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Where will YOU be a business and personal warrior?

Astrologically, this is one of the most important times in history. Everything is speeded up. Use this knowledge to prosper in your business. Time to stand up and take your place in the business world.
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Where Will You Be a Warrior?
Spring Equinox Energies for March 20, 2011

Clearly our celebration points are being highlighted more than usual! It’s as though the Universe is yelling “ATTENTION! ATTENTION!”.

As the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, as it does every year at this time, it meets something it hasn’t met there in 335 years. The planet Uranus is waiting for it at 0 degrees Aries. This is the most potent degree in the entire zodiac, the start of everything. Uranus is a change-maker and he’s not a gracious one. His signature is one of unexpected disruption and change. Now that he’s square Pluto, his energies are very revolutionary, much like we had in the mid-1960s. Uranus is the planet that also represents democracy, freedom, technology, and the internet.

The Sun on the other hand, represents leaders, and this can be leaders in organizations, at work, in our communities, states and nations, and even leaders at home. When the Sun is in Aries, leaders are at their absolute strongest. They are confident and take bold actions to solve serious situations. This time, with Sun conjunct Uranus at 0 degrees Aries, we’ll see leaders take radical, or explosive actions.

During the past two years, each of our celebration points had the Sun conjunct, square or opposite Pluto. Those years called us to transform ourselves in ways we could not even imagine. Now we’re being called to stand up and fight for the world in which we want to live. Today’s cycles are asking you to commit to some place in your life where you will be a warrior.

You must decide how you’re willing to fight for the world you want. You’re being asked to take out your sword and use it to help create a new world. This is the time to stop and make an issue of things that are not right in your world. Only you know where power has been misused and abused in your world. It’s time to take out your sword and send an en garde to whomever has done that. We all have a sword, which is represented by Mars in our charts. We just need to use it.

In some cases, this is going to mean standing up for yourself. In other cases, this is going to mean you’re standing up for a particular cause, or principle or maybe for someone who cannot stand up for themselves, such as children or elderly people. The key thing to remember in all these situations is that whatever happens to you, or anyone else, happens to all of us. We cannot get to a world of peace while we allow others to abuse us or others. Consider what’s occurring in Libya with their leader killing and bombing his own people. Abuse like that cannot be tolerated if we are to ever achieve a world of peace. Fortunately the UN has finally passed a resolution that allows whatever steps are necessary to protect the Libyan people.

You know what angers, frustrates, and irritates you. And you’re likely to become intensely aware of it now through the first half of April. On April 1st Mars will move into Aries, along with Uranus. Those energies are highly volatile. When you become aware of your anger, don’t stuff it! It’s a LOT more dangerous to stuff these energies than to express them. They can create accidents, heart attacks and strokes when we don’t express our anger and frustration. So take out your sword and use it at these times.

There are twelve basic types of swords, with endless variations, depending on the sign your Mars is in and how it’s aspected. Everyone’s sword is different. Some of us fight with our heart, some with words, some with emotions, some of us are strategists and practical. Some of us are inspired by truth and faith to use our swords. It doesn’t matter what type of sword you have. What matters is that you use it to create a better world. I’m talking about taking action and not just thinking or talking about what you want.

Maybe you’re signing petitions online, donating to important causes, showing up at protests, writing letters or emails, and speaking up. You may decide to fight for a safer world. One way you could do that would be to organize your neighborhood for emergency preparedness training. This is important now, since earth changes are very strong now through 2015.

Now just how can you use your sword to create peace if you’re angry? Doesn’t adding our anger make that less likely? Actually, anger is a higher vibration than squelching our anger or frustration. That’s because when we stuff those emotions, we end up depressed. Our anger turns inward and that lowers our vibration. In order to raise the vibration of the planet so we can get to peace, we need to stop stuffing negative emotions. We need to stop being complacent and stand up for what we want. That will raise the vibration of the entire planet. Once we get past allowing others to do whatever they want to us, we can then focus on raising the vibration to a higher level. The Universe wants us to fight for a better world now, because it’s given us these energies.

