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Training Your Team

How do you train your team to maximize productivity and creativity?
Written Apr 06, 2010, read 1674 times since then.


Are you looking to get the most out of your team?  Investing in training is one way to strengthen your organization, improve productivity, and retain top employees.  Helping your personnel work to their fullest potential is possible as long as you are giving them the right tools.  A nationally known medical equipment company trains new customer service representatives for six weeks.  Supervisors, managers, and full-time trainers spend forty hours each week educating, testing, and refining new hires.  By the time new customer service representatives are on their own, they have logged 240 hours of role training, role playing, and development so that they provide quality service to their customers. 

An east coast based moving and storage company has always valued the importance of training new employees.  In their warehouse is a facility dedicated to educating their team on proper lifting, carrying, and furniture protection techniques.  At the end of the forty hour classroom session, each employee is prepared to go to a customer’s home to quickly and carefully load or deliver furniture.  A bonus of this type of training program is the weeding out of personnel that find that the job is too physically taxing without jeopardizing the employee’s safety or damaging a customer’s home or household goods.

Once your employees have the basic skills to do their jobs on a daily basis, consider taking time to evaluate what additional training could help develop them professionally.  Could your quality control manager use additional information about OSHA standards?   Are your office manager and human resource department aware of the latest changes in medical insurance requirements?  Could your sales team close more business by attending sales workshop?  If your employees have the necessary skills and abilities to adequately perform their daily tasks, your company will probably fare adequately.  If you take the time to invest the time and money necessary to give them a high level of training and education, you will see an increase in productivity and creativity that will ultimately find its way to your bottom line. 

If your budget for additional training is minimal currently, here are five low-cost ways to give your team educational opportunities:

  1. Develop an exchange program with another company in your industry but in a different market.  Trade employees for a few days to find more effective methods that you can use to improve your organization.
  2. Take a field trip to a local company in a different industry.  You will be surprised at the number of new ideas that your team will generate following such an experience.
  3. Web-based classes training on relevant topics such as safety, human resources, productivity and time management
  4. Weekly roundtable meetings with a cross-section of your staff to identify and implement best practices
  5. Read books together (sounds like Oprah’s Book Club, but try it).  Assign a chapter a week from a book such as The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer and discuss how your team can implement some of the ideas.

Make sure that following any type of training that you allow your employees the flexibility to put their new information and education to work.  There may be a period of adjustment but the additional productivity and creativity will that you foster will ultimately pay huge financial dividends to your organization.

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