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Working at home... Online!

So how does one go about taking advantage of working at home? The choices are limitless on what you can do.
Written Nov 10, 2009, read 575 times since then.


So how does one go about taking advantage of working at home? The choices are limitless on what you can do. Of course you are going to have to decide what it is you are going to do online, what service you are going to offer. Be realistic that this is not a pie in the sky process. It does take time and effort. You have to be willing to put that time in, and depending how big you want to make it, you need to be willing to put in the effort. Here are a few pointers if you are wanting to work online

In the beginning this may mean a full time job, and working on this on the side. Or a part time job and working on it part time. In the beginning compromise of some kind is needed. But this does not mean it will take long at all, but it does take time. I am going to share some tricks to speed up the process:

First off we want to of course to make the financial burden of this minimal. So, do some research on the net for free or affordable websites. These are probably going to be sites you have to do yourself. Don’t let that scare you away……….. you do not have to know html anymore and fight with getting the sidebar to be in the side….. This is where some of the time that is required of you comes in, take a couple of days and actually research this part of the process, it can save you a lot of time and headache through the rest of the process.

Look for a website company that also offers hosting, compare the bandwidth allowed (this determines how much traffic –visitors- you can have on your site, how many videos, pictures, etc….) see what type of features they offer. The features are important to your speed of success. Things like Free or Affordable e-Commerce, Opt-In Newsletters, SMS Texting, Galleries, Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Templates – (and if you have seen some of the templates these companies offer AMAZING), take note of what companies offer and write them down, so you can do a full comparison of what your needs are compared to what is being offered.

I have to tell you I love the do it yourself sites. Having administrative access to upload pictures, change content, add pages, advertise specials. It saves so much money to just do it yourself. And I think when most of you actually spend a day or two learning it you will be extremely surprised at how easy it is, and how fun it can actually be, and to have the power to make the decisions and have results instantly.

After you have found a website you are happy with, now begin the creation of it. Think about how you want to come across to your visitors, think about colors, the  layout. Do a quick search for your service and see what the competitors are doing. And mimic them. There is no reason to re event the wheel!

If you did your home work and found a user friendly platform, this process of creating your website can only take a matter of hours. I suggest however, if you haven’t done so already, to take a little time and think about your content. You don’t have to have a lot. But keep it relevant. Think about what terms people are searching for to find what you offer, and implement those words in your content. Don’t over do it though,  keep it natural. These words are your keywords, in which the search engines will use when ranking your site. So they are important, and I do highly suggest taking some extra time when writing your content.

After you have your website up, your keywords in place, and are excited about the progress, Start targeting your market.

*Join boards that have some audience in your targeted market. Check forums to see if you can give help to a related topic. (of course you can not solicit your business on many forms, but you can leave a signature link going to your site).

*Submit your link to the search engines, this only takes a minute or two. Just do a search for example, Google site submission, It will come up on the top of the page.

*Add your website to on line directories,

*Spread your name through word of mouth,

*Link exchange with relevant sites,

*Use social networking sites….

*Study up on your competitors and yourself.

*Always do something to be moving forward toward your goal,

Following these techniques will get more traffic to your site, and this is what online marketing is all about, people can’t know what you have to offer if they can’t find you. So get out there and help them find you.

If you take the time and use the internet for all it’s benefits of reaching thousands of people at a time you will see the success of your venture, and soon that time you put into it will reward you with timeless moments of freedom from the 9 to 5. Working On-line has many benefits ans should be taken seriously. Some one once tod me if you treat it like a hobby it will be a hobby, if you treat it like a business it will be a business.

Of course depending on your service it could be required of you to work daily online, but the plus side to this, if it is in your core, is that you are working for you!

Learn more about the author, Catherine Bostdorff.

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