What’s happening in the Middle East is raising the vibration of the entire planet. People are standing up and demanding democracy. One Libyan in Tripoli said the following: “We're not afraid any more. Death is going to come anyway. It will come in the road, or it will come in the bed. Enough is enough!"

Now I ask you, if the entire Middle East can wake up and risk their lives, is it possible that we Americans could wake up too? Do you realize that we are the model for the rest of the world? How can we expect other countries to create democracies when we have given up our own rights and no longer are guaranteed a right to a fair trail? How can we be proud of having allowed the largest redistribution of wealth to a bunch of bankers that caused a large portion of the middle class to go bankrupt? When will we decide that our government doesn’t need to be trillions of dollars in debt to the Federal Reserve because we’re renting our money from them?

There are thousands of issues like this that go unchallenged every day in schools, our health care system, the legal system, and corporations because we allow others to take advantage of ourselves, and the Earth. The Universe with this set of energies is telling us that has to stop. We MUST stand up and fight for the world we want to have. And if we don’t, we will lose our chance to create peace, and a responsible, sustainable world.  And remember this: Whenever you fight, be clear about what you’re fighting FOR. Never fight against anything, as you will only give it more energy. Always fight FOR what you want.

Another major shift is happening on April 4th. Neptune moves into it’s home sign of Pisces. The last time it entered Pisces was in 1848. This shift is temporary until early August. It will return again next Feb  for about 14 years. This major shift could create more compassion, we could also fall under the spell of illusion/deception. We may be deceived into thinking that things are changing when they’re  being covered up differently. Our oceans could be polluted even more,we must be vigilant.

Recently, we entered the last Underworld or transformation period of the Mayan Calendar. We’ll develop Unity Consciousness-a biznik principle. We’ll come to see that all life on this planet is related. We’ll learn that we’re all part of the Divine energy that created this Universe. We’ll understand that whatever happens to anyone happens to all of us. It’s important to make our choices with this in mind and not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.

According to Carl Calleman, this 9th period will last only 234 days. During that short time we’ll do the same amount of transformation that we just did in the past 12+ years. Each Underworld or period of transformation has 13 segments known as 7 Days and 6 Nights. Day periods are times when we make changes. Night periods are times of integrating changes. This means that instead of having nearly a year to make changes, we now have 18 days for each period. The Mayan Calendar will end on October 28, this year, if Carl Calleman is correct.

This is a  critical historical time for all of mankind. We’ve never been at this level of consciousness before. With the energies we’ve been given today, we must decide NOW what kind of world we want. There is no more time to think about it. There is no turning back either. If you want to create a world of peace, responsibility and sustainability, I challenge you to stand up now, take out your sword and use it for the highest good of all.  

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  • Biz Coach and Passionista Expert 
Ormond Beach, Florida 
Ali  Rodriguez
    Posted by Ali Rodriguez, Ormond Beach, Florida | Apr 03, 2011

    This is an eye-opener, Madeline. Use our warrior just when we need it.

  • Trainer, Marketing Consultant & Partnering Strategist 
Bainbridge Island, Washington 
Paul Travis, CMC
    Posted by Paul Travis, CMC, Bainbridge Island, Washington | Apr 06, 2011

    Yep -- a $2000 fender bender will attest to this!

  • Astrologer, Author, Radio Host, Good Timing Guide 
Seattle, Washington 
Madeline C. Gerwick
    Posted by Madeline C. Gerwick, Seattle, Washington | Apr 12, 2011

    Sorry to hear about this, Paul. There are so many stories, just saw something about a nail salon in West Seattle.

  • Washington Federal Assistant Manager 
Bellingham, Washington 
Susan Templeton
    Posted by Susan Templeton, Bellingham, Washington | Jul 17, 2011

    Madeline, I hope you will update this article for the July-August period as things have unfolded. Your message is so timely. We need to be reminded of our role to stand up for the greater good...every day! Thank you!

  • Astrologer, Author, Radio Host, Good Timing Guide 
Seattle, Washington 
Madeline C. Gerwick
    Posted by Madeline C. Gerwick, Seattle, Washington | Aug 06, 2011

    Susan, You can listen to my radio show or sign up for my newsletter. Listen In Every FRIDAY 11-11:30am Pacific Time 2-2:30pm Eastern Time

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