plan to be doing in another month.  We can save a ton of time by knowing - even if it is hidden in the back of our mind - of what we need to promote, purchase or market in the upcoming weeks.  Staying ahead of the game and laying out our schedule quarterly, or by season, or, if you are really organized - for the entire year.  The best way to manage your time this far in advance is to use a white board - or several whiteboards for your office if needed.  Lay out your separate categories such as:  marketing, e-marketing, networking, deadlines for domains, etc.  Your categories should be specific to your business.

Sitting back and just letting things happen will only cause stress and anxiety about your business and/or life.  It is important to be proactive instead of reactive to manage your time effectively.  Take charge of your time, don't let your time take charge of you.

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Linda Clevenger

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Rick Underwood
    Posted by Rick Underwood, Louisville, Kentucky | Aug 22, 2011

    I agree that we must do the right things and do the right things in order of priorty.