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Using the Tarot in Your Business

It may seem unwise to trust a pack of cards to the success of your business, but sometimes great wisdom comes from unexpected sources. Utilize the stories of the tarot to help you embrace the essence of this year...
Written Apr 28, 2009, read 1384 times since then.


It may seem completely unwise to trust a pack of cards to the success or failure of your business, but sometimes great wisdom comes from unexpected sources. The idea behind tarot is that it acts as a communication device that speaks directly to your soul. The beauty of tarot is that it never tells you what to do; it sparks ideas that show you potential ways to proceed and some things that may happen along that journey.

Tarot needs to be approached with an open mind and with the idea that there are always unseen influences happening and acting around us in every situation. Tarot can show what those influences are so that you can choose to avoid or confront situations in a different, and perhaps more suitable manner than you might otherwise.

Here’s how you can use tarot for this coming year. 2009 adds up to the number 11 (2+0+0+9=11); the Justice Card. We then take this down to one digit 1+1=2; the High Priestess Card.

We have two influences working on us this year: Justice 11 (creates balance) and the High Priestess 2 (seeks wisdom).

In general, what this means for business is that it is a great time to gather and collect information from your customers or clients.
• Who utilizes your products?
• What do they love about doing business with you?
• What bothers them about doing business with you or similar companies?
• How can you improve your service or product?
• If they could have anything from you, what would it be?
• Is your ideal client profile correct? Many people spend lots of time and money marketing incorrectly, these questions will help you evaluate this.

After accumulating this information, reward participants with a small gift. A beautiful thank you card (if well written and sincere) is more that sufficient. Make sure the questions/survey is easy to access and takes less than 5-10 minutes to complete. Better yet, call and collect this information personally over the phone. This lets you touch base with several clients and puts a human touch on the interaction.

Specifically these cards helping us in the following ways:

Justice number 11 states that customers are weighing heavily on all decisions. Customers are not just deciding where to spend money, they are also starting to take into account environmental and social impact, material production, quality and product lifetime. If you want to be the service or product they pick do your homework. Learn what a customer wants, and solve their needs in the process, keeping it “green” if possible. If you can meet your ideal clients desires and solve their needs, customers will continue to spend their dollars with you as well as talking you up to others, providing a steady inflow of new amazing and loyal customers. The scales always tip towards things you WANT and desire so if you can provide this in a product or service they NEED, you have won the jackpot!

If you do not have a referral program in place, think about creating some way to collect who’s sending you referrals and ways to reward them. In my business I have  “refer 3 new clients; get $50 off your next session.” Clients who refer to you most likely fit into your ideal client profile, and therefore will be sending you other ideal customers. It’s a win/win.

Justice could also indicate you are weighing some heavy decisions about your business, its systems and its future.. All changes this year should be taken cautiously and not before gathering lots of information. You are an intelligent being. Take time this year to cut through the unnecessary, and use your decision-making skills for the benefit of all.

Utilize the information of the High Priestess in conjunction with Justice, to get clarity and find a balanced solution The High Priestess, number 2, is the guardian of information. She stands between the light and dark trying to balance the two by learning. This is a great year to seek out a new way to run your business, a class to take, or a conference to attend. Find some form of educational opportunity this year as it will help you keep up on the latest innovations in your industry as well as connect you to vital contacts in the industry.

Any down time should be spent in the pursuit of knowledge. If business is slow take the time to grow your network, make changes to business forms and systems that aren’t working so well, and revamp processes to be able to function better when the clients do show up. Do not focus on the lack! There is so much abundance: fill the time with books, free Biznik events, and connections with other small business owners to discuss opportunities, goals and exchange knowledge and systems.

This year may seem slow and sparse, but utilizing the time you are being given to grow as an individual and a business owner will provide you with more work than you can handle in the upcoming years.

Opportunities are always there. Utilize the stories of the tarot to help you embrace the essence of this year instead of blaming the economy. Take action, get information and be the change you want to see. Opportunities abound but if you don’t answer the door when they’re knocking, they will pass on by to the business owner who is listening.

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Kate Phillips
    Posted by Kate Phillips, Seattle, Washington | May 09, 2009

    Amy, what an interesting article!

    I have a friend in New Hampshire who does "angel card readings." I didn't know what that even was and was "open but skeptical" of the value it could have.

    She offered me a couple of free readings that blew me away in their relevance and led to me taking specific actions within days that made a real difference in my life. Her own ability to use "divine intuition" and savvy interpretations made her readings very powerful.

    I know you are an experienced reader, and by seeing how you apply those two cards to our economic situation, it is obvious that you can offer someone a thorough and relevant interpretation. Yes, customers are indeed "weighing" their options, and it is an excellent time to seek new wisdom and learning!

    Ultimately, I have come to believe that there are many forces conspiring for our good, and that there are many ways to tap into the wisdom that is available to us. Thanks for providing us a guide to one of those ways. These insights can be short-cuts to our success, as they may guide us past obstacles that might otherwise keep us stuck.