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Train People to Leave!

Slackers worry about who is coming up behind them; Movers are too busy looking to the future. I want to hire Movers; they're the people who can best help me be a Mover!
Written Nov 26, 2008, read 1398 times since then.


Who are the most valuable people in your organization? Let's look at 3 groups; you put them in order of value:

-The Satisfied Employee: You probably pay people who are perfectly satisfied in their job and role. These people perceive themselves as making a decent living. They don't need much, they don't ask for much, they don't complain very often. They probably also seldom if ever come up with any useful ideas, they're not innovators and they're not likely to leave on their own volition any time soon. These people may be very happy retiring from your company and they highly value job security. These are your "company folk" who are usually loyal and conscientious employees.

-The Slacker: These guys are willing to work harder once you pay them more. These are the vocal complainers who always have a gripe and never a solution. They usually know everything, yet seldom do anything with their vast knowledge. They perceive themselves as smarter than the boss and the owners, who in their minds don't know a damn thing. These people may be doing just enough to stay employed, but seldom if ever enough to get ahead. Their focus is completely on their own needs and interests and the company can kiss their asses.

-The Mover: You never know how long a Mover is going to stay with you. Movers are loyal and conscientious, but they seek advancement. If they can't move up in your organization they're likely to move on to another company. Movers know that their success is tied to the success of the company. They may or may not stay with you, but they prize a great recommendation should they leave. When they leave they'll likely remain part of your business network. Movers work extra without being asked. Movers attend all available training and ask for more. You often find out that Movers are attending training on their own. They want to learn new skills and develop their talents and abilities. Their focus is on their individual success and the success of the company: as long as they're with you!

Don't waffle and say that each of these types has a place in your organization! Just rate them 1 through 3 and see where the chips fall. Given a choice, which type would you rather employ?

I'll take the Mover every time.

I don't have time for Slackers; they're organizational cancers. If I can't find a Satisfied Employee to take over the duties of a Slacker I might do it myself until I can!

Many people I talk to prefer the Satisfied Employee. I like Satisfied Employees, but I don't expect a whole lot from them. I'll give them the opportunity to develop into Movers by providing access to training and opportunities for advancement. If they take it, great; if not at least I know they'll do their jobs.

I want Movers. I want people who want more from the job. I want people who are constantly devoted to self-improvement and want to advance. I'm not talking about obsessive, selfish people; those people are just competent Slackers no matter how productive they are. Movers are those people who truly understand that the "Power of the Wolf is the Pack and the Power of the Pack is the Wolf."

I'll do my best to provide training and opportunity for Movers. Movers are the people training to take over my jobs so I can Move on to something bigger and better! The only danger is that I may not have the right opportunity at the right time to keep a Mover. That's OK; Movers naturally train their replacements all the time. In the meanwhile, I know the Movers are doing their best. I know that a Mover will leave a job better than it was before!

Movers are confident; they're not threatened by helping others. On the contrary, Movers know that in order to move forward, they need people to take their places.

In "Why We Want You to Be Rich" Robert Kyosaki says,

"In the Rich Day Company, every weekly meeting focuses on our staff becoming richer. We encourage them to attend financial seminars, to start their own business and to invest...Several employees have left because they did not like the pressure I put on them to become financially educated and financially free. I am glad they left because they will be happier working in a different environment."

If you rate the Mover number one, you're likely a Mover too. Movers create powerful organizations. The most powerful organizations are not dependent on one person; even you!

"Always have a man trained and ready to take over your job in case you are killed. The test of your ability is whether you could be killed and nothing would be lost!"

                                                                        General George S. Patton

That's the mark of great leadership! I sincerely hope you're not killed in your job, but the metaphor works. Training someone to take over your job is part of your movement to the top. Alan Axelrod comments on Patton's quotation in "Patton on Leadership." He says,

"Don't worry, you won't put yourself out of a job- except in an upward direction. Train subordinates to take over and you make it possible to move up to larger responsibilities."

Slackers worry about who is coming up behind them; Movers are too busy looking to the future. I want to hire Movers; they're the people who can best help me be a Mover!


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  • General Manager 
Bellingham, Washington 
Jim Carney
    Posted by Jim Carney, Bellingham, Washington | Dec 02, 2008

    Movers are willing to stay but working as if they are leaving. Satisfied's are willing to go (at least verbally) but working as if they are staying (forever). Slackers are simply not working unless they have to.

    We do not want slackers. We love, however, the team approach our satisfied's have come up with. As a group they are acting like movers and yet individually they are really satisfied.

  • Speaker, Black Belt Mindset Master, media personality and author of Think Like a Black Belt 
Brunswick, Maine 
Jim Bouchard
    Posted by Jim Bouchard, Brunswick, Maine | Dec 02, 2008


    What a fabulous way of looking at this! With your permission, I'd like to borrow your words for some of my presentations.

    That's the whole key; a company that pays attention to reasonably supporting each individual's vision of personal success is most effective. Of course, not everyone's vision of success is the same.

    Nothing wrong with the satisfieds! The slackers have got to go!

    Best thoughts, Jim

  • Credit Repair Restoration Seattle 
Seattle, Washington 
Paul Medrzycki
    Posted by Paul Medrzycki, Seattle, Washington | Dec 03, 2008

    Great article with some fabulous points. I move in my business and I want to help others "move" on their credit. Nicely said, let us hear more from you!