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The Difference between Making Resolutions and Keeping Resolutions

So many people make resolutions but by the end of January they are forgotten. Here are 3 tips to help you keep your New year Resolutions for 2012.
Written Jan 03, 2012, read 947 times since then.


Just about everyone "makes" at least one New Year's Resolution.  One of the most popular Resolutions is to Get Organized.  Every year we have the best of intentions that This Year will be The year that it Really happens!  Really...cross your fingers, hope to die!  You Will make the necessary changes and do whatever it takes, Right?  And you are willing and ready to jump in with both feet!  You'll even write it all down, put it on our calendar and make promises to yourself  that this IS the year. 

The truth is that keeping a New Year Resolution takes more than all of this.  You must realize not just what you want to change, but Why you want to change.  When you look at your space, office, paperwork or life, does it just drive you nuts?  What are you willing to do - besides throwing in the towel and saying, I just can't do it? 

You may consciously be self-sabotaging yourself , which is the reason that it hasn't changed....Yet!  Ask yourself this question - If my space was organized what would it look like?  Close your eyes and visualize your space neat, tidy, organized and filed.  Picture yourself sitting at your desk writing contracts, filling orders, talking with clients, paying your bills and smiling at the increase in your bank account. 

What I know is that nothing will change until something changes.  In other words, until you take specific and methodical action to Keep Your Resolutions, they won't happen and you will stay in the same rut in 2012.  And, no matter what plans your plans include and how detailed they are, it takes dedication and a change in your attitude to make it happen.

The words and thoughts that we tell ourselves every day will dictate what we accomplish, how we manage our time and whether or not we reach our goals.  So here are some steps to hold yourself accountable to reaching your New Year Resolutions!

First - Be specific about your goal.  Don't start with "I want to Organize My Office", this may be too big of a task for you to take on all at once.  Don't even start with your "I want to Organize my File Cabinet"...even this may be more than you can really handle to start.  Begin with "I'm going to organize the top drawer of my file cabinet today".  And then hold yourself to getting it done - block out the required time on your calendar and check it off of your list.

Second - Stop being a perfectionist.  This may mean that you hand-write titles on your files - they aren't "labeled".  So what!  Will you still be able to find what you need, absolutely!  If your time doesn't allow you to color-code or label all of your files - put that on your list to do later in the week or month.  Don't let the need for perfection stop you from reaching your goals.

Third - Stay focused on productive habits.  Don't allow yourself to be distracted by outside sources, email, phone calls or anything else that will keep you from reaching your daily goals.  This is one of the biggest excuses used for lack of focus and time management.  Close your door, set your timer and concentrate on the task that will allow you to see results.  Remember that you are 100% in charge of How you spend every minute of your day.  (I totally understand that "life situations" will happen that are out of your control - but once they have been handled, you are back in charge!)  Set yourself up for success by being accountable to yourself every day and keep your Resolutions in 2012. 

I'd love to hear your plans and success!

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Linda Clevenger

An UnOrganized Mind does nothing - an Organized Mind Achieves Results.

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