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Top 10 Reasons to Promote your Business with Postcards!

Top 10 Reasons to Promote your Business with Postcards!
Written Aug 16, 2009, read 1276 times since then.


Top 10 Reasons to Promote your Business with Postcards!

  • Postcards are the fastest, easiest, and most dramatically way to increase your sales and profits!

  • Postcards can easily persuade your prospects to try your services! 

  • Postcards can announce a special offer!

  • You can easily track response rates! (R.O.I.)

  • Postcards are eye-catching because they're mini-billboards for your company.  You have instant visibility!

  • Postcards are easy to prepare and they are very


  • You can target only your ideal customers!  This will eliminate a lot of unnecessary spending! 

  • Your competition won't see what you're up to!

  • Postcards can't be deleted!  To beat your competition, you must think outside the internet!

  • Postcards have a high response rate because they are read almost 100% of the time.  You just need to have an enticing offer for your recipients to respond to!


How should I Use Postcard Mailers To Attract New Clients?

Mail a series of postcards to your target market.  Don't just stop one try!  

All your postcards should have benefits listed on them. 

Clearly state your offer.  Make them an offer they can't refuse!

Mail often.  The best option is to mail out your postcards bi-weekly or monthly.  After a few mailings, people will start to remember your postcards.  After that, they will start to love receiving them from you!

Postcards can reach thousands and thousands of customers really fast!  If you mailed out 5000 postcards and you only got a 3% response rate from them, then you would have a 150 leads!  Wow!  What could you do with that?   Your response rate could even be much higher than that, if your offer is right. Imagine all the possibilities this could have for your business!

A good postcard is also viewed as a personal greeting from your company.  This will make your recipient feel special!  You can easily build a rusting, personal relationships with your clients.

Postcards do not always have to be mailed out either. They are great give-aways at trade shows, business functions,  grab bags, and bulletin boards.  There are thousands of ways to distribute your postcards!  Just think about it and be creative!

Postcards could be kept and remembered for a very along time. They can end up on a refrigerator being held-up by a magnet for future reference.  The next time your recipient needs somebody in your industry to do some work, they will call you!

Also, make sure you get a good mailing list of your ideal customers.  This is very critical for your success!  You can purchase a list, use your own list, or make a mailing list using the yellow pages or the internet. 

Here are four more steps for a successful postcard campaign - after you figure out who your target market is:

1. Get your prospect's attention. 

(Make sure your postcard is eye-catching)

2. Secure his or her interest. 

(Make sure you list the benefits)

3. Gain his or her belief in your product or service 

(Solve a problem)

4. Convince your prospect to ACT NOW!

(Have a Limited Time "Special Offer")

Last but not least:

Keep your postcards SIMPLE!

Make the message short, quick, and right to the point.   People just don't have the time or patience to try to figure you out.

5000 4 X 6 glossy postcards are only $227.00! 

Now that's affordable for any business!

Dramatically increase your profits by using an easy postcard marketing system!

I hope your phone doesn't explode because of all the phone calls you're going to get!  lol


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