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Ten Winning Elements in the Making of a Business Alliance

Working as a strategic business alliance forms long-lasting relationships that moves forward into the years with the highest quality of lead sources available.
Written Jan 30, 2009, read 1353 times since then.


Many networkers fall short of their mark when creating a strategic alliance since they don't commit the right amount of time, vigor, or care to the blueprint and designing of the Business Alliance. The more attentive, focused planning you put into producing an Business Alliance, the bigger fortune of arriving at your sought after profitability. Adopt the time to program what you foresee up front. Build up confidence. The coming central points draft the critical succeeded components you will want to look at:

1. All-important demands there must be strategically grounds for collaborators to come work jointly. These causes must be requiring decent amount to get the Business Alliance over the future relationship. Without these common needs, the causes for the alliance may be lost.

2. Complementary Skills and Abilities. When the Skills and Abilities of alliance collaborators are complementary and the strengths and weaknesses are different, the method for winning is in laid out.

3. Outline Goals and targets. It is crucial to the winning of your Business Alliance to have a acting road blueprint. Distinctly putting down your destinations and targets leads to a executable plan.

4. Useable marketing together. Both businesses must be capable to act upon market opportunities together. It is at the operating level of each business that the destinations and aims of the Business Alliance will be carried out.

5. Development expected. By Business Alliance relationships, your business has a stronger possible industry presence and greater market share. Make certain you and your collaborator accept the potentialities to take advantage of cost savings for advertising and marketing together.

6. Financial profitability. Each better half must accept the capacity to develop and raise the Business Alliance through both activities and referrals that contribute to sales.

7. Marketing tactics. Marketing tactical plans gained from Business Alliance collaboration should be distinctly laid out at the beginning of the partnership. The crucial economic value for all the collaborators affected should be considered both at the start and possible disolution of the collaboration. This reduces the concern for disputes through the life of the Business Alliance.

8. Focus on reevaluating goals. Particularly at the beginning of a new relationship maintaining a watchful eye on sales from referrals and operating costs of all involved is important. Tactical marketing plans can easily be over stated early in the Business Alliance growth stage for a bit much excitement to market together and not enough results have been established.

9. Work together. The ability of all collaborators to focus on the goals and aims of the Business Alliance is important. Distinguish realistic benchmarks about the amount of profitability each collaborator can and is conformable to bring to the table. Each partner brings a new view of the Business Alliance.

10. Commitment. All of the above depends on the commitment of all people involved.

Working as a solo business owner is difficult and at times scary. Bringing together a team of like-minded individuals can create a synergy to move and open new terrains. Working as a strategic business alliance forms long-lasting relationships that move forward into the years with the highest quality of lead sources available.

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  • Process Consultant and Leadership Coach 
Eastsound, Washington 
Gretchen  Krampf
    Posted by Gretchen Krampf , Eastsound, Washington | Feb 01, 2009

    Louis, Great points about the benefits of creating strategic alliances and how to make this happen. Many entrepreneurs can feel isolated whereas leveraging the strengths and access points in the alliances raises the opportunities for success for all. Thanks, Gretchen

  • Startup and New Venture Consultant 
Tacoma, Washington 
Sue Oliver
    Posted by Sue Oliver, Tacoma, Washington | Feb 02, 2009

    Thanks for sharing. As I make my way through the wealth of biznik articles, I got to yours. Wow.