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Top 8 Strategies for Successful Chair Massage Marketing

Chair massage marketing allows you to be out in field, you will have an easier time fighting negative perspectives surrounding massage, when you use a massage chair for your marketing.
Written Nov 01, 2008, read 14678 times since then.


I am often talking about marketing your massage business on the internet as the way for massage therapist to gain that competitive edge. And I still believe this, but that does not mean that off line strategies like chair massage marketing should be left out.

Marketing my massage services through the use of a portable massage chair has been huge for me, especially when I was first starting out. A portable massage chair allows for you to "get out in the field" and share your massage education to anyone, who is willing to spend 5 -15 minutes in a chair. Allowing you to bring your massage to potential customers, instead of customers having to come to you.

Even now our Roman Paradigm Massage business in San Jose, California still brings a massage chair and a massage table when doing events at health fairs, Art and Wine festivals and sporting events. 

Out in field, you will have an easier time fighting negative perspectives surrounding massage therapy, when you use a massage chair for your marketing. Many potential clients who never had a massage have negative attitudes towards massage therapy. This is quickly dissolved when they can get one without spending allot of money or time, plus chair massage is done fully clothed.

Here are some of chair massage marketing strategies that I have implemented in the past. Please feel free to add to it if you have one that I missed.

1. Have a professional look- A nice massage chair, professional business cards (with a call to action) on the back of them and shirts with your company name on it. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to an event and saw massage therapists working with a beat up, tri-color padding massage chairs. Chairs that were unmaintained or cleaned, business cards that were made on their printer or had none at all, wearing beat up tennis shoes. This is not the look of a professional. or successful massage therapist.

Use the law of attraction here, if you want upscale clients who are professionals then you need to attract that individual with professional attire and a professional presentation.

2. Have a sign-up sheet- Requiring everyone to sign in before receiving their massage is important, so that you can follow up with them later. Be sure to get their name, phone number and email address; be sure that their information is legible. And if you are going to include them in your monthly newsletter, please be sure to let them know this before-hand, to avoid spam compliants. Another alternative is, you can call them after the event, let them know where you met them and then "ask" them if it would be alright to include them in your monthly massage newsletter.

3. Offer a free drawing- You can offer a free 1 hour massage drawing by having them drop their business cards in a bowl. Another way of getting a great response is to have a local nail shop or restaurant donate a gift certificate that you can give away; this is a win-win situation for both you and for the donating business, as they will be getting free advertisement from your chair marketing efforts. Again, you can follow up with potential clients after the event and request permission to put their email address in your monthly newsletter.

If you have not caught on yet, you want to start an email list, so that you can continue to market your services each month. You will often hear that, "the money is in the list" building an email list and staying in contact with your list monthly with an email marketing campaign is essential to growing your massage business.

4. Have Professional Brochures- Have professional brochures with you that explain in descriptive detail what your massage services are all about, your rates and your location. Be sure to use a lot of "you" statements here, do not use "us, I" or "we", when talking about your massage services. Be sure not to forget your contact information, address, phone and website.

5. Have good hygiene- Remember to bring hands wipes, disposable face-covers, drinking water and breath mints.  Get a manicure, I know that as a male massage therapist, I will probably catch some slack on this. But my hands are my money makers, so I take care of my hands as what they really are, your assets. As a male massage therapist, I did find this very uncomfortable at first but I quickly got over it.

Tip: This is mostly for the guys as females will probably get their nails polished, find a nail shop that will "buff" your nails out. This will give your nails a natural shinning look without a polish or a top coat being used on your nails, which will chip off after a couple of days and make your nails look ugly.

6. Wireless credit card machine- Chair massage events are for the most part, all marketing, getting your services out to the public. But that does not mean that you should not have a few special event offers, in the form of massage gift certificates on you, just in case you can make some sales. Don't give your massage customer any excuse why they cannot make a purchase with you, take cash, checks and credit cards.

Accepting credit cards will also make your company look more professional. Think about it, if you accept credit cards but your competitor doesn't, who do you think will look more trustworthy and professional as a business? Most people understand that to accept credit cards you need to have gone through the trouble of acquiring a merchant bank account.

7. Arrive early- Give everyone who is working a booth a free 5 or 10 minute massage, if you do well on them they will continuously talk about that great massage you gave them. And also find out who is working the microphone for that event and tell him to announce your presence and if he has time to stop by offer him a free 5 to 10 minute massage from you as well, he or she may even paraphrase and talk about your massage business more upon making announcements throughout the day, do a great job on this person.

8. Learn trigger point therapy- Learning this technique will boost your conversions (potential clients becoming clients); because you are working on potential clients fully clothed, you will primarily be using trigger point therapy for your massage technique.

Shiatsu massage is also very powerful here, explain to your potential clients that this is only a shortened version of your massage work and that you can ONLY do trigger point therapy on them now. If you hit the points good enough, your client will be thinking damn, "if he is this good through clothes, I can only imagine what a full session will be like", and that is EXACTLY what you want your massage chair potential customers to think.

Chair massage marketing is the ultimate lead generator, I often told myself, "all I need to do is touch them and that's it; they will become a massage client". 

Offer the first 5 minutes for free if you are not busy, to get someone on your chair. From my experiences, when others see you massaging, this will attract others to look your way, as they see that person, you are working on get a massage; they will want one too. Try this and look at the people walking by looking at you, almost like clock you will see them move their shoulders or their bodies in a way that says they could use a good massage right now.

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Bellingham, Washington 
Bliss Gurney
    Posted by Bliss Gurney, Bellingham, Washington | Nov 13, 2008

    This is a very well outlined article with some great information that not everyone might think of..thank you for putting it in an easy to read, clear format. Chair massage is great advertisement and you give a nice easy way to use it effectively. bliss

  • GM - Sand Dollar Spa & Massage 
Tacoma, Washington 
Matt Garry
    Posted by Matt Garry, Tacoma, Washington | Nov 13, 2008

    Great article. A don't know how many times we've done events and seen our competitors actually sitting around on their massage chairs waiting for people to come by. Be proactive, stand ready and waiting to do a massage.