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What Makes it so Hard to Ask for Money?

Is it hard  for you to ask for money for your products or sevices?  Maybe you struggle with your sef-concept. Here are five tips for overcoming your money blocks and charging what you are worth.

Written Dec 21, 2007, read 4311 times since then.


You have stayed up until all hours of the night creating a great product that you are excited about. In your little office where everything is safe and cozy, you have no doubts. You are sure people will love your idea.

Then your mind becomes a dark cloud.  You think maybe you are wrong, that it’s not that so good at all.  People will realize you are a fraud. No one will want to buy it.  You begin to obsess about all the shortcomings of your product.

But you take a few deep breaths and carry on. You package your product, price it and market it.  The first person who comes along and has a look, hems and haws about the price.  You immediately want to drop the price or give it away.  You feel embarrassed and not sure if you even want them to have it for free because you are certain they will realize it isn't very good.  Why would you do this?

You doubt your own expertise.  If you feel that way, then guess what?  Everyone else will see you that way as well.  Your customers want your help and they want to see you as an authority, a specialist.

I have asked my clients what it would take for them to see themselves as the experts in their fields. There are not enough classes, trainings, or degrees to transform your own poor self-concept.  It has to come from within your own spirit, your own heart.  When you operate from a place of deficit, it is a challenge to feel you deserve prosperity.

Own your expertise and then it will be easy to know you are trading that for money.  Knowing that people will get their money's worth will make it easy to ask for that money.  Here are a few points to remember to make it easy to ask for money in exchange for your product or service.

  • You are an expert and a specialist and people will see you that way when you present yourself in that light.
  • You give your customers value for their dollar.  They want and need what you are selling and it will benefit them greatly.
  • When you give it away or lower the price, you demean yourself and doubt enters into the transaction.
  • When you clearly ask for the correct charges you are modeling prosperity.
  • As an expert, you will build a future with your customers and they will come back for more and refer their friends.

Whether you are designing a website, photographing a wedding or manufacturing a product get clear about the price. It is important to  consider  your costs, your overhead and your expenses, and in the end, remember that you are in business to have a business and  to create a sustainable standard of living for yourself. Check in with your heart and soul and you will know what the price needs to be.  Stick to it.  Prosperity will come your way.

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  • Photostylist 
Seattle, Washington 
Joanne Rice
    Posted by Joanne Rice, Seattle, Washington | Jan 31, 2008

    Another article full of wisdom for me to take to heart- and to send to my entrepreneurial friends. I have no trouble charging a day rate for my commercial work ( expertise I can fully own)-- but it's different when it comes to art works.

  • construction lawyer 
Poulsbo, Washington 
Janette Keiser
    Posted by Janette Keiser, Poulsbo, Washington | Aug 20, 2009

    I appreciated your article and took it personally, in a good way. I have spent over 30 years building my expertise but every day I have to remind myself of its value, for the very reasons you mentioned. Your points were quite helpful.

  • Business coaching services 
Portland, Oregon 
Kaya Singer
    Posted by Kaya Singer, Portland, Oregon | Aug 21, 2009

    Thanks Janette

    I am so glad it was helpful to you. It is so important to acknowledge the value you offer. Kaya