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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Wireless credit card processing offers opportunity. Although the economy is weak, wireless credit card processing allows small businesses to stay in the game.
Written Jan 09, 2012, read 1339 times since then.


Although the economy is weak, wireless credit card processing allows small businesses to stay in the game.  The more convenient it is for customers to make purchases, the more likely they are to buy something.  Writing down Credit Card information is not only less secure, but it is time-consuming and cumbersome.  Even taking checks is no longer desirable.  Most people have replaced their checkbook with a debit card, and those that take checks usually process them electronically to avoid   trips to the bank for depositing.  Setting up recurring payments electronically reduces overhead by eliminating billing, statements, and posting.  

Wireless credit card processing helps business owners break free from phone lines, giving them the ability to accept credit card payments from almost anywhere. This freedom helps small to mid-size businesses meet the needs of more customers, which can lessen the gap between large retailers and other companies. The carpet installer who can take your deposit at the first meeting and allows you to use your rewards card is a winner no matter the size of his company.

The technology is especially helpful for businesses that attend trade shows, fairs and other events. These types of events are becoming increasingly popular. While away from the brick-and-mortar home of the business, merchants can still process payments the way most customers prefer. There is no longer a need to use old-fashioned mobile terminal units that depend on cellular access.  As soon as a cell-phone is in range, the saved transaction will go through and provide an e-mail receipt for the client.  This makes doing business  easier  from virtually anywhere!  The apps are so intuitive that a signature   can be captured just using a fingertip on the screen of an  I -Pad or a Smart Phone.

"Today, who actually uses cash to buy anything anymore?" wonders the website Profit Mart. "For purchases as medial as a coffee, folks are whipping out the plastic, be that a debit or credit card."  Even gift cards and rewards are being updated through apps.  No matter the processing need, mobile technology is on the cutting edge.  Eventually transactions will be completed with only a wave of one’s phone.  This is another way that technology is evening out the playing field. The cost of doing  business is reduced so that even the smallest businesses can compete. 

Processing credit and debit cards can also increase revenues. Often times, a customer might not have the cash to purchase anything substantial, but he or she may be willing to pay for big-ticket items with a credit card, explains the website World Today Online. With more being saved and less being spent, this is an additional incentive to make a purchase. Rewards cards and Cash back cards are being used more and more, with traditional credit cards taking a back seat. Those companies who traditionally had no problem taking checks are missing out on a huge piece of the market. Although the clients may not ask you if you take cards,they may go somewhere else when they are rewarded for doing so.

What does this mean to small businesses that are coming into   t heir own in the year 2012?  Investigate   those  processing companies who have a total solution for taking payments including  payments on a website, mobile phone, a laptop or a traditional PC. Hardware terminals and leasing are a thing of the past.  Virtual Terminals are comprehensive, full-featured, easy to use and secure.  Make sure that you have real-time reporting for your transactions, and that your portal and gateway is PCI compliant in addition to your “swipers” and internet connections.  In this new market, software companies have the advantage over traditional processors.  They know how to both create and support programs that enhance productivity and efficiency. These solutions are cost-effective and accessible. Once you have worked to get the client, don’t lose out because of outdated technology. Be a player in the new year!

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